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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 5] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 5] (18+)

I pulled her shirt up over her head, and she let me. I let the pink tank drop to the floor as I turned her around, seeing the exotic lady look up into my eyes for the first time, filled with hot shame and need, the pout of her lip bitten, pleading. I pulled her slowly into my groin, my covered hardness against her belly and her pussy.

Jumoke’s warm, ample breasts were pressed into my chest, nipples digging into my shirt. I went on instinct and leaned down to kiss her as I started to grind again. She let me but didn’t kiss back as I touched her hot, wet lips.

It was my first kiss.

I kissed Jumoke again, deeper this time, and she opened her mouth to kiss back meekly but then stronger and lustier as we began to make out. I was shit and inexperienced, and our teeth clacked awkwardly a few times, but the press of our bodies and the grinding kept it going, my hands gripping the globes of her ass.

I felt Jumoke’s small hands on my face as she guided me, then her fingers sliding over my back. We both looked into each other’s eyes as we kissed, hungrier and hungrier, then both closed.

Jumoke was letting out little breaths, little pants as I began to kiss down over her neck – she meekly arched it for me as I kissed her collarbone, then the tops of her breasts. I moved back slightly so I could travel down, taking in her big breasts.

They were as perfect as I could have asked, ripe and full and womanly, her upturned nipples aching to be suckled. They heaved as I took them in, smelling vaguely sweet and feminine. They promised ample food for our future kids. I couldn’t wait to watch them engorge and fatten with milk, nipples darkening and growing into true teats.

I kissed Jumoke’s warm breasts-flesh lovingly before putting my mouth over a ready nipple to suck greedily. Above me, I heard Jumoke let out a little mewl of pleasure, trying to hold it back, but her body was betraying her.

I felt her fingers curl across my head as I suckled and licked at her fertile breasts. I was in heaven. I could hear Jumoke start to moan gently above me. Slowly but surely, I was coaxing the whore out of her in preparation to make her into my woman.

I was worshipping my maid’s body as I kissed down her flat belly and navel and went to my knees. She was trembling again, panting softly as I began to pull down her shorts.

“N…no Chizi, no…please no do am…” Jumoke whimpered in weak protest but didn’t stop me, her thick accent making me take her resistance even less seriously. I ignored her and slid her shorts down her legs, revealing her simple black panties.

They were soaking wet, dripping glistening moisture down her fat thighs. Jumoke embarrassedly tried to cover her crotch with her hands, but I took her wrists and gently yet firmly moved them aside.

“Chizi, it dir-ty…”

I ignored her, luxuriating in her scent. It was the same as two nights ago, hot and musky and sweet. I took a deep breath through my nose as I pressed against her covered snatch. I could feel heat steaming from her delicious cunt.

Closing my eyes, I kissed it with my lips, once, then again, deeper and deeper, my hand sliding up Jumoke’s thigh, the other squeezing her ass. I felt her fingers gripping tight on my head. She was letting out little mewling sounds and subdued gasps as she panted above.

I hooked my fingers in the band of her panties and pulled them down forcefully, revealing Jumoke’s dripping, hungry cunt. Her pussy lips were a succulent colour, insides an inviting pink. I could see her little clit poking out of its hood.

Above me, I saw the maid’s breasts heaving, her belly undulating gently as she breathed quickly and deeply. I was drowning in her, and I wanted more.

I parted her slick, hot lips with my tongue and gave her a long lap, between her labia and going all the way up over her clit. Jumoke let out a long, loud moan, the sound deeply feminine, deeply pleasured, and deeply needing. It urged me on.

I kissed, licked, and gently nipped, going completely on instinct – I had never eaten a girl out before or even thought about it, but Jumoke, I wanted to try. I wanted all of her. Her pussy tasted like strong musk, slightly tangy. Exotic. Feminine. Fertile.

I wanted more.

Jumoke cried out and moaned, sounding unbelievably animalistic and whorish as I ate out her lewd, needy cunt. The maid spread her legs to give me better access, pushing my head gently inwards, hips demurely bucking against my face. When I looked up, I could see her facial features twisted with lust, her back arched, and she slowly rolled her head.

Sometimes, her eyes were open and glazed as she watched me hungrily, others closed, a hand sliding over her side and up to knead and squeeze her breast.

This was my breeding bitch, finally coming out. It felt amazing.

I attacked her clit and pushed my tongue in and out of her, tasting her depths, lapping my tongue in a sexual delirium. She was mewling and babbling to herself in Yoruba.

I focused on her engorged clit, and Jumoke started moaning loudly with each breath, screaming softly in ecstasy. She was sopping wet, her bitch-cunt making so much juice that it went down my chin.

Finally, Jumoke trembled and tensed, bending over me to cum hard with a long little wail. She dug her nails into the back of my head, body shaking as she gasped. I let her rest against me for a few moments before she staggered back, panting.

I was ready. Jumoke was as good as mine. My cock was swollen painfully hard, my boxers a mess of sticky cum. I turned and got up to start unbuckling and unzipping my trousers when I heard Jumoke grabbing her clothes.

She had them in a bundle against her chest, hiking up her panties as she looked at me with a mix of deep shame, guilt, and lust, hair dishevelled, sweat dappling her slender shoulders and large, ripe breasts that rose and fell. She looked painfully conflicted as she clutched her clothes, swallowing nervously. Finally, she spoke, begging me with almost a shout.

“No, Chizi, please, no do am, it baad, very baad wetin we dey do…!”

Before I could say anything, Jumoke fled, scampering out of my room and down the stairs, leaving the small pile of my washed clothes unfolded. I stood there dumbfounded, my trousers half-open. What was it with this girl? Was this her backwards-ass village upbringing with this Catholic guilt shit?

I was frustrated but resolved to stay the course. I would try again tonight. I knew I was wearing her down. Jumoke was mine – she just needed to accept it.

Jumoke avoided me until my parents got back. I let her have her space and watched TV. Dinner was, again, better food than normal. I caught her giving me furtive, timid, awkward looks when she thought I wasn’t paying attention. I was disappointed that she had changed to a conservative black button-up and gone back to a bra.

The makeup was gone, too, and she was wearing a little gold crucifix. It was almost laughable. Was Jumoke that ashamed of what happened? Was I like a vampire she could ward away with a cross? Maybe this was her trying to tell me she wanted me to stop.

But I wouldn’t.

I waited that night again until it was late and my parents had gone to bed, and I was sure they wouldn’t get up until morning. I went down to the kitchen again in the darkness and saw that Jumoke’s door was closed again.


Jumoke was still trying to act like the virtuous virgin.

I was close. I knew I was wearing down her resistance. She was too much of a slut to refuse me for long. I had seen her body betray her, and I knew how much of a whore she was inside.

“Tomorrow,” I said firmly, my voice strong and dominant. “Tomorrow you don’t wear panties. Be ready for me.” I frowned, adding a warning. “And don’t run away again.”

There was no response from the other side of the door, but I knew Jumoke was listening. Probably fingering herself furiously in the dark. Needing me. Maybe this time, the picture of Jesus was turned face-down.


The next day, I ate my breakfast, tired but tense after being in a constant state of arousal without release for the past two days. I cornered Jumoke in the kitchen again as she did the dishes, my parents arguing about my mother wanting to go on another expensive vacation.

She was wearing her work jeans that, unintentionally or not, showed off the curves of her bouncy ass and hips. She had on a short-sleeved blouse. Her back turned to me again at the sink. Jumoke was wearing her hair pulled back into a cute topknot, wisps of black locks framing her neck and face.

I was possessive and bold as I stepped behind her, gently pinning our maid against the sink as I pushed up against her, my big, hard cock insistent as I ground it against her buttock and hip, my arms sliding over her ribs.
She gasped quietly as she nearly dropped her plate and soapy sponge. I heard her make a sound of protest, but she stopped when my mouth went over her neck. Jumoke arched it quietly, shivering as I ground into her. Hard.

I dared to snake a hand upwards to crush one of her breasts – it was supple, soft and free against the fabric, nipple instantly hardening in my palm – Jumoke wasn’t wearing a bra again today for me, despite the cold act she tried to pull last night. I could feel her struggle meekly as she tried to squirm away, but I turned her resisting body towards me, pressing my mouth over her tightly closed lips. Jumoke’s painted eyes were wide with horror at what I was doing – I could see she put on make-up again.

Jumoke put down the plate with a clink and pushed it against my chest, silently outraged and shocked at what I was doing with my parents just in the next room, able to walk in on us at any time.

“Not now, go school, please!” Jumoke hissed, glancing at the door fearfully. She looked back at me guiltily, helplessly. “After…after…”

“You promise?” I frowned, starting to move in again.

“Yes! I pro-mise!” Jumoke pleaded with that screwed-up expression, only daring to raise her voice a little louder, putting a hand on my chest to fend me off.

I smiled and looked at her darkly, lustily, before I left, giving her ass a passing, possessive grope. When I looked back, I could see her watching me from the sink, a deep frown on her pouting lips, eyes sultry and hot. It felt angry and shameful but sexually charged, too.

At this point, Jumoke knew I wasn’t giving up.

I had taken a huge risk, and as I hurried through the dining area, past my squabbling parents, I was filled with a quiet thrill. Today was the day.

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