May 22, 2022

Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter III (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Forbidden Encounter III (18+)

It was pretty obvious where this evening was headed. Temi must have told her daughter about our last hot session and Bukki wanted to join us. What else can it be?

So, we got out of the tub and dried off and headed inside to have dinner.

“You’re very nice, Lenny,” Bukki said as she took hold of my cock again and gave me a kiss. “Mom was right, I hope you don’t mind having us both tonight?”

“Not at all, Bukki, two beautiful women, and dressed for dinner in such a wonderful manner.”

“When Mom said you two had dinner naked, I just knew I wanted in. Hope you don’t mind?”

“No, I’m not as young as I once was but I’ll try my best.”

I sat between my two-woman guests as they each took turns playing with my cock and keeping me hard, even talking about my dick as we ate.

“Lenny’s ready for some fun, Bukki, feel how hard he is,” and Temi’s daughter’s hand exchanged places with her’s slowly rubbing me up and down.

“Mmm, yeah, nice, Lenny. We’re gonna have fun, Mom and I. We’ve done this before. I’ve started sharing my boyfriends with her and she has with me. Kinky, huh?”

“Well, I suppose it’s nice to share like that…mother and daughter.”

“We’ve shared lovers before, Lenny, I hope you don’t mind. Bukki was eager to come tonight and I think you and she should go first. If that’s all right with you.”

Well, Bukki is a very pretty young woman. I’ve spent most of my dinner time admiring her lovely body. The three of us quickly became comfortable with each other, I petted both women’s breasts and each took turns fondling me to my great enjoyment.

“I’m not fool enough to turn down such a wonderful offer. Bukki?” I said as I motioned toward the hallway leading to my bedroom.

We both got on my bed and Bukki stretched out and I lay down next to her as she rolled toward me and began kissing me as she held my cock. My hands were around her back, rubbing up and down her soft skin, down to her buttocks and hips.

She then rolled onto her back, spread her legs as I got up over her between her legs. She opened wide as I pressed up against her wetness and I slowly slipped inside her. Once in, I did what every male does and soon we were both enjoying one another as a man and woman should.

“Mmm, Mom was right, Lenny. I feel nice and full, just what I wanted after a nice warm soak with a naked man.”

“Yes, this is wonderful. Two beautiful women and a lovely naked dinner, just perfect so far.”

I felt Temi’s hand cup my testicles as I was slowly fucking her daughter and begin to gently rub me there. I raised up off my hands which had been propping me up and knelt upright moving my hips back and forth as my hands kneaded Bukki’s firm breasts. Her nipples were erect and hard as I bent down to suck one.

“Oh, this feels wonderful. I always love Mom’s guy friends. There’s something about an older man, they just know how to please a woman. And they don’t cum too quickly. You sure know how to make a woman happy, Lenny.”

“It’s a pleasure when the woman is as pretty as you, Bukki,” and she raised her legs up onto my shoulders as I fucked directly down into her while she wiggled around under me. Her mother was now up in back of me rubbing her breasts against my back as I went in and out of her daughter under me. Temi’s hands were around rubbing my chest, I was happily sandwiched between them just amazed at what the evening had become.

“Mmm, Mom was right, you’re quite a nice lover. This is so nice, Lenny. It feels so good when you push down deep inside me, do that some more, you’re hitting a spot that feels just wonderful when you do.”

I always like to hear suggestions or encouragement when I’ve done something right. I learned long ago that the more I did to satisfy the girl or woman, the better things would be for me. As a result, I’ve always had very good relationships which were sexually very satisfying. Now, I was hoping this one would be as well. It’s not every day that this forty-year-old guy has a chance with a twenty-year-old woman, especially such a perfectly beautiful one and her mother, too.

“This is just lovely, don’t you think, Lenny? After we had such a wonderful time, I wanted Bukki to enjoy you, too,” said Temi from behind me, her breasts feeling so nice rubbing around on my back.

“Oh, this is a man’s dream come true. Two beautiful, sexy and eager women in his bed. I just hope I live through all this.”

“Oh, we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, Lenny. We just want to all be happy.”

“Well, I’m sure that.”

“Mmm, oh, I’m starting to feel it, oh, yes, oh, Lenny, you’re gonna make me cum. Mmm, feels so good, just keep…OH, OH, oh, uh, uuh, mmm, oh, that was beautiful, just perfect,” and Bukki pulled me down and covered my face with kisses.

I love giving women orgasms. Their ecstasy is the catalyst I need to bring myself to cum and, with Bukki, that’s just the way it happened. I felt the tingly rush along the length of my cock which I jammed down into her as its throbs began spurting my cum deep inside her. Her mom also pushed hard against me on my back, her naked body up against mine which was over her daughter.

“Mmm, oh, I feel it all nice and warm inside me, Lenny,” and Bukki kisses me as her mother kisses all along my back and shoulders.

“I’m getting a bit swooshed, can you two move?”

Temi and I got up off her daughter and we all lay there on my bed, Bukki on one side of me, Temi on the other.

Bukki’s hand was caressing my chest as her mother caressed me rather lower.

“That was lovely, very. Mom said I’d like you. She was sure right. You are a very wonderful lover. I can’t wait to watch you do Mom.”

“Well, Lenny needs a bit more rest, dear. I’m afraid you rather drained him dry.”

“Mom, I’ll bet you know how to help him along.”

“Yes, I do, I was just thinking of that,” and she raised up, bent over and began sucking my cock back to life.

“Oh, Temi, you sure do, that just feels lovely,” as I ran my hand down along her butt cheeks and up under her wiping her wetness up and back along her slit.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she sucked me. I was getting harder, it’s difficult to not get an erection when a woman is sucking your cock. As her mom sucked me, Bukki leaned over french-kissing me while she rubbed her soft hand across my chest, her finger tracing around my nipples, leaning further to gently lick and suck them, oh, I was covered with women. It was wonderful and I was sure hard.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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