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May 8, 2021

DS Series: Badoo Parole
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DS Series: Badoo Parole

I laid down there, experiencing slight heart palpitations, my palm underneath my head.  I was attempting to relax, my dick standing erect. I laid there feeling like I jogged from Unilag to Maryland. I was spent, super exhausted but I hadn’t cum yet, though I was quite sure that she came a couple of times.

She tapped my shoulder asking me what happened, I replied “I’m fine, I’m just trying to check my pings” but those were just lies, I was simply resting. This particular chic I had been stalling for about 1 year, for no reason, no apparent reason at all.

My friends usually ask me why I was stalling the chic, I always gave her one excuse or the other why we couldn’t hook up. I have always said, I am the  number 1 slacker but looking at it again from another point of view, maybe I’m not. I think I just like to take my time, kind of like I need a go-ahead from my spirit.

Let me tell you how this one started, I met her on Badoo. I’m glad am mentioning another site today not Facebook or Twitter. I have always been on Badoo but never really given it much thought until a friend got a steady ‘straff-mate’ there. So, I decided to try my luck and a week later, I hit my own jackpot. It felt different from the regular parole of Facebook to BBM; this one was of Badoo to Whatsapp.

We got talking and after a week, I went to visit her at work. We went out for food and one thing led to the other, we ended up in her house. I saw her from the back first, I was impressed, her ass was big, hips in proportion, It was complete. I called her, she turned back and I saw her boobs, what I saw was clearly a perky set of DD boobs. Excitement was spelt all over my face. We bought some food and headed to her BQ on the other side of the first toll gate.

At first, I tried to form gentleman, been nice and cute, we had already discussed, so I continued to play catch up. Usually being alone with a babe that I know has potentials to shag always gives me erection, a budding one.  She laid down beside me, and proceeded to gist about the American legal series ‘Suits’. I couldn’t but marvel at her awesome shape beside me on the bed, she refused to change in front of me, maybe she was scared I would rape her but that’s not even consistent with my personality. She laid face up, while I laid beside her face down, her hips infiltrating into my space.

Stylishly, I moved my hands to her belly while we talked and laughed and slowly moved my hands to her boobs, she dint complain but instead continued talking like it was normal, so I went full frontal attack, moved on-top of her and kissed her, she responded with equal vigour, my hands cupped her boobs inside the buttoned shirt she wore.

While kissing her, I undid a few buttons, she didn’t object. While kissing and smooching her, I continued to grind my waist into her inner thighs. The budding erection started maturing. I unbuttoned her shirts, took it off, I could see the boobs spilling out of the bra by the side, the boner increased exponentially. I dived into the boobs, bringing out the nipple right on-top of the bra, I sucked one nipple while twisting the other nipple, she laid there moaning “Baby”. I wondered who she was calling baby? Me??

I moved my mind away from the distraction and set mind to purpose, I rubbed my tongue round the exposed nipple, just above the bra, it was more erotic how the nipples hardened as I continued to tease and suck one nipple while rubbing the other against her areola. She was twisting and turning underneath me while I continued to mount pressure on her boobs, they were so soft and warm. I yanked out the other boobs I was smooching and squashed it hard against her chest.

They were so inviting,  I removed my mouth from the other nipple and pulled that boob out of the bra as well, they were so big, they stayed floating on her chest with the nipples hard, pointing straight at the ceiling. I was firm with the intention to satisfying her. I continued to kiss her downward, trailing the kiss down to her bellybutton, unhooking her trouser, she raised her waist up and I removed her skin tight trousers, When I removed them, she closed her laps, being shy of allowing me see her naked. I went back up, kissed her deeply, allowing her lose her guard again, I patted her thighs softly. The evenly tone light skin lap was just the perfect sight, her gentle flaring hips was beyond description.

I yanked off her pant and saw her cleanly shaved honeypot, it was looking clean and needed to be treated good, I moved closer to it, rubbed 2 of my fingers over it, back and forth, from top to bottom, slowly and teasingly. She shifted her hips backward as I rubbed my fingers softly over her pussy lips.  I brought my face closer to the pussy as I continued to rub gently. Gently, I inserted a finger into her pussy, it was warm and inviting, I inserted the second finger in as well.

A gasp escaped her mouth, I brought my face closer to her pussy, as my finger gently explored her pussy, my lips found the top of pussy, kissing it gently until my tongue probed further to the clitoris, the sweet tender spot, my tongue continued to work. My tongue licked and sucked her clitoris in intervals as the pleasure continued to hit her,  I allowed my finger to probe further and also intensify the thrust of my fingers into her orifice. The screams became louder and she held my face between her legs, throwing her fingers in opposite direction, the moment was crazy, I even held her legs aside myself, I undid my trouser to release my turgid dick. She pushed my face off and asked me for a condom, that point was the awkward point because I didn’t have a condom. I knew I had to stop at that point, we continued to blow each other until we both climaxed but there wasn’t any penetration that day. Mind was immediately removed from coitus that day.

We dint see each other for over 8 months after that time, unbelievable isn’t it. One would think I’ll rush down there the second day with 3 packs of condoms but sadly it dint happen. For some strange reason, I kept posting her and posting her until this particular day. In fact, I dint want her to come because I was supposed to go out with a couple of friends that same day, later on but I somehow squeezed her into my schedule.

As soon as she arrived, there was no time to play catch up, it was straight into action, I helped her out of her clothes as she helped me out of mine, stark naked, we climbed into the bed, kissing and touching and pushing.

One thing about my erection is that its always there when I need it, I grabbed condom from the one of the drawers beside the bed, strapped on and straddled her, staying on top, fondling her boobs while kissing her. She opened her laps, my hard dick was directly infront of her pussy, she opened her legs further and put my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I gently inserted my dick in, going slowly till just my balls were out in the first thrust, it was spectacular how tight her pussy was,  she closed her eyes as my dick filled up her pussy. In missionary style, I began to increase the tempo of the sex, placing my hands beside her, looking at her enjoying the pleasure of my dick while her boobs stay floating on her chest. I began to increase the speed of the thrust, her scream continued , even louder and she erupted in orgasms.

I began to count my strokes, 50 fast, 40 slows, I was bent on making a cool point to her that despite the wait for this moment, it was absolutely worth it. Moments like this are when am happy I stocked my fridge with Alomo bitters and Ogidiga. 30 minutes before she came in, I drank it and eat little cereal, energy for the mission coming up. I continued pounding her pussy in the missionary style, my waist doing the movements,  I tilted my body to the left so I can pummel her left wall of her pussy, The strokes for the tilt shag wasn’t as much, it was slower and more powerful. The pleasure was beginning to get to me

I stood up, turned her around in doggy, stuffed pillows underneath her and made lay back, so I could pummel her pussy from behind. I squatted over her upper thigh, held her ass apart as I plunged my dick into her from behind. Her pussy was super tight, I continued to thrust into her at fast paces.

The modified doggy made her scream higher than the regular, so I rolled off her, sweating profusely with my heart beating faster than regular, I felt like I had jogged from Unilag to Maryland. My erection was still intact while she laid there, with her legs opened. I grabbed my phone, checked for my pings and stylishly rested. I grabbed hold of her and helped her up, took her to the window, she grabbed the burglary, pushed her ass back and continued my pummeling work, it was then I noticed the tiny butterfly tattoo on the upper side of her back. I held the waist as my thrust became very erratic and knelt down on the bed as I watched the cum fill up the condom, sweating dripping off my body.

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