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May 8, 2021

DS Series : Douala Californication! (18+)
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DS Series : Douala Californication! (18+)

Here I am in Douala, Cameroon. A country I have never been to before, 2 days early for a week assignment. My flight arrived on Friday evening, the meetings will start from Monday.

It is sure to be boring but hey, I brought a couple of things to make it more interesting, movies and shows. I couldn’t wait to get down to re-watch all 8 seasons of Californication, the Hank Moody show. I was excited by a couple of things, the opportunity to visit a new country, sights and scenes, meeting new people and of course, to get me some Cameroonian pussy.

The last one was the freaking highlight of the visit, but being a French speaking country will make it very difficult because I don’t speak French not more than the Bonjour and Ca va, thats where my proficiency in French drops severely like Naira to the Dollar. So, in one hand, the chance of an adventure while in the other my inability to warm my way into a French girl’s inner thighs.

I kinda have my way with words, not sure if facial gestures will help me bed one of these big-ass girls, the dilemma. Arriving at the hotel, it was okay, very decent place with a pool and all the normal works without a gym though, I picked up an habit recently, which is working out. I wanna see where it leads; it should give me more seductive points with firm chest and six packs, still working on the six packs though.

What I have noticed is that the ladies have a particular set of assets, assets that they acquired from their mums. These assets, make them dangerous for man’s third leg. The majority of ladies I saw had big behinds, it didn’t matter what their statures were, they were endowed behind, which was very exciting for me.

When I see an attractive ass, I just feel like grabbing some massage oil, and rubbing it all over the ass, and massaging the ass. The urge to do that was running through my mind as I walked through the reception, so many gawd-damn asses. Jesus, please save me!

I slept like a baby friday night, no one to bother or anything. Saturday morning, I did more extended home workout, crunches, push-up and different types, worked up a sweaty body and washed up, ordered a decent meal and continued with the show.

Hank Moody, my man! I wish I was as good as this guy, I thought to myself, after a couple of episodes, the online hunt began for my Cameroonian ass, So, I tried Badoo and Instamessager, they both use GPS to find other people around where you’re. For the fornicators and adulterers that don’t know? Now, you know. Thank me now, I’m not Drake, don’t want you to thank me later.

It was more difficult than I thought finding someone that is willing and able. I went through a whole lot, most of them don’t speak English, that was where I knew I was fucked. So, the only better option for me, and wouldn’t really have an issue with what I want to do is Google Translate. The process was kind of difficult as I had to type, convert it to French, then copy the translated text into the chat for multiple people.

Luck eventually smiled on me when two of them said they would, one this night and the other Sunday night which was good for me. So, I went back to my Californication Binge-ing. Later that evening, the first lady came by, a university student who lives in the neighbourhood, she didn’t even want to stay, she wanted us to go out which we did, we went out for ice cream. She seemed like a project, not the kind of quick win I was looking for. She was pretty, homely and huge backside too, I would really love to do this but there is no time, I would rather go for one that is ready right now.

The next night proved to be more interesting than the last one, reception called me that there was someone here to see me, I directed them to send her up. She was on my floor but couldn’t find my room. So, I stepped out towards the elevator. What I saw amazed me; she was taller and way curvier than I had seen in her pictures and also bigger.

She was also fleshier, in all my time there, I had seen big bums, her boobs were that large too, and the good thing was she wanted to get down as much I wanted to but there was a caveat. She wanted us to go out first, eat and drink then come back. Looking through my wallets, I think I had like 20,000CFA. We headed out to some kind of lounge with my driver since I didn’t know anywhere around.

It was a serene environment, families were there having dinner, it was a beautiful sight, we sat to dine and ordered, it was nice, after a while, she stood up to dance to the live band, A night in Douala I said to myself. I retained myself on my seat as I watched her dance to the music that sort of feels like high-life. We left the place at around 10pm. All our conversations during the time was almost talking with sign languages to make sure she gets my point, language barrier is really killing but hey! I was about to get lucky tonight.

As we got back to the hotel, I tried to feel her again from the back, I grabbed her boobs from behind under the pretence of hugging her from the back, and moreover she had a few bottles of alcohol. She didn’t protest rather whining her waist against my groin, and then she proceeded to take it all off.

I watched with my head supported by stashed pillows underneath. The bra sorted off felt like buckets, I was amazed by it, thoroughly, she came over and laid beside me with my leg still open wide, watching her crawl up beside me. She rubbed my dick back and forth while it was still inside my short. I grabbed a boob as she continued to rub my dick, I was getting excited down there no doubt but the strangest thing happened.

My hand grabbed the boob but it just felt like I wasn’t even covering 40% of the surface area, it really bothered me; my hands are not tiny, No! Shit!!!!

The boobs were humongous, I had to use my 2 hands, if felt kind of ridiculous, so I continued with one hand, and concentrated on the areola and the nipples, as she released my monster, she rubbed it back and forth and licked off the pre-cum on the tip and stroked it roughly.

Feisty?! I love it, then she proceeded to suck the shaft, tongue works, kissing and tongue teasing of the balls, she knew her stuff, I was certainly impressed, she sucked with intent and purpose. She only wanted to get it very hard so she can ride. After she stroked it a couple of times more, she grabbed her bag from the table beside the bed and brought out condoms, she tore off a piece and handed to me, I wore it myself and she knelt on beside me before straddling me.

In my experience, when dealing with “chubbier” babes, it’s advised you’re at your best position; some get carried away and probably suffocate you. I don’t want to die at least not yet. So, before she straddled me, I sat up as she straddled me and made sure that oxygen was flowing to me left and right.

She slowly eased my dick into pussy, holding the bottom of her ass and releasing it gently, not swallowing the whole shaft at once, she began to thrust into the half of the dick, the other hand supporting her weight on the bed on my other side, the humongous boobs swinging like wrecking ball against my face as she continued, after a couple of slow thrusts, the pussy came lower than half of the dick, the pussy was widening up for my dick, and after a while, she swallowed the whole junk in its entirety.

The pussy was tight and things were getting more interesting, as the tempo increased, it seemed her wrecking ball-boobs were hitting my face with much force, If I didn’t stop this, I might just show up to the meeting tomorrow with a broken nose and swollen eyes. So, I tried my best to grab whatever part of her boobs my hands could grab and just hold it against her chest while this to a large extent soften the blows I was receiving to my face, I heard “SPANK ME”.

Another dilemma, releasing my hands from holding her boobs would mean that the ferociousness she was riding with will mean more blows to my face. I obeyed with one hand holding off the boobs while the other spanking her hard and interchanging those hands, it felt more like work than sex but hey it’s different and I like it.

After a while, not being able to keep up, I slipped further below which meant her boobs will now smash against my forehead, at least a better option than my eyes and nose. I could feel her juice drooling down unto my balls. I enjoyed the sex more when I slipped my body further underneath her.

I had more hands to spank her now, which often led to her moaning harder anytime I spanked her. I removed my dick and her pussy hit my lower abdomen, she opened her eyes and looked at me, then I whispered, Doggy.

She understood and got off me, I positioned behind her, It was almost a task finding the pussy underneath that huge ass of hers, I positioned very well behind, and began to torment the pussy from behind, I held the waist as I went in and out at a really rapid speed, more room to spank as much as I could, I spanked as hard as I could. If she were light-skinned, her bum area would have been red.

Harder, she said. Thank God that was English. I wasn’t sure what she wanted harder, the sex or the spank. So, I intensified both, I pulled out for a second and noticed the whitish fluid all over the condom. I continued as hard as I could until I felt my load coming through. I blasted my cum into the condom and I felt a huge relief.

I got off and moved my sweaty body into the bathroom to clean up, I felt lighter, like I had lost almost 10kg as I left the bathroom, she entered the bathroom, we tried to do the small talk until I slept off.

Bright and early, I woke up by 5.30AM, she woke up as soon as I woke up, I stretched a bit and did a few of my morning exercises, she watched me exercise then I took it all off and went into the bathroom, I could see her face light up as I yanked off my shorts. I stood in front of the giant mirror to brush my teeth and next thing, she was behind me rubbing and stroking my dick; naked too. Is she a freak, I asked myself.

She suddenly stopped stroking me and left the bathroom, I thought she left me hanging, didn’t know she went to get a condom. With legs spread out, like someone about to be searched. She was looking at me through the mirror. I rubbed the pussy lips gently, looking at her face from the mirror as I plunged my dick into her pussy, I pushed in too deep and sharp scream escaped her mouth, I withdrew my dick completely apologising to her, she just smiled, and this time around, I went in slow, and more careful thrusts.

She stayed with her hand underneath her jaw, with a smiley face, it seemed like she wasn’t feeling it. I spanked her and increased the intensity, then she removed her hands from her jaw and used it to support herself with me in between her stretched legs behind her.

I added the usual spanking into the mix, the screams began again but this time around, they were moans, sweet moans, I pinched a nipple in front and slapped her boobs against each other, trying my best to squash her boobs against her chest. I removed the dick and used it to slap her bum, drove it back in again, I yanked it out of her. She left the mirror and crawled beside the bath tub, on her knees with the ass up and the pussy in my full view.

I squatted behind her, right where I could get my dick into her pussy, it became a work-out for me, the squat was more difficult because of her height, I could feel my abs aching me from this position, my back as well. After a couple of thrust, while she laid there like she was in deep prayer, the moans escaping from her mouth made me glad, as I exited her, my cum approached, I sat beside her as cum filled my condom. I stood up and cleaned myself up. When she was leaving I gave her what was left of our outing which was like 7,000CFA which was apparently like N2,800 or so at that time.

She threw the biggest tantrum, almost drawing the attention of the management of the hotel except we were on the 6th floor, she claimed the money was too small, I begged her to keep her voice down, which she did, she searched me and found no money on me, so she left. I hid some money inside my inner shirt.

What a trip!

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