December 6, 2023
Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless III (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless III (18+)

“That is the tastiest jizz ever. You should be proud of what those heavy balls produce,” the newly clean woman divulged.

The naked woman suddenly hopped onto Okafor, straddling him. Her thighs were warm on his lap, and the bottom of her big butt rested on him. She traced the muscles on his abdomen with her fingers and slowly descended to his southern region.

The fingers circled and teased around his genitals, but never touched Okafor’s most sensitive spot. He groaned as he longed for her touch, and his flaccid member began to rise. Smiling victoriously, the young woman slapped the hardening dick to her clit.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe this cock is going to fit inside me. Maybe it won’t. Maybe you will break my cunt with your tree trunk tool,” she suggested as shocks of pleasure shot through her.

Okafor had grown to full mast, his erection throbbing for his partner’s warm snatch. The turgid shaft was broad and threatening, and the young woman became wet at its sight.

Okafor could feel his temples pounding as he burst with anticipation. The teenage girl lifted herself and placed Okafor’s head at the opening of her hot slit. Okafor could feel the warm wetness at the tip of his penis, right before his sex life changed forever.

The balloon-breasted, bubble-butted, eighteen-year-old slut lowered her pussy onto Okafor’s massive meat.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OW, OW, OW, FUCKING OW!” the young woman shrieked as she forced his thick head inside of her.


Despite the pussy-stretching colonnade punishing her twat, the girl continued her descent on Okafor’s enormous erection. Her pretty face contorted in agony as she sheathed more of his sword inside her, the feeling of being full overwhelming. His tip began pushing against her cervix, but she was determined to fit all of him in.

“THIS COCK IS A GODDAMN THIRD LEG!” she lamented, giving her hips a final push.

The warm cunt pressed down and enveloped the last inches of the mighty member. Okafor’s prick was fully encased in the warm walls, which were stuck to his cock so tightly. He groaned in pleasure when she took all of him inside her; never before been so deep in a woman.

The girl on top of Okafor took several heavy breaths as if she were about to do the heavy lifting. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, causing pleasant-looking ripples to shake her tits. When she was prepared, the impossible girl initiated the impossible fuck.

The teenage girl rolled her hips for the first time, slowly working Okafor’s cock. The young temptress clenched her teeth as the humongous dick punished her cervix, loving the mix of pleasure and pain it caused. She slowly worked up to a rhythm, steadily riding the beast with which she was stuffed.

“How do cocks get this big? Your schlong is the longest and thickest I have ever seen or heard of,” she honestly wondered, cracking a gleeful smile.

“I can’t stop myself from being huge when you come at me flashing your fucking gargantuan jiggling tits and your sinfully young cunt. I can’t keep my massive cock down when you grind your big bubble butt against me,” he answered as she rode him.

“Your dick is bulging uncontrollably. It is bursting. I can feel every vein pulsing on your cock. I bet you haven’t fucked your wife in so long,” she guessed, grinding her hips down on him.

“She can’t take my dick. She says it hurts. It is too much for her,” Okafor illuminated.

Hearing she was riding a penis that was too big for Okafor’s wife to handle made the nameless girl hornier. She coated his shaft in wetness as she brought her steady gyrating to a faster pace.

“Oh god. You poor thing. What a dumb bitch. She has been gifted with being able to fuck the biggest fucking fuck-log, and she can’t even take it. Your dick does hurt. It hurts so good. No wonder you wanted to fuck me so badly,” the bouncing girl noted.

“Your pussy is so damn narrow. I have never had a slit grip my dick like this,” Okafor complimented.

“I can take this brobdingnagian beater. I love your tool. I only want this one,” Okafor’s lover said, assuring her superiority over his wife.

The nameless girl was a blur as she worked on top of Okafor. Her flabbergastingly hefty knockers collided with her pretty face as she sprung up and down. The two funbags’ elasticity and dynamism waved to and fro, rebounding wonderfully and fluidly. She looked down at Okafor and saw him admiring her outlandish orbs. The girl grabbed Okafor’s hands and pressed them to her jumbo juggs.

Okafor gasped as her supple and plentiful flesh was put beneath his fingers, her hard nipples grazing his palms. His hands clamped on the beautiful breasts, and his fingers dug into the seemingly endless fleshy tissue. The wonderful feeling under his fingertips encouraged Okafor to roughen his groping, and he mashed the tits together.

“It’s so fucking stupid. It’s so goddamn dumb. Who the fuck has titties like these? My rack is so ridiculously round. My chest lobes are so ludicrously large. My breasts are so hilariously huge. Do you know of anyone who has tits so fucking huge it’s hilarious? So fucking colossal it’s comical?” she bragged, her self-praise making her hotter.

“I don’t know anyone who has breasts like yours! They are the best big boobs!” Okafor confessed, kneading the breast shelf roughly.

“That’s the thing, baby. My tits aren’t just big. They are fucking tremendously, troublesomely titanic. They are mammoth, monstrously massive. These chest pumpkins are gigantically, gargantuanly gross. My boobs are wonderfully, whoppingly whale-sized. It must be a fucking medical condition. And I will never get treatment,” the slut informed with superiority, her fucking intensifying.

Okafor didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how a woman could naturally grow breasts so crazily mountainous. He couldn’t understand how an eighteen-year-old girl could possess such preposterously proportioned mammaries. He couldn’t understand how a slut could have genes that let her boobs mature so astronomically astoundingly.

Okafor didn’t care how it was possible. All he cared about was the excessively enormous breasts he was palming were his to do with as he pleased.

Grabbing the undersides of the heavy hangers, Okafor leaned upwards. He craned his neck toward the girl’s left chesticle and pushed her nipple past his lips.

“Suck that giant breasts,” Okafor’s lover approved as pings of pleasure shot up from her breast.

Okafor sucked on her nipple ravenously as he gripped both breasts. His tongue circled around her areola and flicked her nipples. Okafor knew his work was good when he heard enraptured female cries, and moved to the right nipple.

“I love how you suck on my titties,” she praised as Okafor worked his mouth.

Okafor bent his knees and shifted his weight. Remaining inside the young woman and firmly stuck to her breast, he pushed her on to her back and took the dominant position. The buxom beauty laughed out loud with her legs in the air, knowing he had surrendered completely to her. He wanted all of her he could take. Okafor pushed his pelvis forward, shoving his massive member deeply against her cervix.

“That’s it, my married man. Fuck my pretty pussy. Punch my pussy with your unforgiving fuck-stick. You wanted it since you first saw me,” she said, enjoying being used.

Okafor drove into her crevice with extreme fervour. The warm snatch coated his shaft in wetness as he slipped in and out of her. His partner took extra pleasure from feeling his large, clean nut sack slap against her asshole as he pummeled his schlong into her. Her weighty whoppers continued to wallop her face as they wildly recoiled.

The recent secondary school graduate felt her pleasure bubbling inside her, boiling closer and closer to the limit. Warmth spread to her extremities and signals of bliss shot through her as the strange, older man spread her crevice with his pole. The young slut knew her body well and knew her hot and married man was bringing her close to orgasm.

“Oh?” she sweetly called, biting her finger tenderly.

“Yeah?” he responded, still driving deeply into his lover.

“I really think you should cum inside me,” she suggested in a playfully innocent tone.

“I don’t know..,” he hesitated, still pounding into the tight cunt.

“You should. You should cum inside me now,” she pressured, slowly wrapping one leg around him, then the other.

“You could get pregnant,” he protested, thrusting harder.

“Fuck yeah I could. I could get so pregnant. I want you to make it happen. I want you to impregnate me,” she grinned evilly.

“I just met you an hour ago..,” he still resisted while his gallop sped up.

“That makes it better. That’s why you have to do it. It will feel so good to cum inside me with your married dick. I promise you have never felt anything like it before. Cumming inside a fat-tittied, eighteen-year-old slut while you betray your wife will blow your mind. Impregnating a sexy seductress you met an hour ago while your wife waits at home is so hot.

You had no idea I existed an hour ago, and now you are about to impregnate me. I know you think you shouldn’t. I know you think it isn’t fair to your wife. But you need to do it. You need to bury your seed in my fertile belly. You need to,” she insisted.

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