December 6, 2023
Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 13] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 13] (18+)

I felt my cum boil out as my orgasm overtook me, cock bloating inside Jumoke’s mouth. She clamped her lips and hollowed her cheeks as I groaned and tightened my grip on her nape, exploding down her throat.

She only gagged a little as she enthusiastically gulped and swallowed the flood of semen that pulsed out one, two, three, four, five, six fucking times, savouring the taste. When I subsided, she let me free with a gasping laugh, wiping the seep of thick, pearly white cum from her lips and chin.

She gave my softening member a few loving kisses before cleaning it with long laps of her tongue and then finally laying down next to me.

The black-painted nails of my woman’s digits blissfully traced the definition of my abs. It reminded me of something this hilarious kid Gbenga had told me last year — that the best way to get a six-pack was to fuck the shit out of your girlfriend. The more you fucked, the more you worked out your abs.

It sounded pretty plausible — he was a senior who was going out with this really hot chick after all, so basically an authority for a virgin like me. After having sex with our maid at least once a day for the past few months, it did feel like my musculature was tighter and more pronounced down there. Everywhere else, too.

I mean, it could also have been all the training and intramurals for school Track I’d been doing this semester. Or maybe Jumoke was changing me into a more ideal mate just like I’d been changing her. I was definitely a way better lover now, totally attuned to my woman’s needs.

My maid seemed to approve of my fit young body anyway, more cut or not, as she brushed her lips up the firmness of my perspiring abs and chest. When she reached my face, Jumoke took it in her hands for a deep, voracious kiss — I could taste myself in her hot little mouth.

I kissed back, feeling her nipples harden and drag into my skin as her heavy breasts mashed into my chest.

“Now fuck me, husbaand,” she moaned huskily against my lips, bucking and grinding her steaming, demanding pregnant pussy into my thigh. She whispered, urging in her local dialect as she gently started to guide me down with her small hands on my broad shoulders.

There was something so arousingly exotic about hearing my woman speak in her own language when we had sex. It sounded so vulgar like it was meant to be grunted while people fucked in huts and shacks and whorehouses. Or rich people maid’s rooms, I guess.

I had no idea what the fuck she was saying,, but it always sounded hot as hell.

As much as Jumoke had adored my big cock, I reciprocated with my mouth and lips against the sweaty smoothness of her flawless skin. It was hot and tasted salty-sweet as I positioned myself over her and kissed her throat and delicate collarbone, then her dripping cleavage, before my lips found her gently heaving breasts.

They had grown so much after my virile seed had taken root inside her body — DDs now, the perfect size on her svelte, feminine frame.

I loved the changes my cum had imprinted on Jumoke in its biological imperative to transform her youthful body into that of a suitable mother for my offspring; fattening and ripening already large breasts to these obscenely lewd, taut breasts, dark, plump nipples always aching to be suckled in anticipation of the milk and hungry newborn mouths to come.

The widening of her lithe, nubile hips and the inevitable, sordid swell of her sexy little baby belly. And, of course, Jumoke’s absolutely insatiable pregnant sex drive.

I latched onto one of my maid-wife’s upturned, bloated nips and suckled as my hands glided down her arms and waist. With a pleasured shriek, Jumoke shuddered again from the electric current of her hair-trigger orgasm, so sensitive to the touch.

One of her hands went to the other breast, kneading it with a bitten lip. Her eyes closed tight.

“NnMmMM!…gentle…you gentle…” she whimpered. Jumoke chanted my name between panting breaths as I kissed and sucked on her pregnant tits, silently encouraging them to produce plenty of breastmilk for me and our offspring.

I felt Jumoke’s digits on my hair again, curling as her knees bent on either side of me, toes digging into the mattress. She tenderly began to push my head down further, bucking her hips up at me needily.

I felt the slick, thick tangle of her unruly pubic hair brush up against my skin as her pregnant cunt dripped and pleaded for attention. I took her petite hips and gently held her writhing ass down on the bed as I moved lower, pausing to kiss and lick along the curve of her burgeoning, sweat-lined stomach — the nexus and fruit of my unconscionable desire.

The depraved thoughts came again to my hormone-addled mind. Mate. Mine. Pregnant.

Despite just being drained, I could feel hot blood pump to my dick as it started to harden again. Jumoke was letting out impatient grunts as she continued to maul and torture her sensitive breasts above me.

I travelled to the nadir of her femininity, placing kisses along the vertical faintness of her developing pregnancy line. The triangular patch of womanly hair above my slut’s cunt had grown thick and unkempt over her mons and darkened pussy lips. I loved the bestial obscenity of it.

My cock became painfully hard again at the sight. Jumoke’s pregnant pussy was dripping with a heady feminine musk, scalding hot as I dove into lap and bite and suck at her cunt lips and clit just the way I knew she loved it.

Her grip on my scalp tightened as she gripped my short hair and started to let out long, whorish moans and gentle screams, teeth gnashing open and shut as she undulated beneath me. Jumoke’s taste was syrupy and pungent as she wept her honeyed desire.

She could take the girth and length of my entire cock at this point, but somehow every time she started out so deliciously tight, just like now, clamping and grasping her wet heat viselike around my tongue and fingers.

She shuddered and spasmed from an unbroken chain of female orgasm, the little hill of her gravid belly trembling in front of me. I felt so much lust and love for her as I watched her pretty face screw up with pleasure, gasping and squealing in unbridled sexual ecstasy.

“ah ah ah…more more…you more…so good my pussiee…..UNH!!” she mewled. Jumoke’s hips suddenly shook in a building crescendo that lifted her ass up off the bed as a huge climax surged through her. Her low, guttural moan echoed against the walls as she thrashed beneath me and vented hot juice against my chin, finally flopping back to gasp for breath.

“haaa,” Jumoke panted, body convulsing lightly every so often with aftershocks as she recovered. I planted a kiss on the lips of our maid’s faintly pulsing pussy, eliciting the shiver of another miro-climax.

She made a sound of protest as I moved in to tease her further, closing her legs tight and laying on her side. I crawled over to spoon her petite, sexy body with my throbbing erection, my frame dwarfing hers. I held her possessively from behind with both arms, one hand crushing a breast, the other sliding over the bump of her stomach.

Jumoke started with an irritated sound, but it soon turned to a satisfied hum as she felt the hardness of my big cock wedging against the cleft of her tight, shapely little ass.

“You want sex again??” she sighed in hopeless resignation against her pillow, not looking back at me. I answered by pushing my slick cock between her cheeks and down towards her pussy. But either because of the angle or miscalculation on the way there, I stopped against the pucker of her asshole.

Accident slowly, languidly turned to degenerate intent. My big, meaty head wedged insistently against the iris of her tight opening, making her cry out in protest.

She glared at me from over her shoulder, smacking my forearm and arm, hard. “NO! You no fuck my ass, Carl! You diick too beeg, you try you kill me, you break my ass, I tol you!” Jumoke chided, clucking at me though she did not attempt to escape the press of my member. “Too dirtee. We no do. No.”

I pushed forward persistently against her tight opening; both of us were lubricated enough that I started stretching her open with the tip of my large glans.

She squawked in disbelief and surprise as I started to gently pump and fuck my way inside her pucker, but that gave way to a quiet moan as I moved one hand down the convex shape of her belly to work her drenched clitoral and hairy cunt lips, the other fondling her full breasts.

Even as she wriggled herself weakly to get away, the movements of her hips just wedged me in deeper.

“Nnno nno nouuuuu…” Jumoke whispered as I tried to fuck her ass, grunting in discomfort at what I was doing but also pleasure at my other ministrations.

More of my head was starting to fit inside of her, lubricated by the copious amount of cream she had juiced, sweat, and the pre generously oozing from my head at the conquest of this unwillingly tight new fuckhole. It was indescribably tight.

I let out a groan as I managed to penetrate what felt like an inch, then another, into her bubble butt, then most of my cockhead as I slowly but firmly fucked my way through her tiny fleshy ring. Jumoke was whimpering but starting to push back into me.

Just as I thought she was beginning to really enjoy it and allow even more of me inside her, I felt sudden resistance, and she let out a sharp yelp of pain. Jumoke finally scooted her ass away to release me, palm resting protectively on her protruding belly.

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