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April 20, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake VI (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake VI (18+)

Aisha had a definite preference for anal sex, and once she had taken Jide’s virginity, he was always more than willing to help her out with that. Yes, she loved to fuck and suck just as much as any of the other older women he had been with, but taking his big hard cock deep into her ass is what she loved the most.

Jide couldn’t even begin to count the number of loads he had pumped into her butthole, and he was always happy when she eagerly asked him to let her suck him clean after he had done so.

With his stamina, it often resulted in her sucking him back to hardness in no time flat, at which point he would pound whichever of the holes she wanted. Most of the time, she would pull her legs well back and let him drive it deep into that winking little butthole as many times as he wanted.

Jide felt himself smiling as those thoughts went through his head, while his eyes took in the rest of her outfit. Like his aunt’s dress, it flowed glamorously to the floor, with a single slit over one leg.

The slit in this dress ended high on her thigh, but not nearly as high as the provocative pair of slits in his aunt’s dress. Her legs were bare, and she had on high-heeled shoes that made her legs look fantastic.

She obviously spent a lot of time on her hair and makeup, and Jide thought she looked fantastic. He knew he would always have a soft spot for the woman that took his virginity but, today, all his thoughts were on his aunt.

His gaze went next to the sweet thing standing next to Mrs Aisha. This couldn’t be Fatima, could it? There was no way, Jide thought as he looked at the ripe young lady, who he noticed was now the spitting image of her mother.

She always had the same hairstyle as her aunt, but the last time he had seen her—damn, that had to be years ago, he thought to himself—she had been an awkward young teenager with a flat chest. He remembered his aunt saying that after she had gone away to university she had ‘blossomed’ and, damn, had she ever!

Now 20, Fatima had turned into a curvaceous young woman with full breasts to rival her mom’s. She was wearing what Jide thought of as ‘young girl’s dress’, a red mini that barely extended past her full curvy butt to the tops of her thighs.

And Jide could see that those thighs were nice and full, a perfect set of creamy thighs to bury your cock between. Her dress was backless as well, with a strap that went around her neck, with a plunging neckline that showed off a pair of breasts that were almost as big as her mom’s.

The girl’s soft hair was pulled back on each side to show off her angelic face, with the rest of her hair falling in cascading waves onto her bare shoulders. Her high heels made her whole outfit look dead sexy, and Jide found it hard to believe this was the same little brat who pestered him just a few years ago.

With the way she was looking at him now, Jide could see the definite interest in those deep dark eyes. He had seen that look before in her mom’s eyes many times, usually just before he drove that fleshy deck between his legs deep into her pussy. He wondered if Fatima liked it in the ass just as much as her aunt. He looked again at both her and her aunt.

Yes, her aunt was every schoolboy’s dream of what a MILF could be, and Fatima was as sweet and innocently alluring as any older man with a sugar daughter fetish could hope for. He wondered how often her father had masturbated thinking about her, or maybe he was already tucking her into bed at night and having her swallow some warm cream to help her sleep. Who knew nowadays?

But again, as gorgeous and tempting as both of those women were, Jide could only think of his aunt. Those women couldn’t even start to compete with her. The emotion he was feeling for her was almost overwhelming. He felt both incredible lust, and heart-warming love, which made things perfect, in his mind, anyway.

The group exchanged greetings, with the women partaking of air kisses while Jide shook Mr Haruna’s hand. Mrs Aisha commented (with a noticeably flirty look in her eyes) that he looked very handsome, but when she got closer to kiss his cheek, she subtly whispered into his ear,

“I could eat you up, right here and now.”

When Jide extricated himself from her full-bodied hug, he simply nodded in her direction and offered a flat,

“Thank you, Mrs Aisha, you look very nice too. And yes, it is nice to be home,” before taking his place next to his aunt, both of them sharing an intimate smile.

He noticed that Mrs Aisha’s lips turned up slightly, and she gave him a quick little wink. It caught Jide a bit off guard as it seemed like she knew exactly what he was thinking as he looked at his aunt. Was he that easy to read? he thought.

“Folake, where’s your husband?” Mr Haruna asked as he glanced towards the restaurant door.

Jide’s aunt explained her husband’s predicament, stuck in Kano because of the weather, with no idea when he was going to be home. “So,” she said as she slipped her arm through Jide’s once more, “it’s up to Jide to make sure this Christmas is the best one ever.”

“I’m sure he’s quite capable of being able to do that,” Mrs Aisha replied as her eyes flicked to Jide’s with a knowing glance. “Every time I asked him to help me with chores around the house, he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was satisfied with his efforts.”

“And she told me he always did. Whenever I came home after Jide had been there working on a chore for her, she was smiling from ear to ear,” Mr Haruna added as he gave Jide a pat on his arm, not realizing how many times the boy had been buried balls-deep in all three of his wife’s hot willing holes, or how often she had to change the sheets on their marital bed after Jide’s loads of cum had left a mess everywhere.

“Glad to be of service,” Jide replied just as the waiter arrived.

The restaurant was a converted mansion that had been divided into many small dining rooms, with usually only two or three tables in each room. They were led into one room that only had one other table, besides their table for six. Jide paid close attention as Mr Haruna put his hand on one of the chairs at the end of the table.

Jide immediately ushered his aunt onto the seat against the wall, such that he himself was sitting right next to Mr Haruna. His plan was to make sure that he was sitting as far as possible from Mrs Aisha.

With that wanton look that she had in her eyes, there was no way he wanted to find himself in any kind of predicament courtesy of her tonight. No, tonight was all about his aunt.

Mrs Aisha sat next to her husband, immediately across from Jide, with Fatima next to her. The seat that would have been Jide’s father’s at the other end of the table sat empty. Mr Hauna ordered a bottle of wine and the conversation flowed as they perused their menus and ordered. There was a lot of talk about Fatima’s school, and Jide’s architecture program at the university.

As the appetizers came followed by the main course, more wine had been ordered. Jide stopped at one glass, making the excuse that he was driving, while his aunt was just starting her third. Jide noticed that both Mrs Aisha and young Fatima had been paying too much amount of attention to him, all of which had gone right over Mr Haruna’s head.

He was thrilled when he felt his aunt’s hand reach down on the leather seat between them and give his hand a gentle squeeze. When he looked in her direction, the warm smile she gave him melted his heart.

While the waiter cleared their plates away and brought dessert menus, Jide felt his aunt squeeze his hand once more, followed by her fingertips tracing teasingly along the side of his trouser leg.

This caught him off guard, but he decided that after what he had seen earlier in the day, it was time to make a move. He had something in mind, and the ball would be in his aunt’s court. She would either get angry and put an end to things or…

With Fatima busy talking to her aunt, Jide slid his hand across the smooth leather of the seat and slowly onto his aunt’s thigh. With the tablecloth hanging down over the edge of the table, there was no way any of the others could see what he was doing.

His aunt didn’t move but just kept tracing her fingertips along the side of his leg. He got a little bolder, sliding his hand further to the side. He was delighted when his fingertips found the slit in his aunt’s sexy dress and slid right onto her bare thigh. He felt his aunt stiffen for second as she took a quick intake of breath.

“Are you all right, dear?” Mrs Aisha asked as she looked over at her friend.

“Yes, I’m fine,” his aunt gasped out as she gave a little cough. “Just a little something in my throat.”

Jide pictured putting a ‘big something’ in her throat, but at least she hadn’t reached down to pull his hand away. Taking that as a subtle invitation, he slid his hand further down over the inside of her thigh. Fuck, he thought, there is nothing as deliciously soft or as wickedly exciting as the inside of a woman’s thighs. He let his fingertips run smoothly over the soft skin, his fingertips gradually getting closer and closer to the apex of her thighs.

His aunt shifted slightly in her seat, causing him to instinctively stop. As he stared forward, pretending to listen as Fatima and her aunt chatted, he smiled inwardly as he felt his aunt’s legs drift apart, her thighs rolling slowly open until her knee was pressed against his.

Without looking once in her direction, he slid his hand more purposely across her silky-smooth thigh, his fingertips finally coming into contact with the lips of her pussy. Now he really smiled to himself. He had been right after all when he looked at her gorgeously exposed legs in that dress; she hadn’t been wearing any panties at all. It also made his heart soar to feel that she was deliciously wet, her pussy luxuriously creamy and lathered with her flowing juices.

It was sinfully warm and enticing slippery beneath his hand. He let his fingers start to explore, rubbing gently and tracing teasingly over her flushed mound, his hand quickly becoming soaked with her juices.

It startled him for a second when he felt the delicate touch of his aunt’s hand moving over the front of his trouser. While he toyed with her pulsing wet mound, she had his zipper undone and fished his stiffening cock out of his zip faster than he thought possible.

She wrenched the growing thick dick out and slid her fingertips all over it as if testing it for length and girth. Within seconds of being released from the confines of his trouser, Jide’s dick was erect.

“Oh my god,” his aunt mumbled under her breath.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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