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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless II (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless II (18+)

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The perfect breasts to ever exist were in front of Okafor, and they were more beautiful than anything he had ever imagined.

Before Okafor could react and recover from his rough landing, the seductress was upon him, tearing off his collared shirt. When his muscled top half was exposed, she tore his belt away and unbuttoned his slacks.

“Are you real? Does that body really exist?” Okafor asked, actually questioning his sanity.

His questions were left unanswered as he was relieved of his boxers and pants, letting free his manhood. The girl’s sultry demeanour was interrupted when his member flopped into the open. Her eyes stared blankly, and her jaw dropped.

“…What!?” she exclaimed in surprise.

Okafor craned his neck to see what caused her declaration. He saw her staring at his cock, seemingly confused. Her brow rose, and her expression was that of shock and awe.

“Is this your dick?” she questioned in disbelief.

Okafor only nodded in response.

“This is the fucking longest dick I have ever seen. It’s more than a goddamn foot long! How the fuck did you get a penis so enormous?” she honestly asked, eyeing the tool.

Okafor could feel his already hard member become more rigid at her amazement.

“This is the most absurd cock I have ever seen. I didn’t know dicks got so big. This thing is fatter than my forearm!” she examined, amazed at Okafor’s penile girth.

The impressed girl took the mighty mast in her hand and stroked it a few times. Okafor flinched as she touched him, pings of pleasure covering his genitals. The girl flipped her hair and lowered her face down to the large log. Okafor’s engorged head was near her lips, and he could feel her breath. She flashed her pretty eyes up at him and smiled.

The eighteen-year-old pushed her ruby lips past his head, inviting the member into her warm mouth. Okafor gasped as her descent on his shaft brought more of him into her wet oral cavity. She wetly swallowed the impressive dick, until it hit the back of her throat. Right as Okafor thought she could fit it in no further; she shoved her lips past the last inches and formed a seal at his base.

“How the fuck can you get my entire dick in your mouth?!” Okafor excitedly asked, loving the tight seal she had on him.

The teenager answered by sucking his cock, creating a tight suction. Her eyes became red and welled with tears as his throbbing head scratched the back of her throat. Her skill was unmatched, and she was going to prove it.

The young slut slipped up the length with blurring speed and plummeted back down, engulfing the prick quickly.

“OH GOD!” Okafor elatedly sounded.

The teenager he met less than an hour ago was giving him a blow job better than he ever could have imagined. She coated the cock with her saliva, making it slippery and wet. She teased the underside of the shaft with her tongue as she stuffed it in and out of her mouth. She moved up and down the dick with furious intent, sucking intensely. The head punched the back of her throat as she worked, causing her gags to send vibrations of pleasure through the mast.

Okafor felt as if he couldn’t feel better, and his partner swooped under his cock. She gripped the shaft and jerked it while her mouth made its way to a big, round testicle. She sucked on the heavy orb and teased it with her tongue, savouring the salty flavour. She moved her efforts to the next ball, sucking more intensely.

“I’ve never had my balls sucked! You are incredible,” Okafor complimented, basking in the pleasure of having his nut sack polished.

The nameless girl continued her blow job, licking and sucking appropriately. She periodically would return to Okafor’s ball sack to treat him with a tongue bath. His ecstasy was immense, and he could not hold back forever.

Before he mentioned he was close to finishing, the teenager pulled away from his throbbing member. She straightened her back and sat her gorgeously grotesque globes on his thighs. The chesticles were warm, and she inched them closer to Okafor’s cock.

Okafor gasped as the funbags encased his entire penis, wrapping him in warm perfection.

“Oh my fucking god. OH FUCK!” he shouted as the girl started bouncing her breasts slowly.

“Do you love it? Do you love having that fat dick stuck between my giant knockers?” the titty-fucking girl asked.

“It feels so damn good!” Okafor answered as her softness surrounded his prick.

“Your wife can’t boobs-fuck you, can she?” Okafor’s partner asked, moving up and down his member.

“No! Her chest is so fucking small! She has no boobs!” Okafor complained.

Okafor’s partner pressed her tits together firmly and juggled them around his nearly bursting cock. The soft and bountiful flesh drowned his entire dick, imprisoning him in her monster mammaries. She felt every throb and every jolt sent through the turgid dick as she bounced the big breasts violently. The slut wanted nothing more than to bring her man to orgasm with her insane titties.

Her nipples blurred as the speed of her titty juggles increased, racing toward the end of Okafor’s limit. She kneaded her orbs upward, desperately trying to coax the semen from his penis. It wouldn’t be long before she succeeded.

Okafor felt pressure building down below, and his muscles began to lock. His cum was boiling in his balls, begging for release. His already diamond-hard dick stiffened, a warning of his impending climax.

“Are you going to cum, baby? Are you going to blow a massive load for me? Are you going to reward me with a truly huge fountain of jizz? That would make me so hot,” the newly graduated girl devilishly smiled.

“I am! I can’t hold my load back! Your tits feel too fucking awesome!” Okafor shouted as her breast cage brought him to his pinnacle.

Okafor’s broad head popped out from underneath the cavernous cleavage, swollen to the breaking point. The young woman he met less than an hour ago vigorously rubbed her breast velvet around his shaft. The unbelievable texture coaxed Okafor’s jizz.

“I’M CUMMING!” he bellowed.

The girl, whose name Okafor did not know, smiled just in time to catch the first long and thick rope of cum fired from the turgid tool. The forceful jet splattered across her lower face, coating it in pearly fluid.

Okafor’s second shot was bigger than the first and cannoned onto his partner’s forehead and face. His first two shots covered her face completely, and he was nowhere near done.

Pulling it from her tit cage, Okafor’s new slut jerked his cock as he spurted out streams of spunk on the shelf-like rack in front of him. His waves of semen coated each breast, pumps of juice firing at each great globe. Splashes of his seed painted the sexy young girl a true masterpiece once finished. The girl kept grinning the whole time she was covered.

Okafor collapsed on the bed when he was spent, the best orgasm of his life taking the wind from him.

“I’ve never seen so much cum! You messed me up. Look at me. I’m drenched in your cum. That was a juggernaut jugger-nut. You baptized me in cum,” the nameless girl delightedly observed.

Okafor looked at the girl he had blanketed with ejaculate. His white sperm dripped from her face to her chest, a beautiful waterfall of cum. His eyes widened as he watched the unbelievable show that began.

The girl scraped the viscous cum from her breasts with her hands and licked her fingers clean of the sperm. She licked her lips, getting another mouthful of thick spunk. Her fingers ran down her face, cleaning it off cum after several swipes, and she swallowed all of the delicious love juice she collected.

Okafor was amazed at the enthusiasm the young woman drank his cum with. She sensually indulged in his seed, loving the taste and texture. Her show took time due to the volume of jism coating her, but eventually, she was clean. Her skin was left with a slight glisten.

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