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May 16, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XVI (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XVI (18+)

Feeling like a king amongst men, Tayo brought his free hand up and resumed tickling her. Moving up to her upper back this time.

Chinyere nearly melted into the floor as he rubbed the flawless skin of her shoulder blade with the back of his hand ever so lightly. He then ran his fingers from the middle of her spine, up to her neck, then down across her shoulder. She audibly gasped again as a ripple of pleasure ran down her back.

All of a sudden the bus halted to a stop and two men pushed their way passed them. That was it, the moment was broken. She coughed, feeling rather self-conscious and unclasped her fingers from his.

She could feel Tayo’s eyes burning into the back of her head for the remainder of the journey, but he made no further moves to touch her. It was confusing to her, just how much she wanted him to. His lack of teasing now felt in a way even more of a tease. What was wrong with her? She was the one who was supposed to be in charge of this game, not him.

“Right, everybody come down,” Gbenga said when they arrived at their stop.

A decision was made, without much input from Tayo, about which place to visit first. His sole focus was on Chinyere now. The entire world beyond the curves of this sexy woman had faded into non-existence as far as he was concerned.

Tayo couldn’t have told you how far they had walked or what the place was even called once they got there. He had been walking behind Chinyere in a trance, staring at the incredible sway of her hips as she gracefully walked, hand in hand with his brother, in front of him.

Once they had arrived, Tayo spent about half an hour pretending to be interested in a load of old photos, but he was getting rather bored. At least he knew that Chinyere was feeling the same way he was. Every time Gbenga started yapping on about this old picture or that dusty old tool like he knew something about everything, (which was typical Gbenga, he like to show off about how smart he was) Chinyere would roll her eyes at Tayo and pretend to yawn when Gbenga wasn’t looking.

He had spent a lot of time on his own the last few years. Once he became a target for bullies at school, the people he used to consider his friends, had all started to distance themselves from him. He knew his social skills weren’t that great, so he was really enjoying his and Chinyere’s silent bantering. Even so, the one thing he wished for more than anything else, was some alone time with her.

That was when the miracle happened. Gbenga’s phone rang.

“Hello, Alhaji. No…no I can’t right now. I’m at Freedom Park with my brother, he’s visiting for the…no but…how important? Well, how long will that take? Ok, I’ll see what I can do.” Gbenga hung up the phone shaking his head.

“I’m really sorry about this but I’ve been called in for a meeting. We’ve landed some big new Ghanian clients apparently.”

“It’s fine you go on. We’ll be ok.” Chinyere pecked Gbenga on the lips.

“I should only be two hours or less. Shall I meet you back here?”

“Yeah meet us here. We’ll probably be in the food court.” Chinyere had already seen enough tiny dicked statues for one day.

“All right then. Look after her for me little bro.” Gbenga hated the thought of having to leave Chinyere alone with his weird brother. She was going to be so bored. He could tell she was uncomfortable with the amount he stared at her too. He wanted to knock him on his head whenever he looked at her, but he knew he had to pretend to be nice. All he had to do was get through two more days and Tayo could fuck off back home and never come back for all he cared.

Tayo couldn’t believe his wish had come true. As soon as Gbenga was out of sight he offered Chinyere his hand, which amazingly she took. It may have meant nothing to her, but the fact that a girl was happy to be seen out in public holding his hand, meant the world to Tayo.


It was Olu and Nonye’s 45th wedding anniversary today. They were both now 65 and had never had children of their own. So Olu knew that it was up to him to give his wife a special day out. He knew how much she loved the park. It was her favourite place in the whole world. Later on, he had another surprise treat for her, he had booked tickets to a drama presentation. It was going to be such a magical day.

Having made a rather early start. They had been on their feet for ages and Olu was starting to feel tired.

“You go on dear. I’m just going to sit and rest my aching joints for a bit if that’s ok.” He sighed with relief when he finally sat down in a nearby chair.

“Can’t we do the art room first dear?” Nonye pleaded.

“I can’t love. I’m tired. Let me rest here for a bit and I’ll meet up with you later.”

“Ok, dear.” Nonye walked off into the large adjacent hall.

Olu was only sitting down for a few minutes when he saw her. “It can’t be.” He breathed excitedly. “Surely I’m imagining things?”

Not trusting his own eyesight any more. Olu walked towards the girl to get a better look. “What a pretty lady.” He mumbled to himself. “She’s beautiful!”

What on earth was she doing here? And why was she holding that young boy’s hand? He looked far too young to be her boyfriend, but if he was her brother, then he was much too old to need his handheld. Olu couldn’t work it out.

He walked over and stood just behind them, listening in to their conversation.

“And this painting is nearly two thousand years old don’t you know. Apparently, Jesus Christ painted it himself while he was sitting on the toilet.” Chinyere was doing her best impression of Gbenga’s lofty voice, which Tayo was finding funny.

After the laughter stopped, they turned and looked at each other for a while. Chinyere figured she should be the one to make the first move. She had found herself oddly warming to Tayo in the last few hours. Sure he tried to blackmail her earlier, but she realised now that that was just because he was an awkward virgin, who clearly didn’t know how to handle his lustful urges towards her. Something she, probably more than anyone, could sympathise with totally.

Maybe she was going about this all wrong? She had been planning on toying with him, letting him know who was boss. However, after his delicate show of affection towards her on the bus, it didn’t seem fair to mess with his head now. She thought back to her first sexual experiences, none of which were very nice. It had taken her a long time before she started to enjoy having sex.

The power was in her hands to make all of Tayo’s wildest dreams come true if she wanted to. She could ensure that his journey into adulthood was a much more enjoyable experience than hers ever was. The more Chinyere thought about being the one to take someone’s virginity, the more she warmed to the idea.

Of course, it wasn’t as though it was an entirely selfless act of kindness on her behalf either. Now that she knew what an impressive weapon he was packing, maybe her mind was about to be blown, as well as his.

“So…shall we look for somewhere a bit quieter? I think there are few things you and I need to…talk about.” Tayo nodded enthusiastically and let her lead the way.

Olu was most intrigued now, so he followed them into the next great hall.

The place was quite busy, but certain rooms were almost empty. Olu didn’t have a clue what this oddest of couples were looking for, but it felt like he had been walking for miles.

He was quite far behind when he spotted them up ahead checking the coast was clear before hopping over a barricade. When he finally caught up, he stopped to read the sign on the rail, it said: closed for renovation. He looked into the large empty room and couldn’t see anyone. It was only when he looked back around the corner that he saw them over by the far wall. Who were they hiding from? He wondered.

Tayo’s heart was beating a mile a minute, as Chinyere pushed him up against the wall and stepped up close to him.

God, she was so just so unbelievably beautiful. When she flicked her hair back over her shoulder it was like his world started moving in slow motion. The sunlight was beaming in through a high window, shining through her hair. Her bright cold eyes were sparkling at him playfully. Then a waft of her fragrant floral perfume washed over him and he thought he might start to faint.

Tayo looked down into the deep valley of her magnificent cleavage. Her huge breasts were encased so enticingly in her top. He could just make out the lacy pattern of her bra, straining against the tight stretchy cotton material. His palms were beginning to sweat as he thought about what it would feel like to finally hold her mouth-watering breasts in his hands for the first time.

“So, what were you saying earlier?” Chinyere said. “Something about wanting me to do something for you. How did you phrase it again? Ah yes…to buy your silence?”

“I…I might have done. B…But you said you don’t like being told what to do. So…so…”

Chinyere felt like a cat who had cornered a terrified little mouse. His earlier tough guy act was long forgotten now. “I say a lot of things. We’ll never know whether or not I might like it unless you tell me what it is you want from me first?”

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