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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin III (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin III (18+)

That was on my mind again on Tuesday night, when she asked for some help with a math course I had passed the year before. I suspected a ruse since Tolani had taken the same course, besting my grade by two points.

I was right, as Fatimi leaned over to kiss me five minutes after I got into the girls’ apartment, as we studied on their sofa. Once again, a suspicious lack of roommates around. She was in a short-sleeved blue sweater and a matching skirt.

I kissed her back and my hand went to her hip, as we turned our bodies towards each other. I answered her tongue with my own and she nearly squealed into my mouth. I was giving her more than she expected and she liked it.

Both of my hands were working their way up her sides, while she was holding the back of my head, pulling us together. I reached the botHassan of her sweater-covered breasts. I paused for effect, trying to act more hesitant than I actually felt, before moving my hands over them, to reach the same hard, pointy nipples that had been the feature of a lot of dreams over the past months.

I squeezed each one between thumb and index finger and pulled them away from her chest, getting a loud moan into my mouth as feedback.

“Oh, wow, Jide,” she gasped when we broke from the kiss. “How did you guess my tits are my most sensitive area? You’ve got me so wet, right now.”

“I guessed, that if your nipples were going to respond from just a few seconds of cold, that they were extra sensitive. I’m glad I was right.”

She smiled her naughtiest smile. “I want to make you gladder.”

“Are… are you… offering… offering the same… same thing Tolani did, last night?” Even knowing the answer, my tongue still got tied up by the question.

“Yes,” she said, taking my hands in hers. “Do you mind telling me why you turned her down?”

Clearly, Tolani had been quizzed. I wondered whether the girls were coordinating their order of attack, wondered briefly whether it would be Bimpe or Chiamaka next, before returning my attention to Fatimi.

“Maybe later,” I answered, before kissing her again. “I want to be thinking about you, right now, don’t you agree?”

One of her hands let go of mine, grabbed my cock through my trouser and I grabbed her breast again in response.

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” she suggested.

Taking her hand, I helped her up, walking into her bedroom. As soon as she turned back into the room, I started to undress her. I think my taking charge was surprising her, but so long as I wasn’t trying to talk, I could act bolder than I otherwise might.

Being with Tolani had also boosted my confidence, it seemed. I wasn’t as afraid of disappointing Fatimi as I’d been afraid with Tolani. I was still nervous, but not terrified.

Naked, we got on her bed together and began kissing again, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies. I pulled back from her mouth, and whispered, “Could… could I lick you?” I’d not gotten a chance to do this with Tolani, and really wanted the experience.

Her eyes widened, but she nodded. I kissed my way down her body, taking about a minute to lick each breast. When I was down between her legs, I looked up at her and asked, “How do I start?”

Her smile actually made me excited, knowing that I wasn’t the only one with nerves. Tolani’s take-charge attitude had been exciting the night before, but it also felt good to be on a more even footing with Fatimi.

“You see how there are two sets of lips?” I nodded. Her inner ones protruded slightly, a scarlet colour I knew was from them being filled by blood as she got excited, and she clearly was. “At the top of the inner ones is where my clitoris is, surrounded by its hood. It’s the most sensitive part of my genitals. Sometimes too sensitive, if you’re forceful too soon. You need to get the rest of me excited first, so start by kissing and licking my lips. I’ll tell you when to move on my clit, okay?”

“Okay,” I answered, taking my first hesitant licks. I figured that Fatimi had probably washed up before I arrived, so her taste was fairly mild, a little bit of musk, a little bit salty. As I licked her, staying away from her clit, I sensed more and more moisture flowing out of her. Her taste got a little stronger but I liked it, liked exciting her, liked her a lot.

On my own initiative, I licked around her opening and she cooed, “Yes, like that. Lick my pussy,” A couple of minutes later, she told me, “Jide, push your middle finger inside me, then explore the surfaces towards my tummy.

You should find a rough spot inside. That’s called the g-spot. It feels really good if you rub that or tap it.” I followed her instruction, and soon found the spot she described.

“Oh, yeah, Jide. That’s it. Stroke that a little while you start licking towards my clit, really gentle though.” I followed her direction, and her back arched when I ran my tongue across her clit for the first time. “A little softer than that at first, honey, just a little at a time. Use only the tip of your tongue, and work me up to wanting more.”

I tried just barely making contact and Fatimi moaned, letting me know I was doing better. I resumed stroking her g-spot lightly, thrusting my finger in and out a little.

“Oooh, yeah, I like that,” she said. “A little more time on the clit, but still gentle,” she said.

I complied, doubling the amount of time I spent licking her clit, before circling back to lick the length of her lips and back. When I returned to her clit, she put her hand on the back of my head to let me know not to leave again, then whispered, “A little harder.”

I continued licking around or over her clit, as she asked for increases in intensity or duration several times, as well as asking for a second finger. She was panting, thrusting her hips. When she screamed and her pussy walls spasmed around the two fingers I had in her, I knew she was cumming. I increased my tongue action. Her orgasm seemed to intensify, her body shaking under me until she slumped and she pushed my face away, saying, “Sensitive, enough.” I withdrew my fingers and crawled up beside her.

She kissed me before I could ask her whether her own flavour bothered her. She pulled back, and looked me in the eyes and asked, “That was really your first time licking pussy?”

I nodded, and asked, “Did… did I do good?”

“Mmmmm, yeah,” she answered. She reached down and grabbed my dick. “Now for the main event. Are you ready to give me your virginity? I’m on the pill, so don’t worry about a condom.”

“Gawd, yes.” I momentarily felt shame at lying to her, but I couldn’t deny wanting her badly.

“I want to be on top,” she said. “I’ve been told I’m a bit small inside, so I like to control how deep a guy goes the first few times we’re together.”

“You think… you think I’ll say no?” I got flat on my back, as Fatimi straddled me. Her curly, black hair surrounded my face, as she reached between us to take my cock in hand, lining me up.

She felt so much tighter than Tolani! But all of the extra juiciness from my saliva and her own excretions made it fairly easy for me to slide inside and soon she was pressed against my pubes. She kissed me again, trading tongues. I supported her upper body by holding onto her breasts and playing with her nipples, as she began rising and falling onto my cock.

“You can thrust your hips up into me, too,” she suggested. I’d been holding off on doing that, not wanting to seem too experienced, but was soon slamming up into her on each of her downstrokes. I felt her start to shake again, amazed that she’d come again so soon. I was just beginning to feel the beginnings of my orgasm.

“Oh, you’re the perfect length for me,” she said when she settled down. “Why did we wait so long to do this, again?”

“I was too scared to make a move?” I suggested. “I didn’t know you wanted – ” She cut me off with another kiss.

“I want,” she said. “I want you, to fuck the hell out of me right now.”

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