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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere [Finale] (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere [Finale] (18+)

He grabbed a firm hold of her rippling perfect ass and pounded away with as much strength as his weak body would allow him.

His rhythm was erratic, to begin with. He was more or less hunched over her back, humping away as fast as he could, every bit like the inexperienced, overexcited horny teenager that he was.

Fearing he might cum too quickly though, Tayo soon managed to muster whatever composure he had left in him and before long he was rhythmically pounding Chinyere’s tight dripping snatch, with the full length of his beastly cock.

“UNGH! YYEEESSSS! Fuck me Tayo! That’s it! Show your brother that his girlfriend’s pussy belongs to you now! YES! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Tayo had to shake his head to try and keep a grip on reality. Chinyere’s words were convincing him that this must all be some incredible dream. It just couldn’t be real. The feeling of having his cock milked so wonderfully certainly felt real enough, but life surely couldn’t be this good? It was impossible to comprehend.

Chinyere’s head was starting to spin. She was losing her grip on reality now too. Deep down inside she could feel an explosive orgasm beginning to brew and tried to focus her mind on that to keep it from drifting away from her body.

She couldn’t stop a line of spit from dribbling down her chin as she squirmed against the bench, giggling and moaning at the same time.

An intense bolt of pleasure suddenly coursed down her spine and Chinyere arched her back and screamed loudly. “AAHHHHH! LIKE THAT! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT BABY! YES BABY! UUNNNGGGHHH!!”

Tayo was thrilled by how much pleasure his cock was seemingly bringing to her. But deep down he knew she liked it rougher than this. His experiences of watching her fuck had told him that much already.

Not wanting to hurt her though, he gave her thighs and her ass a few playful spanks. “OH YEAH! Harder! HARDER!” Chinyere begged as she looked back over her shoulder at the teenager.

Tayo could see the wildness in her expression as she grits her teeth and snarled at him. So he obeyed her command.




“AH! AH! SHIT! AAHHHH!” The soft smooth skin on Chinyere’s ass was soon burning hot, as the intense stings from Tayo’s spank slowly subsided. It made her grind her pussy hard against the shuddering machine, in small but rapid circles.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! OH FUCK!” Chinyere was panting heavily, sucking in huge lungful’s of air as she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching.

Tayo’s cock began to twitch, he was on the brink too. Remembering his trick from yesterday, he quickly shoved his thumb up Chinyere’s ass and with his other hand he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back towards him sharply.

“UUHHH! YOU BASTARD! YES! PULL MY HAIR! YEAH FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK! AAHHHH!” Chinyere’s whole body began to tremble as Tayo started to hammer into her pussy with every last drop of energy he had.

He thrust both his hands under Chinyere’s body and mashed them hard into her huge rapidly swinging tits. Then he began to pinch, pull and twist her rock hard nipples.

“Oh, God. Oh, God! OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Chinyere’s pussy gripped Tayo’s dick like a vice as her colossal orgasm crashed over her.

A torrent of her juices flowed out from deep within her, as she let out another ear-shattering scream. Tayo could hear his cock squelching loudly now as he continued to fuck her through her incredible climax.

Chinyere couldn’t think straight, heck she couldn’t even see straight, as her body was subjected to wave after wave of intense mind-scrambling pleasure. Suddenly her vision began to fade and within a few seconds, the lights went completely out.

“Here it comes! Ah! AH! AAAHHHHH!” Tayo’s cock exploded into Chinyere’s contracting cunt with such force that his knees began to buckle. “UUUHHHHHH!!”

Chinyere had suddenly become a dead weight in Tayo’s hands. He didn’t have the strength left in his exhausted limbs to keep her upright. So as she slumped down onto the bench, Tayo went with her, collapsing onto her back, as he humped the last few drops into her milking sex.

He had no idea she had actually passed out as he couldn’t see her face. His hands were now trapped underneath her, crushing her breasts flat against her body. “That was amazing! You’re amazing! Oh wow.” He breathed into her unconscious ear. “So was that better than with my brother then?” He asked excitedly.

Chinyere’s eyes started to flutter open the moment Tayo began to kiss her shoulder affectionately. She had to blink a few dozen times before the world came back into view.

“Chinyere? Did you hear me?”

“W…what? Chinyere murmured breathily.

“I asked if I was better than Gbenga?”

“Better than your stupid brother? Oh yes. Don’t settle for wanting to be better than that fool though. Your dick is unbelievable. That was one of the best orgasm’s I’ve ever had.” It appeared Tayo didn’t realise she had passed out briefly. She didn’t want to tell him he had literally fucked her brains out though. That might give him too much of an ego, especially as it was only his first time.

Besides, it was rather embarrassing for her. Had she really just fainted because of a pleasure overload?

Hearing her words, Tayo pushed himself up and off of her. He watched in amazement as a huge glob of his cum surged out from her glistening pussy and dripped onto the floor, as he removed his finally deflated cock.

“Yeah! Woo! Hell yeah!” Tayo started springing about the room, boxing with the air. “I feel like the king of the world!”

Chinyere watched with a wry smile as he started to hum the superman tune, pretending to box with an invisible foe. Oh god he really is just a boy isn’t he? She thought with a twinge of shame.

She let him have his fun though. He deserved this moment of pure happiness. Her first time had been awkward, brief and wholly unsatisfying. At least he was never going to forget his.

Happy didn’t even cover how Tayo was feeling. He was over the moon.

Before long Chinyere dragged herself upright, brushing her sweaty hair away from her eyes. She had to tell Tayo a few things before he left. It would help if he stopped bouncing around like a mad man first though, she thought.

Eventually, Tayo did settle down and came to stand by her.

“Go and get your phone for me.” Tayo rushed over to his bundle of clothes and pulled his phone out of his trouser pocket, thinking that Chinyere was about to give him her phone number.

“Thanks.” She took the phone from him. “Now as fun as this was, you know that this was just a one…well two-time thing right?” Chinyere noticed his face drop, but he nodded in reply. “Ok. Well, I have a small confession to make. I deleted that video you took of me.”

“OH! The video! I’m sorry I shouldn’t have even…”

“It’s fine.” Chinyere interrupted. “I just didn’t want that video getting out onto the internet or anything.”

“I would never!”

“No I know you wouldn’t, but if your phone got stolen or someone else got a hold of it. I just didn’t want to take the risk, so I deleted it.”

“No, I understand. I was going to delete it anyway…” Tayo said.

“Anyway, I was thinking you deserve to have something to remind you of this weekend.” It wasn’t as though Tayo was ever going to forget a single detail of the last few days, but he liked where this going.

Chinyere turned the phone around and started taking selfies of the two of them. They posed cheek to cheek smiling, then Chinyere took one of them kissing. Lastly she let him squeeze her breasts, while she playfully pouted and winked at the camera.

“I don’t want these getting online either mind you. They are just for you, so don’t go showing them off to your friends…” Chinyere caught herself saying it, but it was too late. She had temporarily forgotten he had no friends to show them to anyway.

“No I won’t, I promise. Thank you.” Tayo smiled. “I…I kind of have a present for you to. It’s only a silly thing.” Tayo picked up his trousers again and removed a folded piece of paper from the back pocket. “I know it’s not very good…”

Chinyere unfolded the paper. On it was a detailed pencil drawing of her face. The likeness was incredible. He had managed to capture her perfectly. Nobody had ever drawn a picture for her before. She felt a sharp twinge within her chest as she looked back up at Tayo’s worried-looking face.

“If you don’t like it…mmmm.” Tayo’s words were cut short, by Chinyere’s lips locking over his as she kissed him hard.

“Thank you. It’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever given me.”

“Oh, it’s not that good. If I had more time…” Tayo wasn’t someone who knew how to take compliments well. He smiled as he looked at the floor.

“Listen to me. You’ve got a gift Tayo. You need to go to study fine art or something. Trust me, you might think your life is fucked up right now, but you only have a few months left of school, then you’re free. When you’re at university, you can start again. Just try to be more confident and people will get to see the real you.”

“Do you really think I could get into university?”

“Easily! And believe me, once the word starts getting around about how big your cock is. You’re going to have no problems attracting the ladies either!” Tayo smiled at her, but Chinyere could tell there was still a deep sadness lurking beneath the surface. She figured that after years and years of being put down all the time, it was probably hard for him to contemplate a happy future.

The truth was Tayo was feeling both elated and deeply upset simultaneously. He wanted to believe in the confidence Chinyere had in him, but he didn’t think that he’d ever be accepted for who he was, so ingrained was his self-loathing. After this weekend though he could at least see a glimmer of hope ahead of him, right now the thought of never seeing Chinyere again was darkening the skies above him.

They got dressed and made their way back upstairs to the lobby.

The awkward Tayo returned and he was suddenly at a loss for words. “I guess this is goodbye then.” He finally mumbled.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Chinyere pulled him into a big hug. “Thank you again for my picture. I’m going to treasure it.”

“Thank you for…well for everything.” He turned and opened the door. As hard as it was he knew he had to leave. “You know if I do get into the university…maybe…maybe you might want to visit me one day? I mean it would help a lot if you were the one who started spreading the rumours. Girls probably wouldn’t believe me otherwise.”

Chinyere smiled at him. “Maybe I will. But don’t hold me to that. As I said this was a one-time deal. I don’t want to commit to anything right now, even another one-off fling. Anyway if you want to get in touch with me you know how to reach me. It seems you’re already more than familiar with my Facebook page.” She teased.

Upon hearing there was even the slightest chance Tayo would see Chinyere again, his spirits soared. He practically ran onto the main road. “Bye then…for now!” He called back, waving as he went.

Chinyere had to admit to herself that although she had promised herself that things with Tayo would go no further than today. She enjoyed the thought that she might get to experience that amazing cock of his again someday.

She felt invigorated by what the future had in store for her now too. It was going to be tough for the next few days. She wasn’t looking forward to breaking up with Gbenga, even though it carried less of a burden for her now, seeing as she no longer cared about whether his heart got broken.

Chinyere turned towards the door but remembered Gbenga was up there watching football with his friends. She decided to wait for a while to finish before entering that testosterone-filled flat. Was this really going to be her last day in Lagos? She should probably call her parents to let them know she was coming home. Would they be pleased she was back or disappointed? They both liked Gbenga so much, but they didn’t know the real Gbenga, just like she hadn’t until this weekend.

Once she was back home and free from her job, free from her stupid boss and free from her relationship. Then she could start thinking about what she really wanted from life. Could she do a bit of modelling maybe? It sure wouldn’t hurt to test the waters. But even if that didn’t work out, it didn’t matter. She could do whatever she wanted to do and do whoever she wanted.

The possibilities were endless.


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