March 20, 2023

Edymaniac: Nkechi’s BOSOM Assignment [Finale] (18+)

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Edymaniac: Nkechi’s BOSOM Assignment [Finale] (18+)

Hmmm… That didn’t surprise Nkechi at all. Not anymore.

“I hope I can keep proving myself. You’ve got me hooked on your milk and I know I’m the right girl for the job. Let me show you.”

Nkechi latched her mouth onto the other breast and repeated the same process. She was a fast learner and did a much better job extracting milk the second time. Her hand cupped and squeezed the lower side of the breast. Her mouth sucked harder, almost pulling the nipple, which allowed milk to shoot inside her mouth. She fell into a good rhythm by sucking longer and waiting less time between strokes.

It was a sexual sensation for both of them. Tomi’s sensitive nipples received appropriate attention and her lactation needs were met. Nkechi was able to enjoy her first lesbian encounter with this extremely sensual yet dominant woman. Oh, and a mouth full of delicious milk was a nice bonus.

“You do that so well,” Tomi moaned, rubbing Nkechi’s hair again. “Yes, I’m leaning towards hiring you… ohhh… that feels so delightful, the way you do that with your tongue. You’re a natural. But there’s one final thing.”

Nkechi looked up while sucking on the nipple, with an adoring expression in her eyes which read, ‘Yes, anything! Tell me! You have to tell me!’

“I won’t tell you, but I’ll give you a clue,” Tomi said, almost reading the college girl’s mind. “You’re a smart girl. You can figure it out.”

Tomi gently grabbed Nkechi by the wrist. She guided Nkechi’s tremulous hand down and through the opening in her robe until it finally reached her pussy. Nkechi managed the rest, touching Tomi’s trimmed pubic hairs, probing her fingers deeper to feel a wetness between the pussy lips.

“Do you know how to do it?” Tomi asked.

Nkechi pulled her mouth away from the breast. “Yes, I would love to try it with you.”

“Then do it.”

Now it was Tomi’s turn to lean back against the couch as she pulled her silk robe apart to reveal her fully naked body.

Tomi spread her legs wide. Nkechi lowered her head to peer more closely at the forbidden fruit that had just been revealed. The hairs were recently trimmed. Had this all been planned? Dark, thick labia flanked a centre opening that was wet and glistening with fluids. Above the wetness, a clitoris peeked out from under its hood. It fascinated Nkechi because it looked like it was straining, almost aching, to be sucked.

Nkechi leaned forward and pleased Tomi greatly by stroking her tongue across the clit. This swipe of Nkechi’s tongue made Tomi moan and squirm. Nkechi savoured the pleasure reaped from making this strong, powerful woman weaken with every lick of her tongue. The more Nkechi licked, the more desperate Tomi seemed for a sweet release. A powerful feeling overtook Nkechi, increasing her confidence in her ministrations.

Then, Nkechi’s mouth latched onto Tomi’s pussy and began to tenderly suck. It gave her a perverse sense of delight to eat pussy for the first time. The fact that Tomi was such an intelligent and well-respected woman further stoked Nkechi’s passion.

“Put your tongue inside,” Tomi moaned.

Nkechi did but chose to take her time. She laid her tongue flat against Tomi’s delectable opening and gently moved it in a circular motion. Tomi’s hands grasped the pillows on the couch while Nkechi took her time. Finally, Nkechi’s tongue probed inside the wet hole and lapped at the copious juices.

“How do I taste?” Tomi moaned. “It’s your first pussy. How do you like it?”

Nkechi pulled her mouth back, and there was a string of pussy juice hanging from her lower lip.

“You taste good. Better than mine, almost.”

Tomi roared with laughter. “Shall I add extra flavour to that, for you?”

“Please,” Nkechi smiled, knowing what was coming.

A devilish smile appeared on Tomi’s face as she sat upright and cupped the bottom of both of her succulent breasts. She aimed her nipples down and squeezed her breasts in a milking way, which caused her mammaries to squirt milk down onto her own pussy. Squirt after squirt of milk shot out. Nkechi watched, mesmerized as the already wet pussy was now soaking, covered in breast milk.

“There,” Tomi said. “More flavour. See what my pussy tastes like now.”

“Yes ma’am.”

An eager Nkechi put her mouth back to work on Tomi’s pussy. This time, she tasted the natural pussy juice which was topped with a coating of fresh milk. She giggled and thought to herself that it was like ice cream. Both flavours were scrumptious on their own, but together, the flavours exploded. It tasted unique. It tasted amazing. It tasted erotic. Nkechi could not get enough of that love potion.

Nkechi locked eyes with Tomi as she continued to eat pussy. Neither of them flinched as they stared at each other. Their sexual chemistry seemed boundless as they exchanged bodily fluids and pleasure.

“You’re going to make me cum soon,” Tomi moaned as if it were a dare.

Nkechi was up to the challenge. She darted her tongue fast across the clitoris and rammed it back inside the pussy. Her mouth sucked harder, devouring more of the milk and pussy juice. Simply put, she was a natural at eating pussy.

“Put two fingers inside,” Tomi commanded.

This time, it was Nkechi’s turn to demonstrate her own fingering technique on Tomi’s primed pussy. She pushed two fingers inside, made a hook, and rubbed fast yet sensually. It sent Tomi completely over the edge, making the sophisticated woman cry out with joy.

As Nkechi kept working her mouth and two fingers, Tomi’s lower back arched, and she squirted hard. Her pussy juice was far more voluminous than her breast milk. Even though her pussy squirted with a stronger force, Nkechi’s mouth could catch most of it; only a little excess spilled off to the sides. Tomi’s eyes rolled back as it happened, and her toes curled.

Several squirts later, Tomi’s body went limp, and now she melted into the chair. Nkechi gave her a few extra licks to clean up when she was done eating.

“…Damn, you’re hired,” Tomi huffed, followed by a laugh.

Nkechi kissed her new boss’s leg. “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

“Speaking of work, I have things to do today. Get yourself cleaned up, then you can leave. I’ll give you 80,000 Naira for your audition, just as I promised.”

Nkechi smiled. “Think of this as a freebie. As for clean up, part of my job is to clean you. Isn’t it? By the look of things, there’s breast milk and cum across your body.”

“You’ve got a point. No wipes, either. I want the natural solution this time.”

“Whatever you want, ma”

Nkechi played the role of a good servant and licked her boss clean, starting from the crotch, moving across the pussy, licking up the stomach, then traveling onto the swollen breasts again. She took additional care to ensure the extra drops of milk hanging from Tomi’s nipples were properly sucked away.

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