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Edymaniac: The Angola Vacation (Episode 5) [18+]


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Edymaniac: The Angola Vacation (Episode 5) [18+]

After she had gotten tissues for both of us and put her shirt back on, she asked me to give her feedback on her technique and implored me to be as honest as possible. I did my best.

Handjob practice continued for the next couple of weeks, including once in a movie theatre and another time in the back of a bus. It was Nana’s idea on both occasions, but she was no doubt inspired by the story I had told her about getting a handjob in the back of a school bus during an excursion in high school.

Eventually, I got around to asking Nana something that had been bothering me since the beginning of our little training sessions: What did she do to satisfy herself? What was her own “outlet”? She seemed surprisingly reluctant to tell me, but she eventually admitted that she masturbated every few days, often after I had left in the morning and she was on the phone with Kwesi.

She thought it was important, particularly in light of what she was doing with me, to share as many of her orgasms as possible with Kwesi. Her orgasm was something deeply intimate that was reserved for him.

I respected her reasoning, as strange as it was. It made sense to me that keeping something like that private, sharing it only with Kwesi, helped ease some of the guilt she must feel for everything she was doing with me. And it was at least consistent with her justification for fooling around with me in the first place—that she was only doing it to benefit Kwesi down the road.


To my pleasure, but not my surprise, after Nana felt that she had mastered the handjob, she wanted to add a new skill to her repertoire. It happened one night while we were lying on her bed, watching TV. When the show we were watching ended, she lifted off her top, which had become her way of indicating that she wanted to “practice.”

As usual, she reached down and fondled my cock through my pyjama trousers until it was hard. Then she pulled my trousers down as I lifted my hips to help make it easier. As soon as my trousers were off, though, she moved down to the foot of the bed, between my feet, and slowly crawled towards me, her nipples scraping against my legs.

As she crawled towards me, her eyes were locked on mine, and she had a devilish grin on her face. I was pretty sure what she was going to do before she did, but the sensation as her mouth enveloped my cock for the first time was still amazing. She proceeded to give a more than satisfactory blowjob, using her hands to assist in the task, as I had instructed her. She also maintained eye contact throughout, which was incredibly sexy.

After a couple of minutes, I was on the verge of coming, and I felt I needed to warn her, in case she didn’t want to take the load in her mouth. I groaned, “I’m going to come.” She didn’t slow down and, a moment later, I grunted and came into her mouth. She maintained eye contact throughout my orgasm, gradually slowing down. Then she sat up, smiled, and made a show of swallowing it all down.

As expected, after we got dressed and were back in bed, she wanted feedback. I told her, truthfully, that she did a fantastic job and that she did everything I liked from a technique standpoint.

“How about the end?” she asked. “I swallowed it like I’m supposed to right?”

I looked at her kind of funny. “Like you’re supposed to?”

“Yeah, you know, I always heard that you guys hate it when we spit out the spunk.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I suppose. I’ve had a couple of girls spit it out before. Wasn’t that big a deal, but was kind of awkward. But it’s not like spit or swallow are the only two options. It doesn’t have to go in your mouth in the first place.”

Nana looked confused for a second and then seemed to get it. “Do you mean I could let him shoot it on my face? Like a porno?” From the way she asked the question, I could tell she wasn’t too enthusiastic about this third option.

“That’s one option,” I replied, “and I would be lying if I didn’t say that most guys, myself included, would probably find that option very sexy. It’s probably not fair, but we’re all to some extent conditioned by the porn we grew up watching. But relax, most guys don’t expect you to do that, and there are plenty of other good options.

You can aim the cum onto some other part of your body, like your breasts or your stomach, or you can just let it shoot out onto the guy’s own stomach. I don’t know that I can speak for all guys, but I would rather watch the cum shoot somewhere, really anywhere, than have it disappear into your mouth.”

“Wow, I had no idea, Lanre. You’re just a fountain of sex knowledge. And honestly, I’m a little relieved. I never really fancied swallowing it.”

The next night, Nana was again eager to practice. She ended up giving me another stellar blow job, this time while I was standing, and she finished me off by aiming my cock toward her breasts.

The sight of my cum shooting onto those spectacular breasts was exhilarating. Afterwards, during our debrief, I told her that the key to a memorable blowjob was less about technique and more about context and setting. The most memorable blowjobs I had ever had, like the one in the dorm room closet, stood out in my mind because they occurred when I wasn’t expecting them or in a place that was a little risque.

In the following weeks, Nana gave me at least eight more blowjobs, including one in a changing room at the local department store and one in a bar, much to the shock of the poor waitress who walked in on us mid-blow to see if we wanted more drinks. In the bar, she surprised me by intentionally aiming my cum onto her cheek and nose, the first time she let me come on her face. She seemed proud of herself afterwards, jokingly taking a selfie before she wiped away the cum.


As much as I love blowjobs and handjobs, I was curious what else I might be able to “teach” Nana, so one night, while she was going down on me, I decided to tell her about Oge, a girl I dated briefly during my second year in university. Oge, like Nana, was well endowed, and on a few occasions, she used her breasts to get me off, clamping my cock tightly between them. As I began telling Nana about one of those occasions, she pulled her mouth off of my cock and looked up at me.

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