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May 10, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake X (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake X (18+)

“Slow down there a second,” his aunty said, her eyes continuing to flick down continuously to the large out from between his legs. “Let’s take a shower together first. I can feel this dress sticking to my backside like crazy, plus, I want to put on something for you that I think you’re going to like.”

Having a definite fetish for sexy lingerie, that idea sounded perfect to Jide. He knew from all the times he raided his aunty’s drawers over the years that she loved pretty things like that just as much. He couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind.

He joined her in the big shower. As the steaming pellets rained down on them, they kissed and held each other close. With their hands frothy with lather, they intimately washed each other, soapy hands gliding over soft mounds of flesh. They couldn’t get enough of each other, Jide’s slippery hands constantly groping and hefting his aunty’s amazingly large breasts or caressing her curvy buttocks, while his aunty’s hands and slender soapy fingers never seemed to stray far from exploring the length of his dick or heavy balls.

“Oh god, I’ve to fuck you again,” Jide whispered into her ear as her frothy hand corkscrewed teasingly along the full length of his achingly-engorged cock.

“Not just yet, sweetheart. Let’s get rinsed off and then I’ll show what she can really do with this gorgeous cock of yours.”

“You know we’re not going to get much sleep tonight,” Jide said as they both turned into the spray.

“That’s what I’m counting on,” she replied before giving his swollen balls one last gentle squeeze before rinsing off.


Jide lay in his aunty’s bed, his cock still almost totally erect, the single sheet tented over it. There was no way that big cock of his was going down until he had gotten rid of many more loads. He had been waiting his whole life for this, and he wasn’t going to waste the chance he had been given now.

He looked down at his cock and flexed, a shiny bead of precum seeping through the sheet. He just had to think about his aunty and his cock would start to lift and extend. And right now, he was definitely ready for more of that spectacular body of hers before he was done. Fuck no, he had a lot more cum he needed to get rid of before he was ready to sleep.

Leaving his aunty in the shower next to her attached dressing room, he pulled the covers right off the bed, leaving only a single sheet and the big stack of pillows piled up against the wooden headboard. He turned on the bedside lights on both sides, wanting to make sure he had a good view of his aunty in whatever she intended to wear for him.

The soft light cast a warm amber glow across the bed, making his aunty’s marital bed look sensually intimate—the perfect setting for a loving nephew to fuck his aunty. And now he waited, his thrusting cock at the ready, and definitely in need of attention.

“My my, don’t you look comfortable.”

His aunty’s warm lilting voice made him look in her direction as she walked across the room and stood at the corner of the bed. Jide couldn’t help the little gasp he gave off as he stared at the bewitching enchantress standing before him. His aunty looked incredible. She was wearing a corset in shiny red satin that was moulded perfectly to her shapely hourglass figure.

The bra cups were barely able to contain her breathtakingly huge breasts, the cups only covering a small portion of the tremendous boobs, ending just slightly above her nipples. The jam-packed cups were anchored in place by ribbons of satin that fed over her shoulders, the slender straps straining to contain the incredible load they were carrying.

The heavily-structured corset was pushing those massive breasts together and up spectacularly, resulting in a dramatically long line of deep dark cleavage that was making Jide salivate as he stared at the most perfect set of breasts he had ever seen.

The vertical panels of the corset nipped in sensually as it followed the lines of her narrow waist, before flowing out dramatically to the point where it ended over her wide flaring hips. From there, ribbon-like garters fed down her thighs to the broadband of her black stocking tops, where the garters bit into the sheer nylons, holding them in place. He smiled when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties of any kind, as if she wanted to get down to business right away, which Jide had no problem with whatsoever.

His eyes drifted down along the full length of her shapely legs, the thin nylons making him shiver with excitement. He looked lower, following her legs down past her dimpled knees, taking in her full calves, her slender ankles, all the way down to her delicate feet, at which point he couldn’t help but let out an audible sigh again.

Her feet were clad in just about the sexiest shoes he had ever seen. They were sky-high black stilettos with 5 inches heels and wickedly pointed toes, complete with a slender black strap that circled each of her trim ankles. They were the kind of shoes that if any man saw a woman wearing those on the street, he would stop dead in his tracks and stare, with his cock on the rise.

Those shoes were that fucking sexy all on their own. But with the corset and stockings, fuck…when he looked at those shoes and then back up along her shapely toned legs, Jide couldn’t help it when his surging cock gave another pulse, with more precum seeping into the sheet tented over the swollen tip.

He drew his gaze back up to her face. She had redone her makeup and hair. Her eyes were exotic and smoky, her lips a slash of brilliant red that seemed to be calling out for a rock hard cock to plunge between. Her hair looked wildly sexy, like a woman who wanted to be taken to bed and fucked for hours on end, which was exactly what Jide planned on doing.

The finishing touch to her outfit was the black lace choker that circled her neck. Jide thought he has never seen anything so harmless, and yet so incredibly erotic at the same time. Again, his cock throbbed as he looked at the band of lace wrapped snugly around her long regal neck, another surge of precum soaking into the sheet.

He had never seen his aunty look more beautiful in his entire life, or even in his dreams. This dizzying display of beauty standing before him went beyond anything he imagined, anything he had ever fantasized about, and the best part: she was real, it was his aunt that he had lusted after for all these years and, at least for tonight, she was his.

“Hmm, by the looks of the way that monster under the covers is behaving, it looks like you approve,” his aunty said teasingly as she slid onto the edge of the bed and rubbed her finger over the tip of his cock, smiling as the stain on the sheet continued to grow beneath her rubbing fingertip.

“Jesus, aunty, you look incredible. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in my whole life.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied as she slowly drew back the sheet, his enormous erection pointing to the stars. Now it was her turn to give a little gasp, her eyes taking in the erotic sight of his huge throbbing cock. “My God, it’s so big…so…” She paused as her hand went to the thick base as she turned to him. “And I want it in me, in me everywhere, all night long.”

She leaned forward and kissed him, both of them electrified with desire as he pulled her close, her big heavy breasts crushed and spread out against his muscular chest as his mouth sought out hers. They couldn’t get enough of each other, and Jide could see that his aunt wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

With her hand stroking his thrusting erection, she drew her mouth back from the kiss, both of them gasping. “I want this beautiful cock of yours in my ass this time. Just like you did to me on that table, I want every last inch inside me.”

Yes! Jide thought as he scrambled out from beneath her as she got onto all fours in the middle of the bed. She shifted into just the right position, then arched her back, presenting her big round ass up to him to do with as he pleased.

Jide was almost mesmerized by the gorgeous sight before him. His aunty’s corset, stockings and garters framed her full curvy buttocks enticingly. Once he was positioned behind her, she leaned forward until her face was pressed into the pillow she’d pulled beneath her and arched her back even further, her warm crevice provocatively spreading open to reveal her smooth ass. Jide could see it glistening lewdly, and knew his aunty had lubed up in advance. Just thinking that she had done that sent another surging jolt of blood to his already-engorged cock.

“God, aunty, you have the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen,” he said as he moved between her spread thighs on his knees, his hands gripping her hips firmly after he had nestled the broad tip of his prick up tight against her tight hole.

“Mmm, that feels good, baby,” his aunty said as she wantonly pushed back at him, rolling her hips to let him know she was ready. Not wanting to deny his aunty what she wanted because, after all, it was Christmas, Jide gripped her hips firmly and started to push, watching the erotic sight of her tender little starfish stretching and slowly opening to allow him inside.

He kept pushing, straining against the tight muscle as he felt her will it to relax, and then, he popped inside, the tight ring spreading blissfully open before closing down just past the thick dick.

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