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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 14)[18+]


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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 14)[18+]

I went over to Omotola’s estate at Ikoyi right on time, dressed nicely but casually since we weren’t going out. I had been told to come hungry; Omotola enjoyed cooking and before her husband died, they entertained and cooked for friends. I ate plenty of fine meals over the last few years, but not many were homemade.

After being let in by the security guard, I went to her apartment and I was greeted by a woman who looked about 70 and very well-maintained. She was tall, about 5’9″, with nice curves, a little bit of a tummy, with medium-length hair, nice and silky. There was no indication she was sick, not from looking at her. And she had a pretty face, age-lined, with a gentle smile.

We introduced ourselves and I sat in her kitchen while she cooked for me. She told me how she was the daughter of a family of one of the oldest families in Lagos, going back to the late 1800s. They invested in real estate, and she admitted without any bragging that her family was one of the wealthiest in the City.

“We’re famous in the high society circles, but we’re not well known otherwise, which is how we like things. Most of the old families don’t want to be known. We are charitable and busy with all manner of social causes. But we do most of it anonymously, or close to it.

Unfortunately, having money can cause problems, especially when someone dies. My cousins and I have sued each other a few times. Money does give you great comforts and the ability to do good things and fun things. But it can also cause huge problems.”

She prepared this incredibly delicious food, boiled rice, Ofada stew, assorted meat, and fresh vegetables. And it wasn’t a heavy meal, which might have interfered with our plans for later on. Just delicious, with a nice bottle of wine. I did bring her flowers for her table since she cooked dinner for me. I couldn’t go empty-handed.

After I helped her clear the table (I was raised with manners), we went into her living room, where the windows overlooked the city. We sat near each other on her couch with the rest of the wine, and we got to know each other more intimately. I said

“Omotola, I know Dami told you she would tell me some of your story unless you objected, so I know you’re sick. I’m very sorry. That must have been a terrible blow.” I moved a little closer to her and saw, in the low light of the room, there were a couple of tears in her eyes, but none were falling down her cheeks.

“If you could tell me what you’re looking for tonight, whether it’s loving sex or something more aggressive, if you’re seeking affection…. whatever it is you desire if you can share with me, I would like to make this as wonderful an experience as possible for you.” I reached for her hand and held it in mine, with affection. I was careful not to hold her too firmly.

She crossed her legs, still fairly shapely, with a very expensive low-heeled shoe on her feet. “I’ll be honest with you, Kayode. I’ve loved sex right from the beginning when I started dating. I loved being touched, and then I also loved it when a man used his mouth all over my body.

And then, from the first time I had sex, it was amazing, I love everything about sex, in all manner of positions. My family was very conservative, as you might expect, but I rebelled. It was the ’70s, I went to African Shrine and other clubs with various boyfriends, and I learned a lot about my sexuality.

My husband Michael and I had a great sex life, passionate, sometimes kinky, even dirty. You might not believe it, but when we were deep in passion, I could make love without end, and my husband loved it when I did. Then he died five years ago, and I just assumed that part of my life was over. I was all right with it. But then I got this infuriating diagnosis. Right now, I still feel good, as good as I can expect.

The doctors told me it would change within a few months and things would go downhill fairly quickly. When I thought things over, I realized I wanted to experience the pleasure of sex one more time. Maybe more than one time; I’m not sure.

Anyway, I have a friend who I knew hired a man through Mrs. Dami. I’m sure you can put the rest together.” She wasn’t sarcastic or bitter, at least not in my company. Omotola just made her point.

“I’m glad you decided to do this, Omotola. And I’m very glad Dami asked me to be your date for the night. I like you; I think you’re a very nice lady, and I can see a very sensual side to you. I’m looking forward to exploring that aspect of your sexuality.

I want to share all the lust and desire I can with you.” I kissed her hands, then I moved my lips up her right arm to her shoulder and her clavicle. I kissed the side of her neck, and before I went to her lips, I said “Omotola, would that be good for you? Would a mixture of lusty and loving sex be what appeals to you tonight? I’ll do anything you want. I’ll BE anyone you want. I want us both to have fun tonight.”

With that I kissed her lips, soft and playful at first, a few times, and then our lips ground together and our tongues did their waltz as they got familiar.

“Take me upstairs, Kayode. I want everything you spoke of. And more. I promise I’ll be one of the most exciting lovers you’ll ever have. Maybe THE most exciting. It’s been a few years, but I think it will be just like getting back on a bicycle. Let’s go.” Omotola was practically dragging me behind her when she paused for a moment. “And Kayode? Don’t try to treat me like some sickly creature.

I’m plenty strong now, and I expect to have a wild night together.” Omotola continued to pull me along, up to the second floor, where the bedrooms and library were.

We entered her private bedroom and Omotola adjusted the lighting, so it was soft, all from recessed lights. No lamps. It gave the room a sexy glow. “I’m going to use my bathroom for a few minutes before we start. You can get comfortable if you like. But try to keep your underwear on. I like to be playful.” She smiled, a slightly nervous expression, and then she disappeared into her bathroom. I looked around the room.

A king-sized bed dominated the room, with a few chairs, a large mirror behind the dresser, framed photos, expensive artwork, and a fireplace for the colder weather. All the furniture and furnishings were very classic and very expensive.

The room, like the rest of her apartment, spoke to both her wealth and excellent taste. I folded my jacket and tie, and then I took off my shirt, leaving me bare-chested. I slid off my shoes but stayed in my grey slacks. I wanted there to be some mystery.

I sat on the foot of her bed and a few minutes later, Omotola came out and stood still, shaking a little. I stood up and took in the sight of her, now out of her beautiful dress, just wearing a light red nightie with lace trim on the bottom, low cut to expose most of her breasts, but not all.

Sure, they sagged, but I could also see their full shape. The material in most places was almost sheer, and I could see her legs were still lovely. I didn’t expect her to look young. She was who she was. And she was still a very attractive woman, even more so because of the person she was inside.

I stepped forward slowly, ensuring she could see me taking her in, from head to toe. She kept eye contact with me, and I could see she was shivering now as if she was cold. But she was shivering because she was excited. Very excited. A few inches in front of her, I stopped and smiled warmly.

I touched her cheek, then ran my fingers lightly down her neck and down to her cleavage. “You’re a very sexy lady, Omotola. We’re going to have such a good time together.” I kissed her lips and she let out a soft moan as her arms went around my mid-back. Then she was kissing me, her tongue tracing my lips before I parted mine just enough for her tongue to tease its way inside my mouth. The woman could kiss.

I felt her hands moving over my back and then down to my butt. She squeezed me with just the right amount of pressure. Not too hard, not in the beginning, but she was letting me know what she liked. My hands were exploring her from the back of her head, down her shoulders and back, and I also gave her butt a very firm squeeze.

Then I felt her skillfully undoing my belt, then the buttons of my trousers. Before they fell down, her hand was over the front of my boxers, caressing my rapidly expanding cock and my heavy balls. She was touching me with confidence as well as experience, giving my cock a series of tender squeezes. In no time at all I was fully hard.

“My god, Kayode” Omotola whispered in my ear. “You’re making me feel so desired. I might not even need my lubricant!”

“That’s because I do want you. No lie. You’re incredibly sexy, Omotola. Any man would want you.”

“Come on, Kayode. I’m hardly young and beautiful. Don’t bullshit me, please. I don’t have the patience for it.” Her arousal was fading, I had to do something to fix this.

“Come with me,” I said simply, leading her in front of her mirror. “Look at yourself, Omotola. Really look.” I was standing behind her, looking at her. I also stood close enough so she could feel my erection pressing into her cheeks.

I kept kissing her neck and shoulder, peeling down the strap of her nightgown. Soon her breast came into view, sagging but full. “Omotola, I find most women beautiful, each in their own way. I don’t care about your age because it just doesn’t matter to me. You have a lovely face” I softly spoke as my hand covered her bare left breast for the first time.

“You have a lovely body. I don’t expect you to look like you’re 30. If you did, it would be from so many surgeries that you would be plastic. You’re not, though. You’re you, the real you, and you’re a beautiful lady. Now, would you please let me take you to bed and share what we both have been needing all night long?”

She turned back to me and kissed me really hard before letting it go. “I’m sorry, Kayode. I shouldn’t have said that to you. You’re such a sweet man, a kind man. And now you’re going to take me to bed and you’re going to fuck me hard. That’s what I need.” I raised an eyebrow when she said ‘fuck’; it caught me by surprise. Then we both broke out in laughter, and there was no more nervousness between us.

I got out of my trousers and left the blue-striped boxers on. We got into bed and were kissing like long-time lovers. Our lips moved all over each other’s bodies, and the moans and gasps were very real, for both of us. She was a very exciting lover. Her hands were skilled and from her kisses, I got the feeling her mouth was as well. It’s not like my generation invented oral sex.

I eased her out of the nighties, and she was just wearing a pair of red embroidered panties with a very sexy brief cut that fit her well, and open-toe slippers. The effect was powerful, and my cock throbbed with hunger. I didn’t have to fake anything with Omotola. I rarely do with any woman, but there was something very special about her. I didn’t feel sorry for her; I felt honest to God’s desire.

“I bet you enjoy being tasted, Omotola,” I said with a lusty smile.

“I sure as hell used to. Why? Do you want to taste me, Kayode? It’s been a long time for me.” Her eyes were a little glassy and her hips were moving a little, side to side. I ran my hands all over her upper body, and I could feel how aroused she was.

“I do. After I taste other things first.” I kissed her hard, our tongues darting back and forth, and our bodies moved against each other. I kissed down her throat, down to her chest, to her nipples, a little misshapen from the effects of time, but still beautiful. I licked all over her full tits, sucking and softly biting, causing Omotola to whimper as she ran her fingers through the hair on the back of my head.

“My god, I’ve missed this so much” she said kind of offhandedly, like it wasn’t directed to me nor to herself. “You’re so good at this. My body is firing on all circuits.”

I didn’t respond; there was no reason to. Instead, I gradually made my way down her body, over the slight bulge of her tummy kissing until I was looking right at her bush. I took in her scent, faint but pleasant. “I hope you still like this, Omotola” I smiled. “It’s one of my favourite things to do to a woman.”

“Kayode, I know I’ve gone through some changes down there over the years.” Her expression was sweet but also a little sad. “You don’t have to do this.”

“What if I want to? I want to give you all the pleasure you deserve. You’re excited, you’re beautiful and I want do all the things you love.” I took a long slow lick along her lips, and she shuddered with a deep gasp.

I kissed all around her pussy, along her inner thighs, on her mound, and I bent her legs higher so I could lick her butt cheeks as well. Every so often I went back to her pussy and caressed her lips with my tongue. All the while, Omotola made low guttural sounds and she writhed every time I touched her lower lips.

“My clitoris, Kayode. Please don’t ignore it.” Her tone was getting desperate.

“I would never ignore your clit, Omotola. I’m just teasing you, working you up to it.” I rubbed her lips with my fingers as I bit softly on her thighs. Omotola whimpered, almost there. So close now.

She arched her back, really in need now, and then I went to her swollen pearl and swirled my tongue all around it. My thumbs pulled her lips apart and I hit it again, and Omotola grunted, her body went taught, and she had an orgasm, a strong one, that took her breath away for a few seconds.

The fingers on her left hand pulled on her right nipple and the right hand grabbed my head, pushing my face hard on her pussy, which now was nice and wet.

While she recovered, I eased off my shorts and got a condom from my trousers. “Kayode, you don’t need that. I haven’t had sex in four years and there’s nothing you could pass on to me worse than what I have already. And besides, I’m sure you wouldn’t do that to me anyway.”

I thought for a second and decided she was right. Besides, I knew I was ‘clean’. I got tested regularly. I put the square foil back in my pocket.

Omotola’s legs parted a little wider, inviting me to enter her, to fill her with my warmth. I got between her thighs and slowly let my cock slide in her pussy as I kissed her repeatedly, sweet little kisses until I was in; then I gave her a huge lover’s kiss as her legs closed around my hips. Her moans were deep and her breaths were shallow. “Kayode, so good, so good” she whimpered with her eyes, locked with mine.

She wasn’t all that tight; her muscles weren’t what they once were. But it was a comfortable fit, with enough pressure on the head of my cock, and she was surprisingly slippery between her natural lubrication and my saliva.

I kissed her lips and her neck, then her shoulders and her breasts. Her nipples were sensitive and each time I suckled, she shifted her hips around, giving me a really great ride. Omotola was right; she WAS a great partner in bed.

I lifted my hands and smiled tenderly. “Honey, you’re a wonderful lover. I hope you’re feeling as good as I am right now.’ Another series of kisses.

“I must…be having a better time” she gasped, almost breathless. “Please don’t stop, Kayode. I’m right on the edge. So close. You can go faster. Please go faster. I can take it. Oh God!” She cried out as her climax shook her. Her fingers dug into my shoulders and she pulled me down for a great, hot kiss.

We cuddled closely, as nice as any woman I had ever been with of any age. I can’t exactly say what it was about Omotola that I found so exciting and so fulfilling. All I can say is she was one of the best partners I ever experienced. I think it was the way we connected emotionally. There was just something so special about her, age 75 notwithstanding.

Omotola smiled warmly at me. “That was something else, Kayode. I haven’t felt that in….well, a very long time. I missed it. I miss a man in my bed.” I went to her and kissed her passionately as my cock brushed against her thigh. “I love that too. The feeling of a very hard penis against any part of my body. Including my tongue.” Her smile became more playful. “Like it’s going to be now.”

“You don’t have to, Omotola. This is all about you, remember?”

“What if I want to? I always enjoyed giving head.” Again, her language was a little shocking, as if my grandmother talked like that. Thankfully, Omotola was NOT my grandmother. She was sexy and sensual, something I never associated with my grandmother. “I want you to stand up for me. I want to do this my way.”

“I’m not going to argue with you, lady,” I said with a chuckle. She had me stand next to the bed and she sat on the edge. She grabbed me around the base, and I felt my cock swell in her hand, “You look delicious, Kayode. And I’m hungry.”

She looked up into my eyes as she placed kisses all over the head and shaft. I sensed she wanted to be watched and watch her I did. Her lips were thin, but her tongue was very talented. I’d bet she was as good at giving head then as she was years before. Some things you just never forget.

“You’re really good at that, Honey,” I said as I ran my fingers through her hair, encouraging her with the touch of my hands. She applied more pressure with her tongue as her mouth moved up and down, and then she used her hand to hold my cock up towards my tummy as she licked my balls.

Why this surprised me, I don’t really know. She told me she loved sex, and it really shouldn’t have been shocking that she was good at it and loved to have fun with it.

I took charge then, pushing my cock back into her mouth, moving as if I was fucking her. Not too forcefully: I didn’t know how much was too much. Her fingers were travelling all over my ass and thighs, doing her own exploration of my body.

The fingers of one hand teased my balls, now wet from being licked and sucked, while the fingers of the other hand found the crack between my cheeks and moved up and down along that channel. I was doing my own moaning, all authentic when the tip of her finger found my anus.

She looked into my eyes, blowing me as well as any woman had before when the tip pushed up past my tight ring.

It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load right then. “You can go ahead, Honey,” I said with a soft grunt, and she pushed that finger into my anus. My cock jumped in her mouth as my dick swelled.

“Do you want me to cum now? Is that what you want, Honey? My cum in your mouth?” She responded by sucking faster and harder, rubbing her flat tongue firmly along my member. Then I pushed a little deeper and my cock started spewing thick gobs of my semen.

She took some down into her throat, then she pulled my cock out and jerked me fast as the rest hit her cheeks and nose. The woman could be freaky.

When she got my all, I leaned over and kissed her lips, with a few drops of my cum right there. We swapped those drops back and forth before breaking the kiss. “You’re a very sexy man, Kayode! Kind of nasty too.” She said it with a big, happy smile.

“I could say the same about you, Omotola. Dirty girl.” We chuckled together and I sat with her on the bed, holding her in my arms like her lover would. I then went and got a small towel, ran it under warm water, and I brought it to her so we could clean off her face. “You really surprised me there, Honey. Taking that facial. Not many women I work with care for that sort of thing.”

“I liked it when I was in a particularly naughty mood. Not all the time. But sometimes, when I’m in the mood…. and tonight, I don’t want to leave anything out. It very well might be my last time. The only thing that would be off the table would be anal. I doubt I’m up to that these days.”

We stretched out on the bed. “Whatever you want or not, Omotola. It’s all up to you.”

“You can keep calling me Honey. It makes me feel desired. Romantic. You’re a very skilled lover, Kayode. Not that I’m surprised. I really enjoyed that. And you’re a very kind and sweet young man.” She nestled closer in my arms.

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