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Edymaniac: Moving In with Babe & Her Mum VI (18+)


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Edymaniac: Moving In with Babe & Her Mum VI (18+)

But I ignored her. I kept massaging and sucking on her glorious tits until she finally had to pull me away. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head, then tossed it to the ground. She attacked my mouth with her mouth, and again our bodies were smashed into one. This time it was skin-on-skin.

Oh my god, her bare breasts feel so good against my naked chest. I can feel her hard nipples somewhere in that mess of tit flesh being smashed against me.

She broke our kiss and began sliding towards the carpeted floor. Her heavy breasts dragged against my chest and stomach. Her mouth followed behind her, dragging my tits, kissing my skin as she went. First, my chest, then my abs, then my lower abdominal, until finally, she reached my waist. And the bulge in my pants. She rested on her knees.

“What do we have here?” she asked, looking up at me. She carefully squeezed the bulge in my jeans.

Ms. Jumoke really enjoys teasing me; oh well. Let her tease me, I’m enjoying every second of it.

With a movement that seemed to be in slow motion, she undid the clasp on my belt, then kissed my lower abdomen. Then she slid my belt through its loops, tossed it to the ground and kissed my lower abdomen again.

Oh my goodness, this was going to be painful.

She undid the button of my jeans, then licked my lower abdomen with her broad tongue. She slowly slid the zipper on my jeans down. I could feel my heartbeat in my dick. She hooked her fingers through the loops on my jeans and pulled them slowly down my thighs. My jeans hit the floor, I stepped out of them, and she tossed them aside.

Her eyes widened, apparently at the outline of my throbbing penis through my underwear, now more accurately able to measure its size.

“Oh my… What DO we have here?” she asked again, this time not teasing. She squeezed at the outline with her slender fingers. She kissed it gently through the fabric and then nibbled at it playfully.

Holy shit. Please keep going! Don’t stop at the underwear.

“I want to suck this big cock of yours.” She said, looking into my eyes as if reading my mind.

Her painted nails dug underneath the waistband of my underwear, and even more slowly than she had removed my pants, she slid them down inch by inch. One tug at a time, she revealed my swollen member, First the thick base, then the shaft. After five or so inches, she seemed excited that there was still cock left uncovered.

Finally, she reached the head, and with one last tug, my swollen dick sprang free, nearly hitting Ms. Jumoke in the face. I doubt that it had ever been harder in all my life.

It stood long and strong as if at attention. She removed my underwear the rest of the way absentmindedly as she stared transfixed at my firm soldier.

“Oh..my…God…” she said, more to herself than to me. “No wonder my daughter loves you.”

I felt a twinge of guilt at the mention of Temi. But it was quickly forgotten as Ms Jumoke took my dick in gently in her hand; she moved it side to side and up and down, examining it as if it were a rare specimen on the endangered species list.

“What a beautiful cock you have.” She told me, not looking away from it.

I was glad she didn’t look away, or she would have seen my face smile with pride. She pulled my rigid cock to the left so she could kiss my right thigh. Her luscious lips felt surprisingly good on my sensitive skin. Temi rarely touched there; I hadn’t realized until Ms Jumoke slowly worked her way up my thigh. Kissing as she went.

Then she moved to the other thigh. Slowly performing the same ritual. When she reached the base of my shaft, she pulled back, her mouth hovering just over the head.

Finally, here she goes.

But she didn’t. She lightly kissed the tip of my penis; were it not such a sensitive area, I may not have even felt it. Then she lifted my heavy cock up and made her way down the underside of my cock, kissing lightly as she went. Her plump lips were like pillows being pressed against my sensitive skin.

When she reached my dangling scrotum, she kissed my balls. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, forcing it into a broadly flat position. She licked my cum filled balls; they slid across the slippery surface of her tongue like marbles. Then, forming a ring with her hands, she slowly began moving it up and down the entire length of my shaft.

But she did it so softly that I could hardly feel the pressure from her hand. Her small hand moving up and down my thick shaft gave it the appearance that it was even larger than it really was.

While she gently stroked me, she took one of my balls completely into her warm, wet mouth. She lathered my ball with her delicate tongue. Softly enough not to hurt the ultra-sensitive area. But with enough pressure, I felt extreme pleasure from it. After my right testicle was starting to become sensitive, she instinctively moved to the left.

She sucked it into her mouth. I could feel it being licked from all angles inside her warm mouth. After it had received the same treatment, she gave it one more loving lick and let my scrotum swing back, now moistened by her saliva. She stopped stroking me with her hand, but she still held it steady.

Again she stuck her tongue out, but this time she forced it to have sharp point at the end. She then touched that point to the base of my shaft and slid it slowly upwards, making swirly patterns as she went. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally reached the head. The thin tip of her tongue licked the top, catching some pre-cum that was beginning to ooze out.

She leaned back, forming a thin strand of pre-cum from the tip of my cock to her plump lips. Leaning forward, she placed those lips on the head. It took all my willpower to not grab the back of her head and force her down onto my throbbing dick.

But my patience paid off; she slowly parted her lips and allowed my head to enter her sweet mouth. Once inside, it was attacked by her tongue. It flicked at the tip and circled my thick head.

“oohh…” a groan escaped me.

Every so slowly, she parted her lips again and allowed another inch of me inside her loving mouth. Again her tongue welcomed the newest entrance with a barrage of licks. Her lips parted, and she took in another inch of cock, but she did not slide any further, nor did she slide back up what she had already let enter.

Like a door, her lips locked down in place, and her tongue did all the work. Folding itself around the first three inches like an envelope. Her lips parted, and with some visible difficulty, she took in another inch of me.

That’s further than her daughter has ever gone, but I doubt she’ll be able to get any more in her.

She slowly slid back up my shaft until her lips were again resting on the tip of my cock. My dick shined with her saliva, measuring how far down she had made it. She looked up at me with her big eyes; then she closed them. In one swift motion, she opened her mouth and took nearly all of my giant cock inside of her mouth.

I felt the tip hit the back of her throat; she reached around and placed her hands on my lower back. Gagging, she pushed me further in, down her throat, until her plump lips were around the very base of my shaft.

“OOHHH SHIT!” I let out in ecstasy.

She forced herself to swallow twice; I could feel her throat muscles contract and milk my cock. Finally, she slid back up my pole, my cock springing out of her mouth with a ‘Shluuurp.’ She gasped for air.

“Oh, God. I’ve never deep-throated anyone as big as you before!” she exclaimed once she had recovered. “Your cock tastes so good.”

Then she dove back onto my rock-hard cock like it was her favourite flavour of ice cream. This time she did not take it slow. She ran her hands up my abs as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Her heavy tits jiggled slightly as her head moved back and forth, and she was able to take about half of my long shaft into her mouth with ease.

Then she quickly slid back up, never letting my head escape, just to bob back down. Her tongue whipped and lashed my throbbing cock as she bobbed. Occasionally she would force herself down further, but never all the way to the base, and hold it for a few seconds. Allowing me to feel her throat muscles contract on my swollen member.

Oh my gosh, this feels so amazing! She is so good at this!

Her hands moved back down my abs. With one hand, she stabled herself, holding onto my hip. The other hand moved down to my still-moist balls and fondled them. She let my dick spring free from her wet mouth with another, ‘Shlurp.’

“Do you like watching me suck your cock?” she asked.

“Oh yes. Definitely yes. Please don’t stop.” She smiled and went back down on me.

This time she grabbed the base of my cock with both hands, one on top of the other. She pumped with her hands while she bobbed with her mouth. As she pumped up and down, she also twisted them like a corkscrew; she must have taught her daughter that technique. Her hands easily slid up and down my slippery shaft.

With this technique, almost every inch of my cock was feeling the pressure, either from her hands or her mouth. Her hair flew wildly as she attacked my cock like it was a piece of meat, and she was a starving cougar. I started to writhe as I reached my climax. Ms Jumoke must have known what was coming because she slowed her pace.

Once the hand stopped pumping and just held the base steady. The other hand continued to pump while her mouth kept sucking. Gradually she slowed her pace until it was nice and even bobbing up and down.

Her change of pace allowed me to regain control, but it still felt amazing. For minutes, she sucked my cock like that, as if she was planning to go all night and she had nothing else planned. Now and then she would speed up and lash with her tongue vigorously, bringing me to the brink of explosion several times.

But then she would always slow again and allow me to calm back down. But eventually, even this slowed pace was proving to be too much for me.

“Ms. Jumoke you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth, and I’ve never felt anything so amazing in my life,” I told her.

This praise seemed to please her because she picked up the pace again. She started stroking me with both hands and bobbed up and down on my dick as fast as she could. Then she moved her mouth down to my balls and sucked on them one at a time; as she did that, she kept stroking my hard shaft with one hand.

“Ooh yes!” I moaned.

She moved her mouth back to my cock and sucked it so ferociously that every third or so bob, she almost let it escape, but she quickly came back down on me before it got away from her. But each time, it made a ‘shlurping’ sound.

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