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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin (18+)

“Dammit, Jide, we need to get you laid at least once before we graduate!” said my roommate Ikenna. Graduation was in about four weeks.

“Mister Shy?” asked Hassan. “Good luck with that. Have you ever thought about a prostitute? I’ll chip in.”

“So will I,” said Lekan. “What do you think?”

I smiled, even though this wasn’t the first time the subject had come up with my roommates.

“C’mon, guys, I don’t want my first time to be with some unknown woman I need to pay to have sex with me. I want it to at least be a girl who likes me, who I like back. But you’re right, I get shy anytime I make that my goal. That’s the real obstacle. Paying a prostitute isn’t actually going to solve that, even if I managed to go through with it. If anything, it will just make me more convinced that I’m a failure at relationships.”

It was nearly the end of my university life and I was still a virgin. Not because I really wanted to be or was saving myself for my future wife. No, I was one of those poor cases where my brain freezes up around women whenever I was thinking about trying to be romantic with them.

Study partner? No problem. I was asked to do that a lot, maybe a dozen different girls over the past four years, and agreed because it helped my grades, too.

These were usually pretty girls, used to getting guys to help them out. So long as I kept my focus on studying, I did just fine being around them. The fact that I didn’t hit on them only brought more girls to my door.

I really wished, though, that I could turn that kind of relationship into something more, but whenever I thought of it, I couldn’t speak. I just froze up, until I gave up on the idea. For whatever reason, none of the girls was making a move on me, either. I wasn’t even getting close to the “I’m a virgin at 24” speech that I knew I would have to reveal before changing that status.

To be honest, I had nearly given up hope of ever losing my virginity, finding that I could enjoy myself more at parties if I stopped worrying about trying to flirt or picking someone up, could study better if I was only thinking of a study partner as a study partner.

Until one day, about two and a half weeks before final exams were going to start…


I was coming back from Friday classes to our on-campus apartment when I heard a woman’s voice shout, “You want us to do what?!?” from the flat next to ours, through an open window I knew was one of the bedrooms.

These were student accommodation right on campus, cheaply furnished two-bedroom-one-bathroom flat housing four students each, with a small kitchenette and a living room. As the best housing option on campus, they were picked by the graduating students first.

As we were final year and I had a high CGPA to select our apartment for the group, we had picked one of the better locations, closest to where our classes were.

The shout came from the apartment next to ours, across the stairwell that led to the two floors above us. It was occupied by four women, Bimpe, Chiamaka (aka Chichi), Fatima and Tolani. All of them had been regular study partners of mine multiple times over the years.

We had even gotten to the point of selecting courses that we could take together, just to be able to study for them together. At least one of them was in every course I had that last semester. All four of them were gorgeous, in their own ways. I would argue that they were the best-looking foursome on campus, maybe even the four most beautiful women I knew.

I crept closer to the open window, when I heard, “We want to get Jide laid.” That was Lekan’s voice. “And we think you four are all perfect candidates. You’ve been platonic friends of his for a long time, you even chose the apartment next to us just to make it easier to study with him.

I know for a fact he thinks all of you are hot. He just has this thing where he can’t make a move on you because he can’t speak straight when he tries.”

It was Bimpe who spoke next, saying, “So you’re offering a 40,000 naira prize to whichever of the four of us gets him in bed first? What do you think we are, prostitutes?”

Hassan answered, “No, of course not. He’s opposed to going to a prostitute, anyway, wants it to be a girl he likes and who likes him, which fits all four of you. You ought to do it for him out of gratitude for all of the courses he’s helped you out with over the years.

We all know you each would not have your current GPAs if not for him. If the money is your only incentive, instead of an added one, don’t bother. Do it because he’s your friend, and he needs this. Consider the 40,000 naira a bet that you can actually get him to give in. He’s not to know about the money whatsoever.”

Well, that ship had already sailed. I backed away from the window, just as I heard Tolani say, “Okay, we’ll do it.”

So, what exactly could I do with knowing ahead of time that the girls were coming after me? I sure as shit wasn’t going to play hard to get unless my shyness itself got in my way, but an idea did occur to me. I turned back around and headed to the centre of campus to get my little plan started.


Our usual weekend activities unfolded, a lot of it spent with the girls as a group together with my roommates, and I never had an opportunity to be alone with one of them without the guys around.

I studied with Bimpe and Fatima in their apartment for the last exam before finals that Sunday night, with nothing happening. There wasn’t even a hint that they were thinking of seducing me. Or maybe I didn’t see a sign that would have been more obvious to a more experienced guy.

It was the next night, when I was studying with Tolani for both of the classes we had together, with the first hints of finals preparation, that everything started. My roommates were conspicuously absent, so we were spread out on the sofa and table in the living room, rather than trying to study on the ridiculously small kitchen table the university provided, or trying to fit at the one desk I shared with Lekan in our bedroom.

An hour in, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I was beginning to wonder whether the girls had backed out of the agreement they made when Tolani came back, her jeans and shoes gone, and it took little time to see that she had also relieved herself of the bra she had on, as her big breasts were wobbling all around underneath the remaining t-shirt the whole walk back from the bathroom. The t-shirt covered her privates, barely.

Tolani was about 5’7″, three inches below my 5’10” height, although she often wore heels that put us eye to eye when standing. She was really smart. She was my favourite study partner because she helped me at least as much as I helped her.

Because we were both pursuing the same degree programme with a minimal number of electives, we wound up in a lot of the same tough classes and had started studying together in first year, when we were all in the dormitory. Her roommates became my study pals because of her, Fatima first, then Bimpe and Chiamaka, whenever we were all in the same courses, later without Tolani involved.

With big breasts and curvy buttocks turned into an hourglass shape by a well-exercised abdomen and a narrow back, she was also the girl most likely to give me an erection during a study session, which I always hoped she wasn’t noticing. She had never said anything but you never know.

She did not have a reputation as a tease but I would have made an easy target. If I had wished for any of these four girls to be my first, it was her. Although I hadn’t admitted it even to myself, I was in love with her. I just didn’t know what to do about how she made me feel. She was about to teach me.

When she immediately straddled me on the couch, there was zero chance of her not noticing the erection I had sprung from watching her jiggling towards me. After a brief look into my eyes for approval, she kissed me full on the mouth. Out of instinct more than anything else, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her breasts into my chest.

Oh, they were so soft, pressed against me, and my dick got even harder, causing her to squirm her hips as she recognized what was growing stiffer under her.

I slid my hands down her back to grab her ass, realizing I hadn’t felt her panties. Was she fully nude under the shirt? I slipped a hand under the shirt, confirming nothing but bare skin.

She pulled away from the kiss and, looking at me again, said, “Well, your hands are certainly not shy.”

I nearly stuttered, “N-no. My… my prob… my problem’s… always been with… talking,” I managed to get out.

Tolani softly asked, “If I lead, and tell you what to do, can you follow?”

I could only nod.

“Kiss me, Jide.”

I did. It might not have been the most impressive kiss in the history of kisses, but it was the first romantic kiss I had ever initiated in my life, a milestone kiss for me, the one I would always remember.

Tolani’s lips were soft against mine, at first, but she pressed against mine in a way that made them firmer, her breath against my face as we breathed through our noses was warm, and I smelled her sweet, musky perfume as I inhaled.

She ran her tongue against my lips for a few seconds, before she pulled back, saying,

“That tongue is a signal to open your lips, Jide,” before she kissed me again, and this time I opened my mouth. Her tongue entered it, to play with mine. I played back. My hands went back to the bottom of the T-shirt. I ran my hands over her buttocks, eliciting a small moan from Tolani, which only encouraged me to squeeze her butt a little more.

Tolani slid off of me, down onto her knees between my legs. “Take off your shirt,” she said, as she pulled my shoes and socks off, then reached for the belt to my pants. It soon joined my shirt and shoes in a pile next to the couch.

“Has a woman ever given you a blowjob before, Jide?”

“N-No, never,” I answered.

“Trouser off, honey,” she ordered. I unsnapped and unzipped, pulling pants and briefs down my legs together, where Tolani helped pull them off of my feet. She leaned towards me, and said, “Take my shirt off,” and raised her arms. I leaned towards her, grabbed the bottom of the shirt, and pulled it over her head, and tossed it towards my clothes.

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