August 9, 2022

DS Series (18+): One for the Road

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DS Series (18+): One for the Road

I haven’t gotten a full hang of how i should begin this post, I think I should first apologise for not posting up in this section because I know some people check out this segment a lot, my apologies once more.
I have also found inspiration to continue the second season of 17 Awosika, I hope you’ve read it. 🙂

A very special somebody nearly beat me up in public for not writing in this segment. So, in other to avoid stories that touch, I have decided to put my pen on paper to write something that has sent my world spiralling in the last couple of days.

One for the road was the message A (I dont want to mention her name, but it starts with A, lol) sent to me after all the usual pleasantries on bbm, as i unlocked my phone at lunch, the excitement inside me was unabated. I was really happy. Let me give you a background of A before I proceed.

A was an Abuja chic that had been on my phone for a while, we never really got to chatting so much, but then it happened, I think she used one spectacularly sexy image, she is short, with a massive booty, something her legs were shaped to be burdened with. She is also very pretty, good smile, wonderful dentition and all, you know the qualifications of a fine girl, let’s not dwell on that so much.

We got talking and it was fun talking to her, she wasn’t one for the loving messages or day and night chatting, for some strange reason, i just told her how sexy i think she was, and asked about her boyfriend situation, she said she had a boyfriend while i “claimed” I had a girlfriend too, don’t know why I lied but I did.

Sometime down the line, she said she would be coming to Lagos for a week or thereabout and she would love to see me before going to her cousin’s hostel where she would be staying.
Well, who was i to say no? I made arrangements the day she was coming and boom! I picked her up and took her to a hotel, we lodged in, and as soon as we got inside, I hugged her tight and grabbed the bulbs of her soft ass, it felt good. She didn’t flinch or anything.

I was kinda surprised because we didn’t have any specific arrangement about sex, I just went with the flow that night, her kisses were short of legend. What impressed me the most about her was the fact that she was on board with anything i tried asides anal. I’ve always not been the fan of anal myself.

We kissed like it would save our lives, we undressed each other, it kinda felt romantic because we were naked, kissing, smooching, I was rubbing my hard dick all over her body, it felt like we had known forever and whatever we were doing, we had done before.

It seemed like we had known forever, I couldn’t get enough of the ass, it was big and soft, it was my playground, I asked her to twerk, which she did, we both laughed as i smacked my dick over her ass cheek as she twerked. She called me naughty, but she was naughtier than me. i sat back against the board of the bed while she twerked to absolutely no song. it was joy to behold, y’all, an absolute spectacle.

She came back to me after a while, straddled me, put me dick flat on my thigh, and began to rub her pussy lips over my hard dick. I stayed in position; we kissed like the world would end in the next hour. She stood up, and grabbed the condom on the table, handed them to me, I wore the condom and it started, one of the most sensual intercourses in my entire life.

Her pussy was just perfect, it wasn’t too wide, it wasn’t too tight, it just felt bloody right, with her ass in my hands, she began to ride me slowly, she wasn’t into the fast strokes, she wanted tender and erotic, we would kiss soft and tease each other lips, I ran my hands through her back into her neck, into her hair, it was absolutely unbelievable. I have had great sex but this was definitely in the top 3.

I can’t describe the feeling, we didnt need to change position, it felt quite balanced like the centre of the earth.
It felt so good that I remained in the same position for the duration of the sex which is very unusual of me; I like to try things out. As she rode me, with skill and patience, I could feel my load coming faster after a while, as she lifted her ass up, I removed my dick just behind her ass, I could feel my load pouring into the condom, I hugged her tight, she squeezed out a bit, and put back the dick into her pussy, after we were done, she said she came 3 times while she rode the dick.

She became my steady nack for the next 7 days, I would run away from work just to be with her, and the sex was never disappointing for once even when she was tired, she would summon the energy and it will blow my mind.

Reading one for the road message on my bb, made me smile and feel sad at the same time. For one, we were gonna shag once more, and for number 2, she was going. So, I changed my song for the day to Asa, my baby is gone.

We made further arrangements that I should pick her up at her cousin’s hostel. I was so sad that she was leaving but she had to.

I arrived at the hostel at sago, like 9.30. I went in, and saw them all, having a send off party for her, alcohol, weed, skonk and the rest, I was almost late because everyone was high already and dancing like it was going out of fashion. As she saw me enter the room, she jumped on me, curled her legs behind me and kissed me hard, I knew for sure, I was gonna miss her.

I kissed her back, I settled in, got my fair share of the alcohol, but none of the weed, it was just a personal decision not to weed, I hear its an awesome feeling but I’l pass. We were all over each other. I asked her when she wanted us to go, she took me outside, to a hidden corner, she was wearing a long flimsy gown, with slit from her feet to her waist, she said, I want the sex now, I can’t wait till we get to the hotel.

I don’t think any guy in the history of the world has even turned that down, I was pretty skeptical about it but then I was coco for her coco pops. I would drop my pants for her wherever she wanted
We proceeded to an abandoned staircase somewhere behind the hostel, she claimed no one passes through the place. Turning her back to me, I grabbed the ass, taking mental notes of it for masturbation moments; the memory will come in handy.

I pushed asides her G-string, I was so skeptical that I couldn’t take off my jean to my knees, I only unzipped my jean, brought out my dick, she arched her back to me, holding the railings on the stairs as i tried my best to fit in my dick from behind, the waist was going in lower letter L motion into her from behind, holding her waist, her soundtracks began to increase as the pummeling from behind continued.

After a while, she dropped the railing, and held her ankles, my dick was home again, it felt as good as it did all these weeks back, my body was basking in the moments of the sweet sex while also on the lookout for guards or other occupants of the hostel who might be walking around.

I held onto her waist firm, as my strokes continued to go in faster and faster, I picked up the flimsy material as it was getting in my way, rolled it up and held it to one side of my hand as our sex was getting into orgasm.

Suddenly, shining bright into my face was the touch of the security guard of the hostel screaming “Who dey there?”

True Story, It happened at a hostel in Sabo, that starts with Sky, you fill in the gap yourself.

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