June 26, 2022

Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara IX (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Obedience Class with Omolara IX (18+)

That’s it slut. Beat that whore’s cunt,” I cried out as I felt my orgasm building. I could tell my wife was close as well, as her breathing had become ragged and she was pushing back against each of my thrusts. “Now lick her pussy slut. Make the whore cum,” I ordered Omolara.

Discarding the slipper, my wife bent her head down and began licking her first pussy. The entire area was so sensitive from the beating, that it only took moments before Chinaza began screaming and thrashing beneath Omolara as her orgasm smashed throughout her body.

Like a chain reaction, this also set off Omolara’s orgasm, as she began bucking and thrashing on the cock still buried in her ass.

As the waves of pleasure rolled throughout her body, her muscles would simultaneously clench and unclench. It felt like a hand was inside her asshole gripping my cock tight and trying to milk it like a cow. The sensation was unbelievable and unlike any I had ever experienced before.

That was all it took to push me over the edge, so with one last thrust, I quickly pulled out and took aim at Chinaza’s face and began shooting spurt after spurt onto her upturned face. Soon her entire face was covered in long white strands of cum and which were beginning to run down into her hair.

“Slut, feed the whore my cum,” I ordered Omolara. Spinning around she began scooping the cum off of Chinaza’s face and placing it into her mouth. Once Omolara had fed all of my cum to her, I ordered Chinaza, “Now clean my cock whore.” Scrambling to her hands and knees, she bent her head down and began licking and sucking on my cock which had just been buried in my wife’s ass.

Once it was sufficiently clean I ordered Omolara to take Chinaza upstairs to the bathroom and to get her cleaned up and to shave her pussy bare like her own.

Once the girls were gone I took the opportunity to grab the package I had hidden in the closet and began setting up for the next scenario I had planned. Earlier that day, prior to picking them up at the airport, I had stopped in at the sex shop and purchased a few more supplies.

By the time the girls returned, I had everything set up and ready for them. Just thinking about what was to come had me getting hard again.

As the girls entered the room I could see them eying with curiosity the equipment I had laid out. I took a moment to admire Chinaza’s newly shaven pussy before I proceeded with the plan. Pointing to the table I ordered, “whore got over the table.”

The table was low enough and narrow enough that Chinaza’s knees touched the ground on one side and her hands touched the ground on the other side with just her upper body laid across the table. Once she was in position, I ordered Omolara, “now tie her feet and hands to each leg of the table.”

Omolara quickly bent to the task. While she still craved submitting herself to me, it was also evident that my wife was enjoying dominating her friend. Once Chinaza was appropriately secured, I handed the paddle to Omolara and instructed her to begin paddling Chinaza’s ass. Again, Omolara started off lightly, but with a little encouragement from me, was soon putting her weight behind each strike.

Sitting in front of Chinaza I was able to watch the anguished expression on her face each time the paddle made contact with her ass. Soon Chinaza was crying out in pain with each blow.

“Whore, I want you to answer the following questions truthfully. If I feel you’re telling me the whole truth, then I’ll have Omolara stop your paddling. If I think you’re lying to me or holding something back, then I’ll take the paddle and continue your punishment. Deal?”


“Ahh…yes Sir” was her hurried reply.

“Have you ever been with another woman sexually prior to tonight?”

“No Sir.”

“Did you enjoy eating Omolara’s pussy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And how about her ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Have you sucked cock before?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“It was OK Sir.”

“Have you ever eaten a man’s cum before?”

“No Sir.”

“Why not?”

“I always felt it was disgusting.”

“And did it turn you on being forced to eat my cum?”

Chinaza hesitated before answering. She finally replied, “yes Sir.”

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?”

A shy, “yes Sir.”

“How many times?”

“A dozen times maybe?” was her hesitant reply.

“So you like taking cock in your ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

By now, Chinaza’s face was a mask of pain as the paddle continued its barrage on her sore and bruised ass. “Now remember, I want you to be completely honest with me. What turned you on most tonight?”

Again she paused before answering, giving her time to compose her thoughts. Hanging her head in shame she finally replied, “being made to do things against my will, like eating your cum. And also being made to humiliate myself like when you had me masturbate in front of the window.”

That was a startling admission. It was the humiliation that turned her on the most. I think Omolara and I could have a lot of fun with that in the days to come.

“Alright, that’s enough slut,” signaling to Omolara to stop with the punishment. Once she had put the paddle down she stood back and admired her handiwork. Both ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs were stinging her. A bit of moisture had also formed on her brow as a result of her exertion with the paddle.

“I have a gift for you slut,” pointing to the item on the cushion beside me. On it was a black leather harness with a large lifelike black dildo in it. A smile cracked the corners of her lips when she took in what I had bought for her.

Stepping up, she tentatively took the item in hand and began examining it intently. Once she had figured out where the straps went, she hastily stepped into it and fastened it in place. As she stared down at the black cock now protruding from her body, she began stroking it as if it was her own cock.

What a pretty sight that presented for me. Grabbing the camera from my discarded shirt I snapped a few more photos of my wife as she stared at and stroked her new cock.

Breaking her out of her reverie I ordered, “slut I want you to teach this whore how I like to have my cock sucked. I’ll be trying out her ass now that you’ve warmed it up for me.” Dropping to my knees behind Chinaza’s ass, I took a moment to admire my wife’s handiwork, both in shaving the pussy but also in punishing her ass.

After admiring the marks and noting how wet Chinaza was, I placed the tip of my cock against Chinaza’s pussy and thrust deeply, burying it on the first go.

A deep sigh was heard from Chinaza as I began fucking her tight pussy. Reaching down, I began to work a finger into her puckered little asshole.

Once it was knuckle deep, I then worked a second finger followed by a third. Soon I had three fingers buried deep in her ass as I continued to thrust away in her pussy.

Meanwhile Omolara had taken up a position standing in front of Chinaza. Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of Chinaza’s head she ordered, “open up whore. You’re going to have to learn how to properly suck a cock.” And with that she placed the tip of her black cock against Chinaza’s lips and began thrusting into her mouth.

As Omolara worked her dildo deeper and deeper in Chinaza’s mouth, I withdrew my now slick cock and placed the tip of it against her now loosened ass. As I began pressing against her bud, I could feel her relaxing her muscles allowing the head to slip quickly into her.

Grabbing her hips, I began short hard thrusts, burying more and more of my cock each time, until I was hitting bottom with each one. At that point I began a rhythm of slow hard thrusts, almost withdrawing completely each time before burying it into her with a resounding slap against her sore ass.

Meanwhile, my wife had begun having some fun with Chinaza’s throat. Remembering her first time with my cock in her throat, she began to torture Chinaza in much the same way.

While I beat a steady rhythm in Chinaza’s ass, Omolara began to force her own cock into Chinaza’s throat, causing her to gag painfully around it. Omolara would alternate the amount of time she spent in Chinaza’s throat keeping her off balance and never knowing how long she would have to go without air. Omolara’s cock and Chinaza’s face were soon covered in saliva as she continued to gag around the cock being forced down her throat.

With her hand still wrapped around Chinaza’s hair at the back of her head, Omolara began to time her thrusts to coincide with my thrusts into Chinaza’s ass. Like one unit we were both bottoming out in Chinaza’s throat and ass at the same time.

The sounds filling the room were positively musical. As my body slapped against Chinaza’s ass, Omolara would bury her cock in Chinaza’s throat eliciting powerful gagging sounds, followed by deep gasping breaths as she withdrew for the next thrusts.

It was then that the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed occurred. Chinaza’s eyes practically rolled into the back of her head as she began wailing and keening, with her entire body shaking violently below us. Since she was tied down, the entire table began to heave and move with her.

It took everything I had to hold on and keep myself buried in her ass. Omolara had stepped back by this point and was staring open-mouthed at the intensity of the orgasm which was taking place before her. This violent display lasted about 30 seconds before she began to settle down.

The intensity of the muscle spasms was so great, that the sensation quickly passed from one of trying to milk my cock to that of someone trying to rip it off my body. Witnessing this intense orgasm had my own orgasm ready to explode. Pulling out quickly, I ran around to the other side of the table and began blowing my second load of the night into Chinaza’s face.

When Chinaza had begun to regain her senses, I ordered Omolara to help her clean Chinaza’s face.

Getting down on her knees, Omolara began licking off my strands of cum and then shoving her cum-covered tongue into Chinaza’s mouth forcing her to suck it clean. She repeated this process until she had licked Chinaza’s face clean. They ended with a long kiss, tongues intertwining as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Once they finally came up for air, I began unfastening Chinaza from the table allowing her to rise and stretch her cramped limbs.

Settling down onto the couch, Omolara and Chinaza cuddled up on either side of me as we took a moment to catch our respective breaths. Their hands began to explore my body, gently massaging my tired muscles. After several minutes of this, Omolara bent over and began licking and sucking on my semi-flaccid cock, willingly cleaning it even after it had been in Chinaza’s ass. Just then my stomach rumbled with hunger.

Giggling, Omolara sat up and asked, “Are you hungry, sir?”

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