December 6, 2023
Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 12] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 12] (18+)

If you see me drive by, holla at your boy

I’ve got more swag, holla at your boy

I pop my bottles, holla at your boy

Chilling with models, holla at your boy.’

It was 2010, and Wizkid’s face played across the fuzzy screen of the tiny TV in the cramped, windowless maid’s room. It was close to midnight. Our big house was mostly asleep in the middle of the restless town that was Port Harcourt.

That Wizkid song was hypnotic as I lay back naked on the thin, bruised mattress, dark skin beaded in sweat. The quietly whirring fan in the corner did little to alleviate the sweltering heat or aerate the musky, lingering smell of cum — mine and Jumoke’s, our family’s housemaid. 

Over the past 3 months, our secret, salaciously fruitful courtship had changed my life in ways I still didn’t fully understand. I was in a constant sexual relationship with her, riding on a nonstop sexual high powered by raging hormones and a voracious male appetite.

Nestled between my legs, the chocolate-skinned slip of Jumoke’s nude body was perspiring against me, black hair framing her pretty features. Expressive almond-shaped eyes stared up with gently simmering lust and love. 

The pout of her dark, full lips hovered near the crown of my fat cockhead with an impish smile. Her hot breath was achingly close to my skin. Jumoke gripped my large, hard dick at its base with the graceful digits of her hand, stroking it playfully. She enjoyed toying with the smooth, circumcised surface and admiring its impressive length. 

I had measured myself at a girthy 8.5 inches, but it was probably closer to 9 when I was around her.

I felt the warmth and supple softness of one of Jumoke’s milk-engorged breasts resting on my leg. The dainty gold crucifix of Jesus dangling from her svelte throat made what we were doing in the darkened room feel somehow even dirtier. My gaze moved downward. 

In the low light, I could make out the vagueness of Jumoke’s small, rounded belly, swollen with our illicit offspring. It was larger now, growing and protruding so sexily from the litheness of her tight, tanned body.

I did that. My big fucking dick did that. I felt a primal, obsessive pride at the inevitable product of our breeding, my domination of Jumoke’s womb. I didn’t allow the terrifying thought of being a young father to enter my mind; it was still all about the sex. 

Seeing our nubile family maid’s pregnant belly rise and fall gently with her breath made me even harder as she gently jacked me off. I let out a groan through my teeth as I pulsed between her fingers.

Jumoke noticed my wanton eyes on her little bump with a bite of her bottom lip, her teeth bright against her darker skin in the gloom. Her free hand slid over her thigh to rest on her abdomen, caressing the swell and popped navel in a way that she knew drove me wild. Jumoke’s ring finger sparkled with the cheap diamond I had bought her with my allowance. 

Like, technically, it was an engagement ring. When I’d first given it to her, it was just to keep her from running away after learning she was pregnant. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, promising I would marry her someday. Just that it felt good saying that, and I wanted to keep fucking her brains out. But now, I just wanted to be with her.

Was that love? I don’t know. Maybe. Saying I loved her now felt less like lip service to get her wet and pliable for me and more natural.


I definitely had feelings for Jumoke now like, beyond her just being my obedient sex toy. Maybe she was the hired help—the housemaid who was having sex with her employer’s son—but she belonged to me. She was special, like a gift, you know? Jumoke was my secret, slutty pregnant wife who had completely given herself to me. 

Pussy, breasts, mind, womb, heart, and soul. I was actually beginning to really, deeply care about her. And even though our forbidden relationship was always in danger of discovery and serious consequences, I didn’t ever want it to end.

Oblivious to what I was thinking, Jumoke’s lips parted before she leaned forward to brush them against the angry head of my straining cock. The kiss lingered, followed by a lascivious flick of her tongue that came away with a strand of sticky cum. 

She licked her lips lewdly before arching her hips to push her sweat-slicken pregnant belly out enticingly as her palm caressed it, inflaming my desire to no end.

“You baby in here, already growing big,” Jumoke said in a husky whisper. Her thick accent and bad English turned me on even more, knowing I loved it when she talked dirty like this and inflamed my sexual obsessions. She gave my cock a chiding squeeze. “Big diick, big baby, you make in me.”

Jumoke suddenly engulfed my cockhead in the familiar warm wetness of her slutty mouth, her head moving sinuously as she sucked me off. Her little breaths and grunts of delight intensified as her fingers trailed from her swollen belly down through the thickening thatch of pubic hair above her slick pregnant cunt. 

Needy fingers strummed with growing urgency over her clit and in and out of her insatiable gash. My eyes rolled back into my skull as I roughly caressed the side of her head and gripped her hair. The cross at her throat clinked chaotically as she dutifully served my big dick, suckling deep and eagerly to show her gratitude for all the pleasure it had given her and the offspring it had sired in her fertile womb.

Neither of us was watching Sound City anymore, but the song provided a mesmerizing soundtrack as Jumoke moaned around me, struggling to take more of my length into her mouth while she fucked herself. 

I loved seeing her lips stretched around my long, thick shaft. She gasped throatily for air, letting my cock spring free, more pre and saliva stringing down her pert chin.

“Haunh! Why you diick still too big for my mouth, ah?” Jumoke scolded me with playful exasperation as she stroked my untamed shaft, fingers wetting themselves on oozing precum. 

“So big this diick!!” As if to make her point, she took my cock in both hands, her brown digits pumping up and down my aching length.

“Unnff…I dunno, just suck it anyway you slut,” I grunted affectionately under her pleasurable ministrations. Jumoke gave my thigh a chiding smack in reply before she resumed jacking me off, fingers gliding up and over my entire length and sensitive crown. 

Our maid loved my young dick and knew exactly how to get me off. She was being sassy and relishing the control of taking me tantalizingly close to release.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I warned, gently bucking my hips up at her from the growing ecstasy of her touch.

“Not yet! I wan suck you more,” Jumoke insisted as she stopped and leaned down to place wet, sloppy kisses and long, lingering licks over my rock-hard member and aching balls. 

She fondled the pair impishly before tenderly sucking one into her mouth. “Mmm..,” she breathed after releasing it. “They say it good for we baby. Make strong baby. I wan you cum a lot for feed us, OK?”

The way she thought and talked was so vulgar, so fucking provincial. Rural and uneducated. It reminded me of how filthy and depraved it felt to stoop down and copulate with this female who was so far below me. 

My parents’ hired help; the lowest class of worker. More than that, my dick had taken over completely and I’d fucked at least one child into her womb. Our offspring was quickly gestating and pushing her once-flat belly out under the same roof we shared with my unsuspecting mother and father. It was all so perverted; a victory for my basest desires and a big ‘fuck you’ to societal norms and my suffocating, uncaring parents. 

Whenever my brain had a chance to surface from my sexual fog though, I knew I shouldn’t have done it. But I was addicted to Jumoke’s slinky body, bad. Probably in love with her too at this point.

All my most depraved fantasies centered around Jumoke. Right now I wanted her to become heavily pregnant with my kid, only to be impregnated again as soon as they were born.

Fuuuck, that was wrong but so goddamn hot.

I know I promised to take Jumoke with me to live in the city somehow. Yet the perverse fantasy made my dick throb with pent-up, animal lust as she put her hungry little mouth over my cock again to resume with greedy purpose. She sucked and slurped on my big cock, working harder to take me in deeper. It was so exotic to see my long, veiny shaft being worshipped by her lips. I ran my digits over the soft arch of her neck, gently but firmly holding her nape as she tried to coax and milk my cum.

“You’re so good at this now,” I encouraged, my mouth open in pleasure. “You’re such a good fuckin’ wife…nngh…you sexy lil’ slut…”

She moaned around my cock and sucked harder, shifting up onto her hands and knees, letting me fully see what I had wrought on her hot body. The small pregnant globe of her belly was shiny with a coat of perspiration, hanging down lewdly behind her pendulous breasts and their deliciously bloated areolas. They dripped sweat onto the bedding, running in rivulets down her milk-fed tits to patter in drops from her nipples.

I reached out to caress one and round a long, stiffening nip with my thumb, squeezing it to elicit a feminine cry and a series of light quakes that shook her bare shoulders and hips as she came.

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