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May 16, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XIX (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XIX (18+)

Olu’s heart was racing a mile a minute and he thought for one maddening second that he was about to have a heart attack, as Chinyere parted her beautiful lips and slipped his aching dick into her soft warm mouth.

“Oh god!” Olu let out a groan as Chinyere sank his entire cock into her tight throat. She instantly set about deep throating him again and again, plunging her lips down to his base and then sucking hard as she drew them back.

Chinyere kept her eyes locked on Tayo’s the entire time. She wanted him to know it was his cock she was really hungry for, not Olu’s. This was just a show for his benefit.

Olu was muttering something incomprehensible, as he watched the busty angel feasting worshipfully on his old dick. His arms were flapping at his side, to begin with, but he soon took a hold of Chinyere’s head and held her tightly as she fucked him with her mouth.

Chinyere swirled her tongue around his shaft, bathing it in her saliva, before resuming her feast. “Do you like fucking my pretty face Olu?” She teased mercilessly, finally looking up at him for the first time.

“Oh yes. You’re such exquisite beauty, my dear.”

Chinyere liked that compliment. For that, he deserved a treat. She wanked his shaft vigorously while dipping her head lower to suck on his very wrinkly old balls.

“Oh, my days. Oh, my world. Oh, that’s wonderful!” Olu panted. “They didn’t make girls like you in my day! OH MY GOD!!”

“Today is your day.” She teased with a wink.

Chinyere pushed herself up a bit higher and slapped Olu’s cock against the top of her bountiful cleavage. Then she pushed his dick down into the deep valley between her breasts. “Yeah fuck my breasts, old man. You know you want to!”

Indeed he did. Olu found it awkward at first having to squat down to push his cock deeper between her phenomenal breasts. But he soon found an acceptable rhythm. The sensations coursing through his body were too pleasurable to even cope with.

Olu wasn’t going to last much longer. Chinyere could tell by the grimace on his face that he was nearly peaking. Giving it one last big effort, she inhaled his cock back into her mouth again and began sucking rapidly.

“Ahhhh! Oh, you lovely young thing you. Oh wow. OH WOW! AAAAHHHH!” Olu slumped forwards as his dick erupted into her welcoming throat. It was the first time he had an orgasm in years and his knee’s nearly collapsed under the force of it.

“Oh, honey! Oh, you gorgeous girl!” Chinyere was meticulously cleaning his shrinking dick as she gulped down his salty seed. When she was happy he was satisfied, she popped him back into his trousers and stood herself up.

“You have no idea what that meant to an old man like me. Thank you so much. Thank you both so much”

Tayo wasn’t sure what he did to deserve such praise. He was now as hard as a rock once more though. As much as he had enjoyed watching another of Chinyere’s erotic displays, the knowledge that this time he would be getting a turn was causing him to visibly shake with anticipation.

“Is it my turn now?” Tayo asked with a smile. Unable to hide the eagerness in his voice, as he prepared to receive his first-ever blowjob.

He was just about to undo his belt when a voice beckoned to them from across the empty hall. “Hey, you can’t be in here. This section is closed to the public.”

Chinyere looked down in a panic, relieved to see that they were all fully dressed. Although she had to turn away briefly to wrestle her breasts back into her bra cups, beneath her top.

Her mind went blank trying to think up an excuse, but fortunately, Olu came to their rescue.

“Sorry, sir. That was my fault.” He walked over to the security guard, making it look like he was weaker than he actually was. “I got a bit lost. It’s been happening quite a lot of late, unfortunately. But thankfully my grandchildren here managed to find me.”

“Don’t worry sir. I’m glad you’re ok.” He looked at the beautiful lady with an hourglass figure, and then at the short ugly boy by her side, wondering how on earth they were related to each other.

The security guard lifted the rope and ushered them through. He couldn’t help but check out Chinyere’s phenomenal figure as she walked past him. The low whistle he let out was noticed only by Chinyere, who turned and wrinkled her nose at him flirtatiously.

Shortly afterwards, they said their ‘goodbyes’ to Olu. It took a while as he couldn’t stop shaking each of their hands repeatedly and thanking them both over and over again.

“We should find another quiet place, don’t you think?” Tayo asked excitedly after Olu had wandered off to find his wife, with a noticeable stumble in his step.

“Why?” Replied Chinyere teasingly.

“You know…so we can…”

“Ha! I’m afraid you’re just going to have to hold it in! No way can we risk being nearly caught out again. Aw, don’t worry…” She could see Tayo’s face turning south as a sad expression washed over it. “…you’ll get your turn. I promise.”

His mood quickly lifted upon hearing that. Chinyere took him by the hand again and led him towards a building.

They decided to sit in the eatery for a while and wait for Gbenga to return from his meeting. Tayo was pleased that Chinyere was chatting away merrily as nothing between them had even happened.

It was then that something occurred, which made Tayo realise what truly polar opposite lives they both led. A rough-looking guy, who looked about 25, walked up to their table and told Chinyere that she should ditch the loser and come and have some fun with him. Chinyere had responded by telling him to go fuck a needle instead and he stormed off calling her a dirty whore and a slut.

Tayo had never been in a fight before. He had been punched many times, but he had never fought back. He stood up, wanting nothing more than to punch the guy’s lights out, even though he was about twice his size. Chinyere ushered him back to his seat, telling him to ignore it and that guys like that didn’t bother her.

“Does that happen very often?” Tayo couldn’t hide the angry shake in his voice.

“No, not that much. I get stared at a lot, but people are generally quite respectful. People like him are just stupid. They can crawl away and rot in their own shit for all I care.”

Tayo had lived his life being permanently overlooked by everyone around him. Sometimes he felt like he was completely invisible. But then by contrast Chinyere had to cope with the reverse experience. Everyone in the room noticed her and evidently that wasn’t always a good thing either.

He sometimes wished he could be the centre of attention for a change, but now that he thought about it, he started to sympathise with things from Chinyere’s perspective. He had been bullied all his life because of how he looked, but she also had to put up with a lot of grief, just because she was beautiful.

They sat and drank their soft drink with no more rude interruptions until Gbenga arrived.

Gbenga had insisted on dragging Tayo around all of Lagos’ biggest attractions for the rest of the day. Clearly for Chinyere’s benefit not his. He obviously didn’t realise that Lagos’ most attractive attraction was standing right there next to them the entire time.

Tayo and Chinyere enjoyed having little flirting sessions whenever Gbenga’s back was turned. He would pinch her bum or she would grab his crotch and then they would act all innocent as though they were listening intently to what Gbenga was saying.

Chinyere was feeling really fired up. When Gbenga went off to use the toilet for a few minutes, she pounced on Tayo and kissed him heatedly until both their lips were chapped.

It was pure torture for Tayo, but he suffered it with a smile. Gbenga was sticking to them like glue, trying to make it up to Chinyere, for leaving her alone with his awkward brother for so long.

They ate dinner that evening in a nice Chinese restaurant. As soon as they sat down, Chinyere teasingly rubbed her foot into Tayo’s groin under the table. Unfortunately, it caused him to spill his full can of Pepsi everywhere.

“Oh, you stupid idiot! Why do you always have to be such a sluggish little fool? You shouldn’t go out in public if you can’t behave like an adult!” Gbenga ranted when some of the spilt drink dripped onto his lap. It was the first time that his happy brotherly bonding façade had slipped in front of Chinyere.

“It’s only a drink, Gbenga. Take it easy nah. Now apologise to Tayo.” Chinyere was shocked by her boyfriend’s angry outburst. It wasn’t like him to lose his temper. She looked over at Tayo, who was looking at the ground, appearing to have disappeared back into his shell again. “Sorry, bro,” Gbenga said annoyingly, dabbing at his wet trousers.

Tayo looked withdrawn and sad for the remainder of the meal. She tried to gently play footsie with him again, which brought a brief smile to his face but it didn’t last long.

They got back to the flat at about 9:00 pm that evening. Gbenga had remained in a foul mood with Tayo since the meal. He wanted nothing more than for his weird brother to go home already. He had long since worn out his forced invitation.

Chinyere hadn’t liked her boyfriend’s outburst and was liking his hostility towards Tayo now even less. Every time Tayo tried to speak to either him or to Chinyere, Gbenga would shut him down, pretending like he wanted to hear the TV. She noticed how quickly Tayo gave up trying and felt sorry for him as he rocked in his seat twiddling his toes awkwardly.

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