May 22, 2022

Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter IV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter IV (18+)

Temi raised up as my cock slapped down on my abdomen all nice and hard. She, then, swung her leg over me as Bukki gripped my cock while her mother lowered herself on it, going down until I was fully up in her. I was suspecting that perhaps these two had done this together before.

As I lay there, Bukki turned toward me, her soft hand stroking my chest, her mother up over me, slowly rocking back and forth, alternately pulling my cock out of her , then pushing it back in deeply, I was in heaven, I’ll tell you. I was a happy man.

Bukki leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth, sweeping around inside, as her mother slowly rocked toward our orgasms. I was feeling so good and, after a while, Temi was softly moaning, I knew it was near.

“Mmm, oh, yes, oh, Lenny, you’ve got me there, oh, yes, AAH, AAH, unh, unh, oh, yes, yes, oh, so, so wonderful, uuhhm, yes,” and she bent down and began kissing me as her hips continued on moving up and down, fucking me so nicely. And, yes, to climax.

“UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, uh, uh, oh, oh, Temi, what a wonderful time, you and Bukki, oh, just the best. The best.”

“Mom and I have had a number of guys tell us that. We’re a pretty good team. Lots of practice.”

“Yes, it sounds so naughty but I’ll tell you, Lenny, we’ve had a lot of good times.”

“Oh, I bet you have. And I’m thrilled I’m a part of it.”

“We are, too, and right next door with your lovely jacuzzi.”

“You two know you can use it any time you want, any time at all.”

“I hope we can continue to use it without our clothes on, Lenny, and that you always join us with that nice, hard cock of yours.”

“I think you two can count on that. Absolutely.”

“I also like to have you over, Lenny, for dinner and to spend the night. It’s such a long way back home, I wouldn’t want you to get lost. I’m sure I could find a bed for you to sleep in.”

“What a lovely idea, thanks, Temi, for the invitation. I eagerly accept.”

“I was hoping you would. You’re such a nice man to cuddle up with.”

“I would love to give you both oral if you like. I need a little more time for my cock to rest up but my tongue is always ready.”

“See, I told you, Bukki, Lenny is such a wonderful lover. And, he’s just next door.”

“Lenny, I think you’re gonna get a lot of my mom from the looks of it. She sure kept my boyfriends busy. Well, we both did, actually. And, If I may, I’ll take you up on your wonderful offer,” as she stretched out, widening her legs to receive me.

I crouched down between Bukki’s legs as she lifted up and slid a pillow up under her butt raising her pussy up. She lifted her legs up onto my back as my tongue slowly lapped up and down her damp slit over and over as her moisture continued to seep from her insides.

“Mmm, nice, Lenny, really nice.”

Then, I felt the bed shift slightly as Temi moved closer to reach under me and take hold of my cock hanging down. I moved up to give her more room to rub me and, to my pleasant surprise, she scooted her head under me and began sucking softly on the tip of my cock as she gently rubbed my balls.

I had never had two women in bed with me before and was rapidly learning why the FFM-threesome is such a staple in erotica. Those people who wrote dirty stories knew the erotic potential of such a combination of two women and a man and now I did as well. Oh, did I.

“Oh, right there, Lenny, right there, oh, yes, yes, mmm,” as I flicked her clit with my tongue. “OH, that’s perfect, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh, please, mmm, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, mmm, mmm, oh, Lenny, so wonderful, oh, you are so good,” Bukki, moaned as she trembled and shook. Clearly, it was a good orgasm. I licked on for a minute or two, ready to stop if I sensed that she was becoming painfully sensitive after she had climaxed.

Then, I raised up and looked down at Bukki’s mother sucking on me. What did I ever do in life to deserve such fortune?

“Oh, Lenny, that was wonderful. Oh, you are so good. Mom was so right about you, you really know how to please a woman. My pussy is a happy girl. Now, Mom, have him do you.”

“Maybe he’d like to take a break, dear. Let’s not rush him.”

“No, no, that’s fine. I’d love to lick you Temi, I just love how you respond to oral sex.”

“That’s because I love it so much and how wonderfully you do it, Lenny. You are good, yes, I’d love it,” and she laid down, spread her legs, then Bukki had her raise up and slid the pillow up under her.

I moved into position, reaching forward to gently open her for my tongue to caress the inner labia and opening of her vagina. I knew from my past oral sex with Temi that this just drove her over the brink. I wanted her to have the maximum experience I could give her as thanks for bringing her beautiful daughter over for me to fuck as well as herself. What a time!

“Oh, omigod, Lenny, oh, you are right there, oh, perfect. I love you there, oh right there, perfect, OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, oh, oh, Lenny, you are the best, Lenny, just the best. Oh, do some more, oh, please. Mmm, like that, oh, yes, yes,” and she was writhing under my lips and tongue, I knew I would be properly rewarded for all my happy efforts.

As I was giving her mother oral, Bukki, like her mother had before, had slipped her head under me and was softly sucking the tip of my cock. These two were incredible. I guess they’ve had quite a lot of experience together in pleasing the men in their lives. Am I glad I’m now one of them?

I continued working on Temi’s pussy, now, with two fingers in her and my lips gently sucking her swollen clit. This, I knew, was also loved by Temi and her thrashing around was ample proof.

“Oh, Lenny, yes, oh, you’re doing it again, you’re just making me crazy. Oh, oh, it feels so good, so good.”

I began circling her clit with my tongue and she began to shiver and tremble.

“Oh, Lenny, oooh, oooh, OOH, mmm, oh, Lenny, Lenny, yes, right there, oh, that’s so nice, mmm, just right, oh, come up here so I can kiss you,” and she pulled me up over her as she began kissing my wet face all over.

Temi and I kissed and hugged for a while as Bukki lay next to us, her hands drifting all over me, each touch reminding me that I was with two sexy women, not just one.

“I think it’s time for sleep, Lenny, we need you to rest up that lovely cock of yours, I’m sure we both want more of it in the morning. It’s always so much fun in the morning, right?”

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