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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 8] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 8] (18+)

Swallowing my seed so greedily. I was trembling with excitement at the thought of consummating with and finally breeding her like she so needed to be. I alternated between jacking my cock and reading comics with a candle, giving in to the overpowering need to relieve my sexual need but not allowing release. I needed to save up everything I had left for her womb.

I thumbed the whitish glow of my phone torch: 12:54 AM. Close enough. I stole out of my room as quietly as I could, wearing my boxers in case my parents were somehow still awake. I went down the hall, up to their room, and put my ear to the closed door – I could hear my father snoring like a bulldozer.

Good sign. After years of marriage, my mother was pretty much deaf when she slept next to him, so chances were she was out, too.

My heart leapt in my chest, pumping blood to my cock as I crept towards the stairs and down to my waiting bitch below. My growing dick slapped at my thigh, already protruding out through one of the boxer’s legs.

When I stood before Jumoke’s room, I could see the door was cracked slightly open, a warm, dim orange light glowing from within. I smiled and stepped out of my boxers, letting my cock spring free to swing low and heavy and hard. I wet my lips, took a breath, and silently pushed the door inwards.

Jumoke was standing there waiting for me, ready and naked in the dark, her slinky, curvy slut body covered in a light sheen of sweat in the heat of the night. Her hair was loose and free around her shoulders, and her big breasts rising and falling with her eager breath.

Her long plump nipples hard and jutting proudly. Jumoke was lit in the low light of four or five candles, each placed around her cramped little room. She was staring at me with sexy, dark eyes full of need and wordless female desire. I could smell her enticing pussy musk waft from inside, thick above the other every day scents of the woman’s bedroom.

I knew then that Jumoke had been fucking herself while she waited for her new man to come take her – just as impatient as I was. Her eyes roamed over my body, drawn once again to my huge, turgid cock, pulsing and growing harder and larger with each beat of my heart as I drank in the sight of Jumoke’s sexy body and the scent of her needy cunt.

My nostrils flared, and I stepped silently to her, my cock leading the way. My engorged mushroom head pressed up against Jumoke’s belly as our bodies crushed together, my heavy ball sack at the slick entrance to her womanhood.

I felt her breasts mash gratefully into my chest as our sweaty flesh joined, her hands resting on my shoulders. We shared an illicit, hungry kiss, she was moaning gently as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, lashing against her timid one. It was a long kiss that affirmed our mutual lust, sealed against the rumbling of distant thunder and lashing rain.

My dick smeared precum possessively across my fertile bitch’s warm belly, then trailed down her navel as Jumoke stepped away. She lay on her bed on her back, staring up at me and my engorged member intently, bottom lip bit in anticipation.

I closed the door behind me and locked it before turning back to Jumoke. She lay there with one hand behind her head, the other absentmindedly caressing a full, ripe breast. She was on top of that same cheap blue bed sheet, the kind you saw hanging to dry outside poor homes lining the street. It felt dirty. Appropriate. As I stepped around her small bed, Jumoke opened her slender legs slowly, enticingly, invitingly – offering me her sopping pussy, glistening in the low light.

I got up on the bed between her legs and ran my hands over her knees and thighs, pushing them gently open further. I gripped the base of my shaft and lined up my giant cock with her dripping cunt lips, my cock head obscenely large in comparison. I saw Jumoke watching trustingly, wantonly.

As I slid my head back and forth over her slit, preparing to take her, her head lifted back, tongue tracing her lips. She whined in need, bucking her hips weakly against my cock, coating her wetness over my head as her pussy folds kissed my tip, pulsing like they were trying to suck me inside.

I pushed forward into my maid’s unbelievably hot, velvety depths with a low grunt of exertion and male lust, piercing and stretching her around my huge invading member in one rough stroke. Jumoke threw her head back and screamed in pleasure and pain as she was taken, grabbing at my wrist feebly as her eyes bulged at my size.

I only managed to get in about four inches before I met resistance from her little pussy walls genetically designed to take tiny pricks, not something this big. I was impressed she could fit this much of me so soon, probably owing to how fantastically wet she was.

Jumoke cried out again, spasming and trembling as she came gently on my cock, pussy constricting around my length, milking me with weak little ripples and juicing around my shaft.

“AAaauun! Too big, Chizi..unn…too big…go slow…slowly…” she whimpered.

I ignored her and began to push forwards into the wanton depths, drawing out a long moan as I felt her cunt stretch and slowly, painfully accommodate me. I pushed in deeper and deeper, inch by inch, hearing her wail in whorish bliss as I claimed her and ruined her pussy for any lesser man, spearing my cock up to the hilt.

I felt a plug at the end of the tunnel – her cervix – my cockhead snug and wedged heavily against it. I let out a deep groan as I luxuriated in the feel of my new bitch. I could die for that feeling; the first time you fill a female.

It was heaven without a condom – there was so much more sensation. I could feel all of her, every inch of slick, grasping, greedy pussy. Jumoke’s cunt was vicelike around my huge cock, her fingers digging into my arm, back arched, mouth frozen in a silent scream.

I looked down to see her cunt stretched in an obscene ring around my giant cock between our legs and felt superior; powerful. Like an alpha male. I luxuriated in the feeling for only a moment longer before I pulled back out, watching her pussy lips cling and distend as they sucked on my cock, staining it with pearly girl cum, eliciting another long moan from her.


I gripped her hips and began to fuck Jumoke in earnest, pistoning my big dick in and out of her sopping, hungry cunt as her tight walls slowly surrendered to accommodate me, moulding to my size and shape. My bitch’s large breasts undulated as she squirmed in pleasure beneath me, teeth clenched, breath caught in her throat at my strength and potency.

When the air came back, Jumoke gasped out in deep animal moans, clinging to me as I fucked her deeply, my huge member filling every inch of her needy cunt, each stroke bottoming out to batter at her cervix.

She bit down on her lip as she struggled with the unbelievable pleasure I was giving her and the delicious pain of adapting to my giant, probing cock, breaking her in and making her mine and mine alone – she had been fucked before, and there was no hymen, but with all the resistance it was like I was taking her virginity a second time.

As her pussy finally loosened and relaxed enough for me to truly begin fucking her hard and fast and deep, the wanton whore in Jumoke took over.

She clawed at my back, biting at the air with closed eyes, panting and mewling and moaning as she pulled me down to crush our heaving, sweaty bodies together, her rock-hard nipples digging into my chest. She cried out over my shoulder as I grunted deep with each thrust, the lewd squish of our groins and slapping of my heavy ball sack against her cunt and ass now as constant as the rain outside.

Jumoke began to fuck me back, bucking her hips with little needy sounds between her cries of ecstasy, my mouth covering her cocksucking lips. We kissed, tongues duelling as we entwined in the storm. Our lips locked again and again, breaking only so that I could nip her neck and travel down her sweat-glistening chest, my hands moving up to grip her rolling breasts, head leaning in to suckle at a fat brown tit.

I bred her like I should have bred her that first night, fucking her as hard as I could, pounding her into her maid’s bed. Jumoke took it all and wanted more, proof positive that she truly was destined to be my bitch.

Jumoke’s shrill screams of pleasure in the night gave way to whiney Yoruba babbling, then deep slutty moans, then laboured panting as she wrapped her slender legs around me. Eventually, it was all too much for her, and she came, hard. Her eyes rolled back up into her head as her body arched and quaked like it was a flash of conducting lightning, her head thrown back with her hair a sexy mess around her shoulders.

I could feel her cunt clamp down on my huge white cock and start to milk it, hungry for my seed. Jumoke let out a shaking breath of absolute pleasure as she lay there cumming. I kept pounding her as she lay there insensate, slowing my pace – I was in no hurry and wanted this to last as long as possible.

I leaned back up onto my knees so I could take her sexy body again, lithe flesh glistening with sweat. I saw her look up at me through lowered lids, totally subservient, loyal, village girl love and feral lust in her eyes.

I slowly, agonizingly pulled out, feeling Jumoke’s cunt cling to my cock, reluctantly letting me free. My maid looked up at me dreamily, questioningly, until I gripped her hips and began to turn her over. She obliged obediently, eagerly as I gave her butt a little spank.

She presented her bouncy ass and dripping, well-used cunt to me, arching to raise it high as she got on her hands and knees. My cock pulsed as I saw her big ripe breasts hanging beneath her. God, her entire body was like pure sex. Jumoke bit her bottom lip again as I gripped her hips dominantly and let her feel my naked, throbbing length sliding up the cleft of her brown ass as I moved in.

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