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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VI (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VI (18+)

“Pull out, pull out!” she gasped, really seeming to want a mouthful tonight. I wasn’t going to deny Yemi wanting to suck on my cock as I finished and gave one last deep stroke and pulled out, releasing her all in one. My cock barely had sprung up before she flipped herself around on the bed to present me with her gorgeous, smiling face, reaching eagerly for my cock, feeling her warm, soft hair flick around my thighs.

However, it seemed I was closer than either of us had reckoned, and as she took hold of my hard cock, stroking it expertly up and down, slick with her own abundant juices as she guided it towards her face, I came hard. Combined with her want and hand, it was all I needed, and just as she pulled my rock hard cock to her eager mouth, I exploded with a grunt and a buck of my hips, Yemi giving a loud gasp as she was caught completely off guard.

However, she didn’t pull out the way in disgust, she just gave a moan, and her hand increased its pace to a blur, knowing just how to tug a guy during orgasm to make him keep coming hard.

“Oh fuck!” I growled as she did, the sensations almost overwhelming, feeling my knees wobble as she pulled my spurting cock, giggling below me as I watched my come shoot powerfully over her face, a burst going right across and into her hair, emptying the biggest load of my life.

She managed to milk another powerful shot from me as I was winding down, going mostly into her open mouth and down her chin before she squeezed the last few drops out over her bare upper chest and cleavage.

I gave a low groan of satisfaction as I turned and dropped down on my back beside her on the firm, cheap bed, Yemi herself dropping on her back on the bed with a sated, exhilarated sigh before she swallowed.

“Don’t get up,” she said with a smile as she pulled herself to her feet, keeping an eye closed since it was covered with my juices, looking with her one good eye carefully to make her way to the bathroom and clean up as she left me recovering.

I just breathed in deeply, a smile creeping onto my lips and fixing itself there firmly, and why not? After all, I just got to screw Yemi and finish on her face. I closed my eyes and relaxed, feeling rather fantastic just then, especially since I could now absorb the fact that Yemi had said she wanted me on a permanent basis on tour and to indulge all our fantasies together, and since she seemed rather open, that encompassed a lot.

I glanced over as I heard Yemi strut back into the room, her shoes making sound through the thin carpet, gazing over at and up her thigh-high sexiness, taking in every millimetre of the thigh-high black shoes as they hugged her incredible legs, right up to her tiny black skirt and her curvy hips, before the wonderful pinch of her waist from the brown leather corset top that squeezed her in and up, making her perky, humble breasts look quite incredible.

All this below a beautiful face that sported an arched eyebrow and a dirty smile that suggested we were just getting started. This was further accentuated by the handcuffs dangling from her fingers, which rattled a little in her hand as she approached and slid on the bed with me with a smile, reaching for my wrist.

“Whoa, hey hey, come on now,” I protested, not quite sure I liked where this was going.

“Hush, it’s for your own good, in the long run, trust me,” she purred, looking into my eyes deeply as she licked her lips. I thought a moment and then gave a playful roll of her eyes.

“Ok then, have your fun,” I said. I stopped resisting and let her snap the handcuffs around my wrist.

“Oh, I will,” she purred with a devilish grin, pulling my arm up to handcuff it to the headrail of the bed before getting some more handcuffs from her bag to do the same with my other arm. With me securely cuffed to the bed, Yemi gave me a quick kiss and then slipped back away down the bed, feeling her soft hair tickle me as she pulled down over my body, but staying well clear of my semi-hard cock right now.

Standing up at the end of the bed, she gave a playful smile and leaned forward a bit to show off her perky breasts, pushed high in her brown leather corset, before turning with a flick of her hair to show off her gorgeous ass, peeking out under the minuscule skirt she had on as she arched her slender back, presenting the most amazing figure to me as I eyed her up.

She gave a smile as she looked away again before bending slowly over to touch her toes, just taking her time as her body moved in a smooth, fluid motion till she not only touched her toes but put her palms flat on the floor, pushing her ass right up in the air, the tiny skirt having retreated over the top of her bum long ago to leave me to gape at the firm, perfect cheeks of her gorgeous ass, her pussy just peeking between her wonderfully toned thighs.

I just stared at her, taking in every millimetre of her perfectly soft skin, wishing I could be holding her curvy hips and sinking my cock deep inside her as she wiggled a little to show herself off. I drew in a slow breath, feeling my cock twitch, as she really upped the ante and just let her legs slide slowly apart, somehow doing the splits even with his boots on, sliding her feet across the carpet as she just slipped downwards towards the floor, her pussy and ass spread totally for me to see as she did, arching her back as she sank to the floor, disappearing from my view as she pressed herself flat down, her legs completely flat in sideways splits on the floor.

Standing up, she smiled as she walked around the side of the bed, just trailing her fingernails up my leg and over my hip, avoiding my cock as she dragged them along my body gently, swaying her hips sexily, before simply lifting her skirt up to show off her smoothly shaven pussy, before she let the little strip of fabric drop again and turned with a spin, so it flicked off to show her gorgeous booty again.

She pushed her hands slowly down her sides to her hips, arching her back and pushing her ass out, before flicking her ass powerfully to one side, then the other, building quickly to a stunning ass shake with a giggle. By now, my cock was well and truly recovering now, making a good firm erection, which bounced up harder as she turned to lean over and give it a brush with her fingertips.

“Mm looks like he wants something,” she purred, standing back and arching her body to push her perky breasts out in their tight corset.

“Yeah, a bit of that tight pussy,” I said in a slightly strained tone, feeling every inch of how hard I was now, pulling at the cuffs in a futile bid to get hold of her. She gave a giggle, reaching down to lift her tiny skirt again.

“This tight pussy, you mean?” she said with a smile, letting my gaze at her smoothly-shaven pussy, just waiting to perfectly fit around my cock. I just nodded, making her smile as she slid to the bed, gliding onto it on her knees, one of which she quickly threw me over, right over my cock, making me think for a moment she was instantly impaling herself and sliding deeply onto my manhood.

However, she didn’t, just gliding over and settling down ahead of my cock, her hips rolled invitingly so that she could just slip back onto me, just an inch or so ahead of my now rock hard cock. I pushed up to try and get her, knowing I couldn’t, but perhaps it’d be enough to tempt her to take me up on the offer.

“Down boy, not yet,” she teased saucily, pushing her hips down on my lower stomach to push me back down as my cock stood right up for her. Leaning down, she softly kissed me, which quickly escalated into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss that was loaded with passion and sexual hunger, Yemi pushing back just enough to touch her slick pussy on the head of my cock, but she immediately pulled forward as soon as I tried to thrust up into her, giving a giggle.

“Not yet,” she murmured softly as she breathed hotly on my neck, beginning to gently kiss and bite at me, just grazing me with her teeth, before giving me a much firmer bite, making her growl with the unexpected pain, but my cock gave a surge and became even harder, which Yemi felt as she rocked a little bit just to feel its bulging head bump at her pussy.

“Aww, somebody needs a good fucking,” she cooed, her soft highlighted hair tickling me as she kissed lightly down my neck, in turn sliding her body backwards but lifting up to just carefully clear my hardon, letting it bump at her clit and then slide easily over her smoothly shaven mound as she slipped downwards, grinding her clit against the underside of my thick shaft as she changed to licking at my neck, making me shiver with pleasure as she covered me in her slick juices.

“And just maybe you’ll get one later,” she said with a smile, flicking her tongue at me cheekily as she grinned, kissing me on the cheek as the gave a good hard grinding down into me, making me pull back instinctively with a roll of my hips to try and penetrate her.

It almost worked, with the head of my cock pressing at the back of her hot, wet pussy momentarily, but she was too tight, and with her wetness, I slipped off, pushing up towards her ass, where she lifted up so she could press down on it again.

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