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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless (18+)

Okafor sat at the hotel bar and ordered a drink, not sure how many he would have before going home. Work had been tedious and long that day, and he wanted to delay going to his house. He dreaded having to explain to his wife why he missed dinner time.

He sat with his first drink, considering making it the first of many, knowing he had the money for a bus ride home.

He ran his hand on his shaved head, sighed, and took a drink. As he did, murmurs started throughout the bar, mostly coming from the tables behind him. Wanting to know what the commotion was about, he turned to check the entranceway.

Entering the room was a woman. This woman wasn’t ordinary. This woman wasn’t regular. This woman wasn’t domestic. The woman who entered the room was a vision of exotic perfection.

Okafor’s eyes widened, and his jaw dropped as the beauty walked in. He didn’t think voluptuous was a sufficient enough adjective to describe the vixen, and he struggled to comprehend the crazy curves she possessed.

Clad in a skin-tight black dress, the exaggerated hourglass on the gorgeous girl boggled Okafor’s mind. Her legs were long and toned, leading up to a round bubble butt. Her rear end stuck out behind her radically, and her dress barely covered the ass lobes.

Her curves came in at her thin waist but expanded again at her terribly terrific chest.

The two outrageously large breasts the woman supported were impossible and impeccable. The volume and magnitude of her boobs could not be overstated, as they were more substantial than Okafor thought breasts ever could be.

The symmetrical roundness and perky lift they maintained were unbelievable, especially when Okafor noticed she was missing a particular undergarment.

The outline of her perfectly shaped nipples strained the thin material of her dress, evidence of her lack of a bra. Okafor and everyone in the hotel bar could basically see her naked chest. Okafor guessed bras may not exist for tits as huge as hers. He knew there certainly couldn’t be enough letters in the alphabet to accommodate this woman’s cup size.

Upon her face were high cheekbones, lovely full ruby lips, and a small nose. Okafor wandered on her bewitchingly beautiful eyes. Her stunning skin was tan all over, wrapping her body in sexy smooth sheen. The girl was smiling, showing off her straight, white teeth as she moved.

With a mesmerizing sway, the woman headed to the bar. Her curves stretched, bounced, glided, and danced; all eyes in the room were on her confident stride. Some women sitting at the tables sounded a quiet noise of disgust as they watched her absurd body advance.

The fantastic female pulled out a seat next to Okafor and sat down. She rested her gratuitous chest watermelons on the bar, displaying her deep cleavage cavern proudly. The titanic tits sat unabashedly, their immensity shamelessly in view. The woman seemed to pay no attention to the stares she was getting, surely from dealing with a lifetime of such behavior from others. Okafor could not stop himself from gazing at the enormous chest entities beside him.

“If I don’t set my breasts on the bar, I wouldn’t be able to reach my drink,” the lovely creature said to him, knowing Okafor’s thoughts.

Okafor floundered as he was caught off guard, not expecting the blatant openness about her body.

“Th-Tha-That’s not what I was thinking about,” he lied poorly.

“Oh please, I can’t go anywhere without everyone in the room staring at me. It’s okay. You can relax. It doesn’t bother me,” the woman smirked, knowing she had caught him in a lie.

“Okay,” Okafor sheepishly responded, still uncomfortable.

He gulped down his drink nervously and motioned to the bartender for another. The man behind the bar poured a drink, but his eyes were focused on the huge rack to his left rather than the glass. Okafor had to stop him before the glass overflowed.

“Do you have a name, breast-gazer?” the woman asked with a playful tone.

“Okafor,” Okafor responded, his face red as he stared at his drink.

“Why are you sitting alone?” she continued, sounding interested.

“Don’t want to go home yet,” he answered, trying not to look at her gorgeousness.

The woman nodded as if she understood and motioned to the bartender. She asked for a drink as the man behind the bar promptly glued his eyes to the rack sitting on it. He asked her to repeat herself and eventually got her what she wanted. Okafor and the mystery girl sat in silence for a moment before she turned to him.

“I’m surprised a handsome man such as you has reasons to drink alone,” she said, her stunning eyes flashing at him.

Okafor didn’t say a word. He didn’t know if she was making fun of him or not. He just sat in silence as tension built around the two. He awkwardly asked for another drink and quickly downed it.

Time passed as he kept drinking, but he kept silent. He could feel her eyes burning a hole through him. They maintained a quiet facade for fifteen minutes, pretending not to glance at each other every few seconds. Okafor tried to distract himself by watching the small TV in the corner. It did not work.

Okafor repeated his drink process a few more times until he felt properly lubricated. He felt so daring, in fact; he thought he should ask one thing before he left.

“Can I ask kind of a personal question?” Okafor tested, tipping his toe in the water.

“Go ahead,” the beautiful woman allowed.

“How did your…how did your chest grow so big?” he asked, his face turning red immediately.

The gorgeous girl flashed her bright white teeth in a pretty smile. She gently extended her arm and rested a hand on Okafor’s wrist lightly. She leaned towards him, granting a view of her gratuitous cleavage. Her answer was whispered as if it were a secret.

“I wished really, really hard,” she said with a wink.

Okafor gave a small laugh and took a drink, leaving his glass empty. He motioned for another.

“So what occasion brings you to the bar, alone, today?” he inquired, feeling easy around her.

“I graduated today,” she beamed proudly.

“Congratulations. What university?” he questioned, putting the glass to his lips.

A perplexed look crossed her pretty face, and her brow furrowed. This was the first time she looked anything other than in control and perfectly poised. After looking at Okafor with confusion for a moment, she responded.

“I graduated from secondary school today,” she corrected.

Okafor’s mind exploded as he heard the words and he dropped his glass onto the bar. It hit the bar loudly, spilling the remainder of his drink. The bartender grabbed a towel and started to clean up, then poured another drink into a new glass. Okafor could not hide his look of utter shock.

“You graduated seck\bdary school today?” he asked, flabbergasted.

“Yeah, I’m only eighteen. Why do you think I ordered soda?” she revealed, lifting her glass as if the fact were obvious the whole time.

Okafor had no idea how an eighteen-year-old could have such an amazing body. There certainly was no woman who could compare to this barely legal girl. Okafor recovered as best as possible from the shattering news, but he was obviously shaken.

“After graduation, most of my friends went to a party. I came here,” the girl eased back into the conversation.

“Why is that?” Okafor quietly asked.

“My family is pretty wealthy and my future is set. I don’t really need to have a career. Since I don’t need to bother with university, I figured I should head out immediately and find a man to start a life with. That’s why I sat next to you,” she informed, her lips curling at the sides.

Okafor’s eyes widened when he realized the girl was hitting on him aggressively. His mind raced with dirty thoughts for a split second and he shook them away. He was happily married.

“Uh, sorry, I’m married,” he said, pointing to his wedding ring.

A small purr emanated from the young girl’s throat, and her sultry eyes gazed at him. She lowered her stare and softly bit her lower lip.

“I know,” she darkly agreed.

Okafor panicked. He scrambled for his wallet and pulled out all the money he had. Without counting, he left all the cash on the bar and got up. His head dizzy for a moment, a side effect of his drinks, he made his way to the hotel exit in long strides. He stopped when a lovely hand grabbed him from behind.

The girl from the bar tugged at him and was leading him where she wished. Feeling too fuzzy to pull away, he reluctantly followed her. They passed the hotel lobby and went down a hallway. Everything was happening too fast, and Okafor just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

“Do you like having sex with your wife?” the woman leading him asked out of the blue.

“What?” he groggily managed.

“Answer the question,” she pushed.

“I don’t know. Sure,” he answered, paying no mind to the privacy of his sex life.

“Stop lying to me,” she sternly said, still pulling him down a path only she knew.

After one turn, the beautiful vision that was the eighteen-year-old stopped at a door in the hallway. She opened her clutch purse and pulled out a card key, still holding on to Okafor with her other hand.

The girl flipped her hair, and her pretty eyes flashed back at Okafor.

“I bet she makes you wear a condom,” she predicted with a look of disgust.

Okafor nodded in the affirmative, feeling like he shouldn’t have betrayed the information.

“This is too fucking easy,” the girl smirked.

After running the card key through, the enchanting dream girl opened her hotel room door. Okafor was pulled into the dim room before he had the chance to protest emptily. The door closed behind him and his body was instantly warm.

Okafor’s body was pressed against an impossible female figure. The temptress held him against her, pressing her more than impressive chest between them. The chest pillows were incredibly pliable and mashed into his body.

She must have been holding him incredibly tight; her breasts would have gotten in the way of him being so close to her form.

The girl turned her body against him and pushed her plump rear end onto his package. The two cheeks, thinly veiled by her dress fabric, caressed his bulge as she rolled her hips into him. Okafor couldn’t hold back, and his erection grew fully in his pants.

“Oh, you like my ample ass? I love how far it sticks out behind me. Don’t you?” she toyed, feeling his growth between her lobes.

“I should go now,” Okafor said as he pulled away to leave.

Okafor’s momentum was used against him as his new companion swung him around and pushed him onto the nearby bed.

In one swift motion, the eighteen-year-old goddess pulled off her thin, tightly-clad, black dress. Okafor perceived the heavenly reveal in slow motion.

The dress rose over her first major curve, teasing her hips as her clean snatch appeared. The smooth slit was perfect, looking invitingly warm. Okafor’s mind raced as he lusted for it.

The fabric released its hold of her full ass lobes, and the cheeks rippled slightly as they bounced free. Okafor could see clearly that the sides of her ass cheeks were visible from her front. She was gifted with a truly spectacular rear end.

More flesh appeared as the dress went up, revealing her tight body. Her tummy was lean and fit, with a perfectly small navel. Her toned stomach was sexier than any supermodel’s that Okafor had seen.

Only a small portion of her mid-section could be seen due to the eclipsing effect of the teenager’s prized asset. Okafor inhaled as his eyes were treated.

The dress pulled up and over the two absolutely obscene tits, finally displayed in all their glory. The funbags looked heavy and full but were as perky as a teenager’s breasts should be.

Her kiss-shaped nipples were a light brown, and her areolas were round as a circle. The outrageous rack stretched out for more than two feet in front of her, and Okafor thought that was a conservative estimate.

To be continued…

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