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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VII (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VII (18+)

“No no, you’re not gonna get to fuck me that easily, but nice try,” she giggled, smothering me with another deep, long kiss as she ground against me, murmuring with pleasure. Breaking away, she knelt up over me, giving me a good look at her tightly laced body in her corset, humble breasts pushed almost up and out of it, taking her in as she smiled, reaching down between us to take hold of my cock, holding it up straight for her.

I wondered what she was doing given she’d told me she wasn’t going to fuck me, immediately forgetting that as I felt her just slipping me back and forth across her juicy entrance, almost enough to let me slip in but not quite, just letting me get a taste of what was to come.

“You’re not getting anything till I get what I want,” she said, looking down at me with a flick of her eyebrows, before she lifted herself up off me, pulling her leg over me, and then throwing the other one back over to straddle me facing away now.

She immediately lifted herself onto her knees and slid herself backwards, pushing her pussy into my face, her sweet heat and scent overwhelming me as she did, her gorgeous, firm ass perfectly positioned for me to grab, had I not been handcuffed.

“Eat me,” she commanded, reaching under herself to rub her clit and slightly pull her dripping wet snatch apart for me. Not being able to hold her and pull myself in to eat her made things tricky but only served to add another dimension to it all, and reinforce that she was in control.

Leaning up, I buried my mouth in her slippery pussy, where she immediately gave a groan, grinding herself back into my mouth as I set my tongue to work, seeking out her clit through her soft folds, gliding easily through them to her button, knowing straight away that I’d hit the spot as she gave a breathy, gasping groan at the first curl of my tongue. Circling my tongue quickly, I rapidly whipped Yemi into a frenzy, swirling and pressing my tongue at her delicate button, making her gorgeous thighs and ass tighten and tense around and above me as I ate her pussy.

“Oh yeah lick that pussy,” she gasped, riding my face quite hard now as I lapped at her clit, working it in every way I knew how, just wishing I could be running my hands round the curves of her incredible hips and ass as I licked her pussy, flicking my tongue up under her soft clit hood to get at her nub directly, making her shudder as I caressed it carefully but firmly with the tip of my tongue before I pulled away from it for a good lick up the back of her pussy towards her hot ass.

Just flicking my tongue up her entrance, resting it for just a moment, I could see how horny she was for it, twitching and trying to resist pushing back and begging me for more.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned deeply as I suddenly drove my tongue deep into her pussy, pressing herself down on it as I thrust and wiggled it as deep as possible into her, tasting her delicious pussy as I worked it a little before pulling it out, changing to little stabbing thrusts of it into her most intimate place.

She just worked her hips in a strong grind as I licked and delved into her soft, shaven pussy, so smooth that my tongue just glided perfectly across her, only making me want to lick at her more. Yemi groaned deeply as I tongue-fucked her again, making her get into an automatic rhythm pretty much riding my face as my tongue stabbed into her, pulling at my cuffs as I worked hard eating her pussy.

“My ass, lick my ass,” she gasped, riding my face, her arousal evident now from the hot, needy way she was moving her hips and how wet her pussy was now. I was just considering going for it, when she pushed herself back, rubbing her ass in my face as she leaned down and gave a swirl of her tongue around the head of my achingly hard cock before taking it in for a sudden, perfect suck of the bulbous tip, making her shudder and gasp with its intensity as she slipped forward again.

That was more than enough to dispel any possible complaints I had, and I immediately pressed my hot tongue between her gorgeous cheeks and ran it over her tight, strong anus. Yemi gave an unabashed moan as she felt me lick at her tight, forbidden hole, letting my tongue linger so the tip probed a little at the muscle, making the Yoruba beauty writhe and wiggle on my face as she breathed heavily.

“Mm don’t tease!” she whined as I pulled it away, circling her asshole again, letting my tongue push down to just lick at the back of her pussy lips, feeling how incredibly wet she was, carrying her juice with my tongue back up over her ass, her gorgeous body tensing and shivering over me as I did.

Tickling at her ass with my tongue, I just carefully loosened her up, feeling her arse relax in a series of twitches where she relaxed then squeezed again automatically, having not done much anal recently by her own admission, though not by her choice.

“Don’t tease, eat my ass!” she gasped, reaching back to grab my hair and pull my face deep into her ass, pressing my mouth hard between her incredible cheeks. I didn’t disappoint her, as my tongue, circling the tight, clenched hole of her ass, immediately started to assault it much more thoroughly, making her moan with pleasure before she gave a sharp cry as I thrust my tongue through her tight right, feeling it squeeze down around my tongue tightly as I did.

I pressed on, wriggling and pulsing my tongue deeply into her ass, getting as deep as possible, feeling her give a deliberate squeeze now to hold my tongue tightly.

“Yeah just like that,” she growled, circling her ass on my tongue before releasing her grip and kneeling up a bit again, giving me the freedom to work at her ass, which I immediately did, circling and thrusting my tongue into her, making her groan in a satisfying pleasure as she leaned down and gave a long lick along my rock hard cock, making me shiver now, and pause momentarily.

Focussing and getting back to it, I pulled my tongue out to lean back and bite her ass firmly, making her squeal as I nipped both cheeks before delving back in, slipping my tongue straight up into her pussy again, plunging it deeply, easily able since she was leaning over attending my hard cock, which she immediately moaned into, pressing her lips to the smooth, hard skin in a kiss as she did.

Pulling back, I let my tongue flick down to her clit for a quick tease, making her buck in the sudden different sensations, before a lick up the back of her dripping pussy back to her ass, where I once again teasingly circled it, making her push back in a bit to get my tongue back into it.

I didn’t refuse her, however, letting my tongue press hard against her back door as she ground down, popping through her sphincter, her anal control now completely hers again, totally relaxed about it all as she squeezed at my tongue as I buried it into her amazing ass again to a sigh of pleasure from her.

Yemi knelt up over me, pushing her luxurious hair back with a sweep of her hand, sweat glowing over her fantastic body.

“God you don’t know how long it’s been since someone ate my ass!” she gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as she rode carefully up and down on my rigid tongue as I held it for her to do so.

“I can’t imagine what you’d do if you had your hands free,” she said with a sexy smirk, glancing back over her shoulder through her hair, managing to catch my eye as she leaned forward with an arch of her back.

I didn’t try and respond, simply suddenly switching to stabbing thrusts of my tongue deep into her ass before curling it back to lick at the inside of her tight ring, making her tense and groan once more, dropping down onto all fours over me, pushing her incredible ass back, her lovely, toned thighs tensing up as she writhed in pleasure, feeling her hot, short breaths over my cock.

I felt more than that though, as a moment later as I plunged my tongue back into her ass she opened wide and just swallowed half my cock with a moan, making her tingle from head to toe as she went down, just letting her tongue slide to caress it carefully, her soft hair draped over my thighs as she just held for a moment, then pulled back quickly and then pushed down slowly again to almost rock up and down, her hot tongue once again slipping delicately over the top of my mighty erection, this time sucking firmly at me as I gasped round my mouthful of her incredible bum.

“Goddamn…” she breathed, mumbling something in Spanish as she slipped my cock out of her mouth, pushing back a few times faster and harder before she abruptly pulled herself forward from my tongue, leaving me hanging as she did, wiggling her hot ass in my face with a giggle before climbing off me, offering a good view of her juicy, shaven pussy in the process.

Turning around, Yemi paused to stroke my aching cock as she climbed back over me in the conventional cowgirl position, pulling herself forward so she was straddling me, her hot, slick pussy pressed into the underside of my big, stiff erection.

I pushed up against her, but this time she didn’t pull away or tease, she far too horny for that now and instead leaned forwards and ground her hips down into me pressing her clit into the underside of my swollen head.

Sitting up more again, Yemi started to gently slide back and forward on the underside of my cock, my shaft settling between her soft, shaven labia, her slippery juices coating my cock as she worked her hips, making me harder and hornier than I’d ever been in my life. Just as I thought she’d get on and fuck me, pulling herself forward over the tip of my cock and pushing her dripping pussy down against it, she leaned down to softly kiss me as she pushed back a little.

Just as I felt I was going to separate her pussy, she gave a quick roll of her hips and I slid up the back of her as she lifted herself to slide slowly backwards, dragging her juicy snatch down the top of my cock from balls to tip as I gasped in a mixture of sensation and frustration.

“I’m not fucking you,” she said, looking down at me with a deep look in her eyes as she rubbed her pussy back up my shaft again, working it over the sides a bit with perfect rolls of her hips. Sliding up me again all the way from the balls, Yemi once more just let her succulent pussy drop over the tip of my cock, pressing back carefully again.

I was ready for her this time, or so I thought, as I suddenly my head was engulfed in the hot, tight confines of her smooth, juicy vagina, making me gasp and arch up from the bed as she squeezed around me, making me strain at the cuffs, holding the chains.

“I’m just lubing you,” she whispered, pulling herself up and off me, making me almost beg her to fuck me as she went back to sliding herself up and down my cock. I just tried to be patient, knowing she had all this planned, but what she was hinting at just made me need to get at her ass.

She just giggled a little at my erection, now so hard she had trouble pushing it back down to my body as she ground up and down its length. It did however make it very easy for her to pop it back into her pussy, once more only letting the head past her entrance, squeezing her expert muscles down just below it, making me surge and push up, managing to edge another inch or so into her before she climbed off again.

She worked me once more, making me grit my teeth as she teased, not knowing how much more I could take before I went insane.

Pulling up over me again, Yemi arched her back and pressed down to take my cock, feeling her tightness as she pressed at me, before I popped into her, only this time she pushed herself all the way down, her very wet pussy just taking me all the way in one push till she pressed herself into my hips with a sigh.

“I thought you weren’t fucking me,” I gasped out as she sunk slowly down onto my erection.

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