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May 16, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake [Finale] (18+)

“Okay, sweetheart. You better go. Say Merry Christmas to Jide for me. Love you.”

“Love you too,” his aunty said quickly before reaching over and ending the call. “Oh god, baby, you’ve got me so close.”

Jide redoubled his efforts as his aunty reached down and pulled him close once more, grinding her seeping twat hard against his face. “OH FUCK…THAT’S IT…PUT THAT TONGUE RIGHT THERE…RIGHT THERE…YESSSSSSSSS” she hissed loudly as she came, shaking and convulsing like an overheated machine about to explode. Jide kept his mouth busy on her throbbing pussy, licking and sucking as she sprayed his face with her creamy nectar.

“I think you liked that, aunty,” he said once the wracking sensations of her climax started to ebb away and she relaxed back into the bed. “How about we go for another one, okay?” He was happy to see his aunty give him another naughty smile as she nodded enthusiastically, pulling him closer until his tongue slid deep inside her once more.


They spent the rest of the night fucking in every positional imaginable. Jide was surprised that his aunty could keep up with him, but the more cock he gave her, the more she wanted. As she had asked, every time he came, his load ended up in her mouth one way or another. If he filled her pussy with the stuff, she wasn’t satisfied until he sucked it out and drooled the creamy load between her eagerly parted lips. Sometimes he would pull out and spray it all over her face, and then use the blunt head of his cock to fucked it into her welcoming mouth.

He pulled her huge breasts out of her corset at one point, straddling her chest after she oiled them up with baby oil. As she pressed the voluminous orbs against his throbbing cock, he plunged it back and forth into the hot oily channel of her cleavage, ending up holding the engorged tip right between her parted lips just when he was ready to come.

He flooded her mouth with a torrent of jizz, his semen brilliant white and full of sperm. She swallowed eagerly and then pulled him to her as she sat higher in the bed, letting him fuck her face as he held onto the headboard until he was hard and ready to go again, her face and breasts a frothy mess of her drooling saliva.

She rode him a number of times as she came time and time again as Jide reached up the front of her body and filled his hands with her mouth-watering breasts. She never tired, and neither did he.


It was almost dawn before they both drifted off into a peaceful sleep, both of them exhausted but blissfully content. Jide woke in the late morning to find his aunty between his legs, her lips slowly moving up and down on his painfully erect cock.

“Give me some breakfast, baby,” she said before driving her mouth far down on his thrusting erection. A short time later, Jide did exactly that, another huge load splashing across her throat. When they did eat, she just picked at her fruit plate, saying she wasn’t hungry after all the jizz she’d swallowed the night before.

Jide laughed at that, and then pulled her onto his lap at the table. She willingly complied, shifting her body forward and taking his cock right into her needy ass. She rocked back and forth, his big hard cock plundering her before her jiggling butt caused him to blow, flooding her bowels with another sizzling batch of cum.

In the early afternoon, Jide’s uncle called again, letting them know that there was still no movement on the storm. It looked like it was still going to be days before he could get home. This time he asked to speak to Jide. With Jide carrying on a conversation with his uncle, his aunty was between his parted thighs, sucking and slurping hungrily.

Jide didn’t even have a chance to end the call as his aunty sucked another load right out of him. Jide had to bite his fist to prevent his uncle from hearing his groan of pleasure.

After another shower together, his aunty changed into another sexy outfit. This time it was a dress, with reinforced bra cups which made her huge breasts look absolutely breathtaking. With the sexy outfit, she wore white thigh-high stockings, with broad elasticized bands at the tops that hugged her upper thighs enticingly. She completed the outfit with a pair of white high-heeled shoes, the pointiness of the toes setting Jide’s teeth on edge.

“Do you like my Christmas stockings, baby?” she asked as she tilted her head suggestively at him.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Jide replied as he slid out of bed. With his cock at full salute, he made her grab the back of her room chair as he bent her over, slamming his cock in and out of her dripping pussy for a while before yanking it out and shuttling it back and forth inside her slippery ass. He kept alternating between her two hot holes as he reached beneath her and squeezed her heavy breasts, taking her to multiple orgasms before finally going off once more. After he came, she once again spun around and licked him clean, taking as much of his cum into her belly as she could get.

At one point as they lay together in bed after she had ridden him until he had brought her to five orgasms in a row and Jide had flipped her over before pulling out and blowing off on her breasts, they lay there in each other’s arms, talking quietly. As they talked, Jide told her what had happened the day before. He told her how he had come home early to surprise her, only to find the surprise was on him when he discovered her masturbating, and calling out his name.

Rather than be upset, she was even more turned on. She pulled out her double-ended dildo and showed him. As Jide was busy recovering from his last climax, she asked him to use it on her. He eagerly did as she asked, kneeling between her spread legs as he worked the big dildo in and out of her tight holes.

He brought to four more orgasms before he withdrew the toy with a noisy slurp from her holes, the flesh-toned rubber dripping with her juices.

Watching it all had gotten Jide back in the game, and he launched himself onto her as he lifted her legs and pinned them back over her shoulders, all but crucifying her as he nailed her deep into the mattress with the hard fleshy stake between his legs. As he fucked her good and hard, she just kept coming, spasming and convulsing like a crazy toy.

But Jide loved it, loved all of it. This time, when he was finally ready to blow, he climbed up over her and plugged his throbbing cock between her parted lips, flooding her with what she craved as he unloaded a massive batch of semen deep into her avidly sucking mouth.

As he lay beside her, she snuggled up and purred like a cat, pushing a stray wad of cum off her chin and into her mouth, smacking her lips as she swallowed it down. She gave a little burp, and Jide smiled, her breath smelling like cum. With all that she swallowed over the past number of hours, he wasn’t surprised.

“You know, aunty,” Jide said, “I know how much you love Christmas, but I have to say I think you like me better than Santa.”

“Why do you say that sweetheart,” she replied, her fingers reaching down to toy with his cock once more.

“Well, to start with, I’m in a lot better shape than Santa. I bet he doesn’t have a cock like that one you’re playing with right now.”

“Well, I don’t really know that for sure,” she said teasingly as her fingers circled the long thick tube, “but I’ll give you a point for that one.”

Under her experienced manipulation, Jide could feel his cock on the rise again already. “And I’m definitely cuter.”

“I don’t know, Santa is pretty cute you know.” Her hand squeezed gently as she started to pump, the blood flowing quickly back as his cock grew beneath her talented fingers.

“Well the most important reason you like me better than Santa is pretty obvious,” Jide added as he looked down at her chest as she snuggled into him, the sight of her huge breasts in the sexy dress sending another surge of blood to his stiffening cock.

“What’s that, sweetie?” she asked, his cock almost totally erect in her pumping hand at this point.

“I know you like me better than Santa for one important reason: I come more than once a year.”

His aunty couldn’t help the broad smile that broke out over her pretty face. “Thank God for that. Show me, baby,” she said as she rolled onto her back and pulled him on top of her.

When her sexy high heels came up and she crossed them over Jide’s muscular backside, he slid all the way home, giving her every last inch in one smooth stroke before bottoming out, his body pressed tightly to hers. She brought her arms up, circling around his neck as she pulled him in for another kiss. When he pulled back from the kiss, she was looking up at him, her eyes alive, with both lust, and love.

“Merry Christmas, aunty. I love you,” he whispered tenderly.

“I love you too, baby, more than you know,” she replied, her voice dripping with emotion. “Now, show me how many more times than Santa you can come.”

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