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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XXV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XXV (18+)

Delighted that he was no longer causing her pain. Tayo drew back more and more until he was sliding almost his full length into her pussy. His tempo was still slow though. If he went any faster, he knew he would likely cum in an instant. His cock was being gripped so tightly, that the sensations, which were now coursing through his adolescent body, were already almost too pleasurable to cope with.

He stared in dumbfounded wonder as Chinyere tipped her head back and screamed at the ceiling. How on earth had all this happened to him? Was he even deserving of these feelings of euphoric bliss? She could have any man in the world if she wanted to. But here she was, letting him worship her with his achingly hard cock. She was a goddess who walked among mere mortals. He wasn’t worthy of her. Nobody was worthy of an experience like this.

It was a miracle he hadn’t cum already. Some untapped part of his brain was allowing him keep it at bay. He was determined to bring Chinyere as much pleasure as he possibly could. She deserved it so much, after all of the kindness she had shown him.

Tayo watched Chinyere’s magnificent breasts bouncing gently on her chest, as she leant back away from him. Her stunning face was creasing with desire, as she moaned and screamed with wanton lust.

After a short while, he moved his hands up off her thighs and held her tightly by her silky smooth hips. He somehow managed to go a little faster, thrusting joyously into her hot sheathing sex. As soon as his hands moved up to caress the soft fleshy mounds of her jiggling breasts, Chinyere opened her eyes, which bore into his own, piercing his very soul.

Chinyere’s mind had finally drifted back down into her body. Her thoughts were much clearer now and rather than just be overpowered by these new euphoric sensations. She was able to focus on them. Ride with them. Let them build inside of her until they peaked. Into what? She did not know yet.

But she was fearfully excited to find out. When that dam burst, it would take her mind along with it. This didn’t feel like one of her normal orgasms building. This felt like a thunderstorm was brewing inside of her.

She wrapped her quivering legs around Tayo’s body and pulled herself up into a more upright sitting position. Chinyere threw her arms around his head and locked her lips over his. Her hips were flexing against him now and instinctively, he was starting to thrust more powerfully into her.

“Oh god, Tayo that feels so good. Yeah like that! Keep fucking me like that! OH YES!” She panted the words urgently between his trembling lips. Then they were kissing again. Hard and fast. Assaulting each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Tayo was on the verge of cumming. He’d held it back so long now it almost hurt. His face was screwed up into a tight ball, as he rammed his cock home, right to the base. Holding it inside her while she ground against him. They were holding onto each other so tightly that Chinyere’s breasts were crushed flat against Tayo’s chest.

Both were nearing their respective finish lines at the same time.

They pushed their foreheads together forcefully. Each of them straining their neck muscles as their eyes were locked in a tight embrace.

Chinyere was yelping and screaming in earnest, but Tayo couldn’t even manage to make a sound. He thought he was about to blackout from the overwhelming pleasure of it all.

Then he felt it. His cock flexed and then he could feel his hot load surging up through his shaft.

Chinyere’s furthest depths were being tickled by his tip again, while the top of his shaft was grazing her g-spot. It was causing her eyes to blur in and out of focus. She heard Tayo grunting, then felt his steaming seed splashing against her cervix.

The dam had burst. The cascading waters were now flooding the surrounding land. Chinyere opened her mouth to scream, but only a hiss escaped her lips. She violently thrust her spasming body up against his, whimpering in sheer ecstasy.

He legs were clamped so tightly around him and she hugged him to her with such force, that Tayo could hardly breathe. If he never took another breath, he knew it wouldn’t matter. Life couldn’t get any better than this.

Chinyere started to scream so loudly that Tayo thought she might burst his eardrums. He could feel her juices gushing out as she humped herself manically against his stationary cock.

It took many minutes before Chinyere’s muscles began to relax. She brought her quivering lips up to meet his and they tentatively kissed, both still breathing heavily.

Tayo hadn’t pulled his cock free. He had stiff in a complete state of shock about what he had just done.

To say her orgasm was incredible, didn’t do the reality of it any justice. Neither of them could speak as they held each other in their arms. Both slowly descending down from their mountaintops of euphoria.

Chinyere suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. She had only planned on having sex with Tayo so that he could lose his virginity. She wanted to give him a nice memory to cherish forever.

But they hadn’t had sex. They hadn’t even fucked. What they had done felt more like lovemaking. The intimacy of it unsettled her slightly.

It wasn’t as though she was scared of intimacy, but Chinyere felt much more comfortable with less passionate, rougher sex. For her, sex was like a stress reliever. She used it as a means to unwind as well as to have fun. When it was just two people using each other’s bodies for satisfaction, she could relax and just enjoy the ride. But when it started to get too intimate, it troubled her for some reason.

Maybe it was because it wasn’t with the right person? Sure, she had a soft spot for Tayo. But in no way did she feel like she was falling in love with him. His cock maybe, but not him. Her feelings towards him were much more protective in nature. She felt deep sympathy for him as well as affection, but nothing more than that.

Chinyere knew she had never truly been in love with anyone before. Someday, when she met the right person, she would know what it really felt like. But as sweet as Tayo was, he definitely wasn’t the one for her.

“That was unbelievable…” Tayo said excitedly. “…can we do it again?” He had never felt so happy and so satisfied in all his life. It was an experience he wished would never end. Apparently his cock felt the same way too, as it was still fully hard, sliding slowly in and out of Chinyere’s sporadically convulsing sex.

He wondered if his erection would ever fade when the sensations it was being treated to were this intense.

This realization that he was far from finished with her, snapped Chinyere out of her self-conscious thinking. If they were going for round two, she was determined that this time it would be far less intimate. Maybe that way, she could purge her guilty feelings for sharing a bit too much of herself emotionally, than she had been comfortable with.

“You want more do you?” She gave him a wicked grin. “As long as you don’t hold back this time, then I’m game.”

“Holdback? W…what do you mean?” Tayo was worried he had done something wrong.

“You’re a man now Tayo…”

“…Oh god I am aren’t I!” He interrupted excitedly.

“Yeah, you are. So this time I want you fuck me with everything you’ve got. I want you to fuck me hard. Remember when I told you, you couldn’t handle a girl like me? I want you to prove me wrong.” She kissed him briefly before pushing him backwards. As soon as Tayo’s huge cock slipped free from her hungry pussy, she felt a deep emptiness. So as quickly as she could, Chinyere hopped down from the bench and turned around in front of him.

“I’ll…I’ll try my best!” He stammered.

Chinyere put her elbows on the top of the bench and looked back at Tayo over her shoulder, whilst wiggling her ass at him invitingly.

“You wanna fuck the shit out of your brother’s girlfriend? Hmmm? Is that what you want? You want to show that fool who the real man in the family is don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do!” With that Tayo grabbed hold of his massive throbbing cock and guided it back to the entrance of Chinyere’s welcoming sex.

Chinyere gasped, then grunted loudly as he forcefully pushed his huge dick back inside her, all the way to the base in one quick thrust.

“UNGH! OH GOD! FUCK ME LIKE THAT! YYEEESSSS!” Chinyere was shunted forwards by the power of his driving cock. It caused her waist to collide with the edge of the bench. Thinking quickly she slightly adjusted her stance so that the corner of the bench was between her legs, which brought her clit into contact with the cold vibrating wood.

“AAAHHHH! FUCK!” She started to giggle hysterically in between her moans of lust, as the combination of Tayo’s massive cock pummelling her depths so completely with intense clitoral stimulation. “God your cock is incredible! Keep fucking me like that! YES! YES! YES!”

Tayo stared in awe as his cock sawed into Chinyere’s snug gripping pussy. He still couldn’t believe what he was doing. How he had ever got this lucky, he would surely never be able to fathom. Somehow his bastard of a brother’s gorgeous girlfriend was not only letting him thrust his big dick into her, but she was begging him to fuck her even harder.

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