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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 5)[18+]


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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 5)[18+]

“You’re really excited for me, aren’t you?” she said with a sense of wonder like she didn’t believe it was possible. But it was VERY possible. I really did want her.

“Ugo, I’m incredibly excited to be with you. This is all me” I said, obvious in what I was referring to. “Why don’t you sit on the bed and watch me.”

She moved like she was on autopilot with her mind locked on something else, me. She sat and watched as I smiled at her, and then I slowly disrobed in front of her. My bow tie, jacket, cufflinks…. all came off and I carefully piled them together. Her expensive gown may not have been a concern for her, but I hadn’t even paid for that tux yet.

Then I was down to my trousers, I dropped the suspenders from my shoulders, but then Ugo said “Wait! Please come closer. Let me do that. I always loved taking down a man’s trousers. It just gets to me.” Her eyes were bright and glowing, and her colour was high, black turning to a light shade of brown.

I smiled at her and stopped what I was doing before I walked over to her. “Anything you want. I want to please you tonight, Ugo.” I was standing inches in front of her, and she looked up at me before kissing my flat stomach.

A bunch of kisses both above and below my belly button, where there was a curl of thicker hair. I closed my eyes as I felt her fingers confidently unbutton my trousers. As she helped pull them down, she kissed lower down, to where my Italian cotton black boxers began. Then the boxers started going down, and my cock sprung up like it was a Jack-in-the-Box, hard as steel.

“Oh my, Kayode. That is some prize you have there!” She admired my cock, holding it lightly in her hand as she looked it over from all angles. “Very nice, indeed. But would you help me get out of my underthings? I love being undressed by a man.”

I helped her to her feet and kissed her repeatedly as I reached behind her and unclasped the expensive lace bra, and her breasts were free. They were medium-sized, with some sag (She was in her 50s, after all), but they still had a nice shape and softness which I planned on getting to experience.

But first I got on my knees and rolled her tights down her tummy, then past her hips and down her legs, very carefully so as not to cause a rip or run. Then after I helped her step out of them, I covered her tummy with kisses, just like she had done to me. Her tummy wasn’t flat, but she was hardly heavy. She was a mature woman, Parts of her showed her age but overall, she took good care of herself.

“Kayode, that’s incredible,” she said with a voice that was drifting. “You’ve got me so excited, Please keep going. I think you know what I want.” I did, and I tugged down her silk panties and I could smell her pussy. She was still able to create her own lubrication and I smelled so feminine.

I eased her back onto the bed and pushed her so her legs were up in the air while I stayed there, kneeling in front of her. I licked slowly on the back of her thighs, and I blew warm breath on on the lips of her pussy. I wanted to take my time and get her burning hot,

But Ugo was already blazing. “Please taste me already! I’ve been needing this all night!” Whatever the lady wanted. I went at her pussy, licking all around her lips in a long oval, stopping at the top to flick her clit, which made her shudder and writhe.
My fingers pulled her lips apart and I licked up and down her dripping clit before I went back to going around. I alternated my techniques as well as the speed, and soon Ugo was planting her feet on the mattress and thrusting her hips up like she was trying to fuck my tongue. My hands slid under her ass and I held her while I sucked her stiff pearl, and she yelled “Oh, fuck! Don’t stop!” as she came.

More of her natural juices oozed on my face, especially my lips and chin, dripping down my neck. Ugo was hardly an old woman, and she still knew how to enjoy sexuality. And I admit, I was kind of shocked when she said “fuck”. She had been so proper during the evening and I just didn’t expect it.

I stood up, my cock sticking out like it was seeking her, and Ugo was very pleased. “You’re still hard! I haven’t done this in a while, but… would you like me to suck your penis? Just remember I haven’t done this in a long time.”

“I would love it if you did, Ugo. I think there isn’t a man alive who would tell you not to suck him. Do you want me to stand here or get on the bed?”

“Stand there, for a little while at least. It’s been so long…” she said as she got down on her knees in front of me. I assumed she would want to sit on the bed and blow me, but when she got on her knees it was a huge added turn-on.

She held me by the base and covered the head with kisses. Her tongue peeked out every so often and tasted the head, then the shaft, moving up and down along my dick from tip to base. Then she licked my balls, and I thought I was going to collapse from the bliss I was feeling.

I gasped when she swirled her tongue all around the head and it pleased her so much that she sucked my cock into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks. I held her head in my hands to steady myself, not hurting her in any way, and I wondered how long it really could have been for her if she was this talented at giving head.

Up and down, her lips moved up and down, taking more of my length than I thought she would be able to accept. I didn’t know when the last time she gave a man a blowjob, but she was damned good at it. So good I had to think about other things so I didn’t disappoint her. I had to tell myself I was actually getting paid for this.

All good things have to end sometimes, and after a while, Ugo asked me to help her up and I did, just like a gentleman. She kissed me and I enthusiastically returned her passionate kiss. She backed up a couple of steps and I followed, and we fell onto her bed, still kissing and touching each other like a couple of randy teens.

I sucked her nipples again and kissed her tits all over while rubbing her slit with my fingers. Ugo in turn was stroking my cock with a skilled touch, better than most of the women my own age I had been with. I was ready when she was. I hoped it would be very soon.

Sure enough, after a few minutes she nuzzled my neck and softly said “I need you now, Kayode. Don’t make me wait any longer. I need you inside me. Please, don’t be too gentle. I like a man to be a little aggressive.”

“I’ll be as gentle or aggressive as you want, Ugo. I promise, we’re both going to have a great time. I’m already having a great time.” She smiled at me, a mix of appreciation and lust on her face. I reached for my trousers, got a condom from my pocket, and Ugo helped me roll it down my cock, kind of urgently. Then I moved between her spread legs, and I let her guide me right into her waiting, wet pussy.

She wasn’t tight like a young woman, but she was hardly loose either. Actually, we fit pretty damn well together. When I was all the way inside her, I held still, ground my hips against hers, and made my cock flex a few times as I lifted on my arms to give her a little space. I was pressing on her clit against the base of my dick, and her fingers dug into my upper arms as waves of pleasure flowed through her.

“My God, this feels so good, Kayode. Sooo good.” Her legs were around my thighs, nice and tight. She obviously kept in shape; she may have had a little extra weight, but her muscles were toned and strong and she was able to hold me where she wanted me.

I kissed her a number of times as my butt started to rise and fall, quickly finding a pleasing rhythm for us both as if we had been lovers for some time. Slow to start, but soon we were moving faster together.

She lifted her body so she was meeting me almost every thrust. As her excitement grew, she moved her hands to my ass and squeezed my cheeks with a firm grip and her nails dug in a bit. The pain was also pleasurable, and it made my cock twitch involuntarily inside her warm, wet home.

“Kayode, go faster. This is so good, but I need it a little harder, a little faster. I’m so close. So close.” I bent my head and kissed her chest all over as I started to fuck her harder, thrusting deep and moving fast enough so my balls were slapping her ass. I grunted with each stroke, not from being tired but from my own desire.

She kept encouraging me to go faster, and we were fucking hard. “Cum with me, Kayode! I want to feel you!” I was close enough myself, and after a dozen more strokes, my cock throbbed as I let loose my own climax, filling the condom as I cried out, and Ugo followed seconds later, actually squeezing me a little with her own inner muscles.

Her climax kept going as long as I could maintain my erection. I eased. back a little, leaning lower to kiss her a few times, and she wrapped her arms around me, holding me close.

After a few minutes, I rolled to the side as my cock slipped out from her pussy. Ugo rolled with me, draping her arm across my body as she rested her head on my chest. We were both breathing harder than usual, but not uncomfortably so. Then her fingers started playing lazily with my chest hairs as I tickled her up and down her back, especially along her spine and she shivered in a very pleasant way.

She kissed my chest, tasting the light coating of sweat on my body. “You were wonderful, Kayode. Really. You were the best lover I’ve had in a very long time. Better than any of the other young men Dami has sent me before. She told me this was your first time out as an escort. Is that really true?”

“I’m surprised she told you that, but yes, it’s true. You’re my first.” I was a little uncomfortable talking about something so personal.

“Well, you are a very impressive young man. You were a very pleasant date at dinner, very capable at conversation and dancing. And you really gave this lady one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had since before I was married. Between us, my ex wasn’t much of a lover. He thought he was, because he always enjoyed it.

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