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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 11] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 11] (18+)

“I’ll marry you,” I crooned in her ear.

That disarmed her immediately. My maid melted in my arms at that kind of commitment.
“I’ll marry you.” I said again.

“You…marry me? You want me to be your wife?” Jumoke said softly, disbelievingly. “You mommy daddy won’t want – ”
“It doesn’t matter what they want. We’ll do it without them knowing, okay?”

I tried to explain to her as simply as I could. “People will know we’re married after I finish school. Until then, you’re my secret wife. Then, we will travel to Lagos. Then we’ll have lots of babies together.”

I really pulled it out of my ass. I didn’t intend on marrying her, or taking her Lagos, or anything. I just didn’t want her running away.

“Jumoke,” I whispered against her ear, kissing her cheek, moving my hands from her breasts down atop her hands over her stomach, my cock throbbing against her backside. Knowing I had power over her. “Be my wife.”

After a long silence, I could hear Jumoke purr. She closed her eyes, and her dark lips curved up into a little oriental smile. It was just what she needed to hear. She didn’t have much choice either.
“Mmm…yes, I go be your wife.”

My maid turned her face into mine, and we began to kiss, long and passionately.
“I have all you bay-bee forever, be good wife for you.” Jumoke hissed between kisses, putting her hand on my cheek. “I give you many baby…”

She tenderly broke from our embrace and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs for me, smiling up with love and lust. Jumoke knew how much this kind of talk turned me on. I grinned down at her, sliding into her easily to the hilt and drawing a shudder and a moan from my new slut-wife.

As we rocked back and forth, fucking, she moaned out everything I always wanted to hear. Yoruba moaned between thickly accented English:

“Mm…get me preg-nant, Chizi…make your wife give you bay-bee. I wan make bay-bee for you.”
“UNN! I love your long diick…I wan you cum make me preg-nant…”
“Give me the belly to have you bay-bee…”
“Fuck your dirty wife…haaan…you little pregnant wife…”

And then, what I should have expected but was unprepared for nonetheless.
“I love youuuu…”

I came in her as hard as I ever had, filling her conquered womb with cum until it spilled out between her thighs. I wanted to make her even more pregnant than she was now and somehow give her twins.

Over the coming weeks, I admired my maid as she began showing signs of her inevitable, illicit pregnancy. Her puffy areolas darkened to and slowly grew to almost twice their size, nipples engorging to even longer, fatter teats. In that time, Jumoke’s breasts swelled to another full cup size, to a DD, as they ripened and prepared to produce milk for our secretly gestating offspring.

She complained quietly of her tits being tender in the beginning, but this passed along with the morning sickness. Jumoke’s nipples became more sensitive and stayed that way. I grew obsessed with her pregnant breasts and worshipped them with my hands and mouth whenever we were alone.

My seed had taken root, and I was deliciously conscious that I was the cause of this, that I was the one that was making her nubile body become that of a lewd, unbelievably sexy young woman.
Jumoke’s now too-small bras became troublesome for her, and there was a period before she bought new ones that the engorged stubs of her fat, pregnant breasts and outlined areolas pushed obscenely against the thin layer of her tops, driving me mad. We fucked all the time. If anything, she had gotten hornier. Needier.

I started saying shit like I loved her. Why not? Maybe I did.

I saved up my allowance for a little while to buy my woman something, all part of my plan to keep her in the house while she carried to term.

One night, Jumoke was riding me as I lay back on her bed, looking up to watch my woman bounce up and down wantonly along my huge shaft in utter ecstasy. Her swollen breasts were heaving deliciously as she crouched over me, hanging down with her engorged, elongated dark brown nipples that just begged to be suckled. Jumoke’s eyes were closed, her young face transfixed with pleasure at our fucking. She could take all of me easily now. The giant length and girth of my potent penis was the only thing that could satisfy the hungry, pregnant pussy between her legs now.

Even her pussy had changed with her budding pregnancy and deepening depravity. Her labia lips had swollen and darkened. Jumoke’s small hands were supporting her on my chest as she fucked me with almost violent lust, leaning back in an arch to show me her hot, sweating body in the low light of her room. I admired every curve as I held her in place by her hips, my eyes roaming down her body from her neck to her tits to her abdomen.

At first, I thought it might have been a trick of the light, but that night was the first time I saw Jumoke start to show. Her body was so slender, so nubile that even the slightest change was pretty prominent – I could see a gentle swell. God, it was so fucking sexy on her.

I smiled deep and satisfied, aroused beyond belief, as my hands went to stroke over her little bump. It wasn’t much, just over a month, but I loved it. Her skin felt firm and taut as my fingers traced over where our young was developing. It turned my mare on, too.

“Our baby growing…” Jumoke grunted huskily, putting a hand over mine on her stomach. “Auh…Fuck me, hus-baand…look what you did, ah? You make me preg-naant, make me mommy…unhmmm…”

We fucked like cave people that night, lost in each other’s bodies. I lost count of the times she came; I filled her about three times with my cum, her pregnant pussy insatiable. When at last I fucked her to sleep, Jumoke lay there, a sweaty, cum-covered sexy tangle of hair and limbs. She was smiling as she slept curled on her side.

I watched her tenderly before I pulled a ring out from my pants on the floor, sliding it onto her finger. It wasn’t much. I bought it from a little shop in the Mall with a hundred thousand naira of what I had saved up. I didn’t know if the diamond was real, but the gold band probably was. It looked the shit, like an actual engagement ring.
Before I left for my room, I looked back, watching her sleep.

Was I falling in love with our maid?

The next morning, Jumoke was smiling and humming to herself in shorts and a hoodie as she went about the morning chores. She was wearing my ring, tugging it, admiring it in the light. When she saw me come down, it was all she could do to keep herself from running to me. Instead, she waited until I was almost done with my breakfast and called me into the kitchen.

“Chizi, you come here please, I fix your clothes like you want, you see I do okay or not?”
I smirked as I drifted into the kitchen and then the laundry room. Jumoke was waiting for me with a big village girl smile. She leapt up onto me, wrapping her long legs around my waist and showering me with kisses, murmuring sweet nothing in between.

I felt the tiny roundness of her growing belly barely presses between us. The warm crush of her swelling breasts felt incredible. Her pussy was already hot as she ground onto my hardening cock. Jumoke had zero fear of us being caught. She kissed me hungrily, attacking me with her mouth, her arms wrapped around my neck. My pregnant maid stared intensely into my eyes, panting open-mouthed, nose to mine as we kissed. She loved me. We made out until Mother called my name from the other room that the school bus was coming.

Reluctantly, Jumoke decoupled from me and fixed her hair and shirt. I awkwardly tried to shift my boner so it didn’t look so obvious.

“I love you, Chizi,” she whispered, hand on my chest. “I wait for you on my bed…”
I was living every teenage male’s dream.


Over the coming weeks, I watched Jumoke’s belly swell with unquenchable lust and smug alpha male satisfaction. At just about 2 months, her small bump was already deliciously prominent and sexy – proof of my potency and her fertility. She wore the same tight-fitting tanks and cute little shorts every day at work, prancing around the house with her obviously rounding, growing belly.

Though still small, it was all the more apparent on her slinky, curvy frame.

At first, Jumoke started wearing blouses, loose shirts and hoodies to hide it, but I discouraged her from this. My parents needed to find out eventually; I selfishly needed to see the product of our frenzied, urgent breeding around the house. She began stroking her burgeoning little stomach lovingly – sometimes lasciviously when I was around, followed by a squeeze or caress of her big breasts. She knew how much it turned me on. More than once, it was a ‘come hither’ for me to fuck her soundly, up against a wall, on a sofa, or even the ground.

I loved pulling her shirt up and exposing her little pregnant bump, running my hand over the little swell of her growing belly, and knowing that it was me that fucked it into her.

My parents were clueless. Too absorbed in themselves, they barely noticed our pregnant maid walking around, her little belly carrying their half-breed grandchild. Jumoke was happier than I had ever seen her in the year she had worked for us. Her skin was prettier, her hair nicer and more lustrous in her early pregnancy.

The love and lust my she had for me was hard for the girl to contain. She had not only accepted her new place in life as my wife and maid, but embraced it.

We fucked now more than ever, our steamy, secret nights filled with the whorish moans and depraved grunts of my pregnant maid as I fucked her cunt senseless while my parents slept upstairs. I loved looking down to see her holding her little belly, stroking it, hissing and gnashing her teeth with closed eyes as we fucked.

She locked her long brown legs around me while her bump and breasts heaved, skin glistening with sweat. I longed for her as she rode me, seeing her vulgar, delicious, skinny, pregnant curves bounce up and down in the low light of the maid’s room.

But more than anything, I loved fucking her from behind and seeing her little gravid belly hang below her with her enlarging breasts while she was on her hands and knees. It was so animalistic, so sexy seeing her like that. One night, a few weeks past her third month, we were at it again just like that, sweat beaded and dripping from Jumoke’s elongated nipples and perfect little baby belly as I took her like the bitch she was, my palm possessively over her globe of flesh.

“UNH! How do you like being pregnant, huh? You love that I made you like this, don’t you?” I growled, leaning down to Jumoke’s ear as I bottomed out inside her.

She gasped, eyes rolling back in pleasure.

“I love…love be you pregnant wife…carry you baby…I am your slut, fuck me husbaand…uhunnn…my body belong you…AUUGH!”

I fucked her until her bitch-moans and screams of pleasure faded into whimpers and mewls into the pillow, her body slumping, ass raised in the air. When I was done, she was gasping for breath, quaking now and again, hand protectively resting on her little mound.

Her thighs were a sticky mess of my cum – every night, she had to change the sheets. I knew it was extra work for her, but I didn’t hear her complaining. Her shallow navel was already starting to pop out – I loved it.

I got down and kissed and licked my woman’s little pregnant belly, drawing a quiet moan of happiness from her. I slid up against her, suckling on a fat dark teat before I felt her little bump press firmly against my stomach. Jumoke giggled in a blissful, supremely exhausted way.

“I am so happy…” she murmured, putting her hands on my cheeks to pull me into a kiss.

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