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August 4, 2021

Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara VIII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara VIII (18+)

Clearing her throat, Omolara quickly replied “yes” as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it up to her waist. Once her knees were spread open, Chinaza cautiously inched forward on her knees until she was staring straight into my wife’s cleanly shaven pussy.

Hesitant and unsure of how to proceed, Chinaza finally leaned forward and, with her tongue stuck out, began to lap slowly at Omolara’s moist opening.

Omolara’s eyes were glued to Chinaza’s face as she began to lick her pussy with more confidence. The more Chinaza got into it, the more excited Omolara became. After a few minutes, Chinaza was eating pussy with wild abandon.

She was driving several fingers into Omolara’s pussy while simultaneously licking and nibbling on her engorged clit. At this point, Omolara’s head was laid back against the cushions of the chair and her eyes were closed as she moaned and cried out in pleasure, “that’s it whore, lick my cunt.”

Leaning over, I ordered Chinaza to look up at me while she ate Omolara’s soaking wet pussy. I then snapped a few more pictures of her with her face covered in pussy juice and her tongue buried in her best friend’s cunt. Her continued humiliation was captured on film.

“Slut! Raise your knees up to your chest,” I ordered Omolara.

“Now, tongue her ass, whore,” I directed Chinaza once Omolara was in position. Without hesitation, Chinaza began tonguing Omolara’s asshole, trying to drive her tongue past the sphincter, like it was a cock fucking her ass.

This added sensation pushed my wife over the edge, and grabbing a handful of Chinaza’s hair and driving her face into her ass and pussy, she began cumming and shrieking. Her body shook and convulsed causing her pussy juices to be smeared all over Chinaza’s face and hair.

When at last Omolara released her hold on her friend’s hair, Chinaza sat back on her heels with a flushed face, slick with pussy juices, and looked up at me expectantly. Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were hard as rocks, and I could tell she was turned on by what had just happened.

‘“Did you enjoy eating your best friend’s cunt whore?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” was the quick response.

“Would you like to cum too, whore?”

“Oh, yes Sir.”

“Very well. Stand up and walk over to the living room window,” I ordered. Our living room has a large window overlooking our front garden and the quiet street beyond. Currently, there are only white curtains covering the windows.

“Pull back the curtains on both sides.” It is now dark outside and, without the curtains, were anyone to bother looking up at our house, they would be able to clearly see inside as we had all of the lights on in the living room. Once Chinaza had both curtains pulled back, I continued.

“Now stand with your back to the window in the middle, spread your feet wide apart and bend over at the waist. Let’s give my neighbours a real good look at a whore’s asshole and cunt.”

When she was in position, I continued.

“You wanted to cum, so go ahead and finger your pussy now. Show my neighbours what a dirty little whore you are. Perhaps I’ll invite them over later and let them take turns using you?” As she dug her fingers into her already wet pussy, and began to finger as quickly as she could I asked, “you will probably like that wouldn’t you whore?”

“Mmm…” was the only reply as her eyes closed and the pace of her fingers picked up even further. I could tell she was close to cumming. The added humiliation was having an impact on Chinaza and, in very little time, she was ready to cum. Grabbing the camera I took several more shots for added embarrassment.

Opening her eyes and looking up at me, she asked “may I cum Sir?” Sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead as she fought to contain her excitement.

“Yes, cum for my wife and I. Show us and our neighbours how you like to cum while everyone watches.”

With a loud moan, Chinaza’s orgasm overtook her as she stood bent over in front of my picture window. Her legs soon became weak and she involuntarily dropped to her knees as the waves of pleasure washed over her body.

When at last Chinaza came around and managed to get her breathing under control, I ordered Omolara, “finish undressing slut and then get on your hands and knees with your ass facing your friend.” When she was in position I then ordered Chinaza, “crawl over and lick her asshole. I want it nicely lubricated for my cock.”

Without any hesitation, Chinaza crawled over and dipped her head once more into her friend’s ass. As she was busily licking and working her tongue into my wife’s ass, I had to sit back and admire what was unfolding before me. I had both women naked on their hands and knees in the middle of my living room with one tonguing the ass of the other!

It was something right out of my fantasies. I could hardly believe my luck that it was actually coming true. It was becoming quite apparent that Chinaza was a true submissive and not just someone seeking a release for her stress.

While Chinaza lubricated Omolara’s ass, I took the opportunity to shed my clothes. Once naked I ordered, “whore, get on your back.” When she was in position, I then had Omolara straddle her face in the classic 69 positions.

“Now eat her pussy whore, while I fuck her ass.”

And with that I knelt behind my wife, took aim at her puckered asshole and began working the head of my cock in. There was very little resistance this time as Chinaza had done a good job of loosening it up with her tongue.

As I worked my cock into Omolara’s tight ass, I could hear slurping sounds from below me as Chinaza began eating Omolara’s pussy for the second time tonight. Once I had the entire length buried in her ass, I began fucking her in long hard strokes, bottoming out with each thrust. A grin broke out on my face as I realized that with each thrust, my balls were smacking Chinaza on the forehead.

“Whore, spread your legs,” I ordered. Reaching down, I grabbed a discarded slipper and passed it to Omolara. “Slut, I want you to beat her pussy with the shoe. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” I was curious to see how Chinaza would react to the pain stimuli and, to be honest, it was turning me on to see my wife dominating another woman.

With no hesitation at all, Omolara began laying into her friend’s exposed and opened pussy with the slipper.

At first, the smacks were tentative and light, but when Chinaza did not protest, and the pleasure of the fucking and licking began to overtake her senses, Omolara began beating the pussy in front of her in earnest. She began to time the smacks to coincide with each thrust in her ass.

Each time I bottomed out, a resounding SMACK could be heard as the shoe hit Chinaza’s wet and exposed pussy lips. The beating was beginning to have an effect on Chinaza as I could hear her beginning to mewl and cry out with each smack. To my surprise, Chinaza kept her legs open the entire time and even began lifting her pussy up to meet each blow.

It was evident that Chinaza was getting turned on by the pain.

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