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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus XIV (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus XIV (18+)

The mere thought made him temporarily lose the iron self-restraint he was using. He meant to keep still, but the thought of making the beautiful young woman pregnant drove every ounce of his self-control out the window. He had been at the edge for a while now.

When that restraint disappeared, he gripped her wide hips tightly and pushed her down as he thrust up powerfully.

It’s as if an enormous dam broke.

Both of them cried out in unison.

Her shuddering body bucked again as he buried the full length of his cock deep inside her. He didn’t need any more stimulation. As soon as the tip of his cock bottomed out inside her his cock drew back slightly then thrust powerfully forward, pulsing as jet after jet of his tick white cum hot deep inside her. His balls were enormous and the amount of cum he spurted inside her was truly awe-inspiring. Probably more than four times what Tobi was able to produce.

When he came, he fell on his back and she fell forward on top of him. He thrust upward uncontrollably, lifting his ass six or more inches off the bed raising her up while pushing her hips down onto him with his hands.

Another orgasm exploded deep in her core before she even recovered from the previous one his cock had triggered on her clit. The disgusting cock had raked her G-spot… a spot about an inch or so inside her pussy on the upper wall. It was an area inside her that had a sensitive little bump, something she didn’t even know she had, and when his cock smashed into it in passing it set off a full-body orgasm.

This third orgasm started deep inside her, in the spot where the tip of his cock pulsed as he ejaculated, the entrance to her cervix, spread through her entire abdomen and then throughout her entire body. She quivered, shook and shuddered… completely out of control.

All her life Nonye would be able to recall that amazing experience. It was the most intense pleasure she ever felt.

The muscles of her pussy rippled as they gripped his long bumpy cock. It was as if her pussy were trying to milk the cum out of him. Her slender thighs quivered in his grip as he ground his pelvis into hers, grinding his bristly pubic hair hard against her swollen clit.

Eventually they stopped moving.

She lay on top of him, completely spent. Her breath rasped in her throat and her chest heaved against his.

She had gotten used to his unique… aroma… it hung around them like a cloud. Later, she noticed his smell permeated the sheets, the throw pillows and even the mattress. She would wash and clean everything later.

Right now she didn’t really care.

Right now she was in nirvana.

Her body shuddered against him as a series of small orgasms coursed through her delicate frame triggered by his still pulsing, still cumming cock.

They eventually stopped and she lay on top of him spent. She rose and fell to the rhythm of his rapid breathing. Her face was pressed against his chest. She could hear and feel his wildly-beating heart.

Slowly, their hearts slowed, their breathing calmed and his cock began to soften but they stayed locked together. Neither of them wanted to break the spell. Nonye didn’t want him to pull out of her, she was enjoying the deep feeling of intimacy, of rightness she felt.

As Principal Pelumi’s cock softened and was pushed out by her still tight pussy, it seemed to immediately reset itself, tightening and shrinking, preparing itself for his next invasion. As she lay on top of him, a torrent of their combined cum drained out of her, bathed his cock and balls and soaked the sheets and the mattress beneath. Now THAT would be hard to clean up.

She rolled off him, pulled off her tank top, grabbed a couple of Tobi’s T-shirts from a dresser and used them to wipe the cum off herself, off his cock and balls and off the bed. She glanced at his face as she cleaned up, pleased at his expression of pure sated satisfaction. His expression changed quickly to one of disappointment.

“I think my cock is dirtier than that, honey,” he rumbled, admiring her lovely face and heavenly breasts as she tried to rub the bed under his balls clean.

She frowned at him prettily and flipped her sweat-drenched hair.

“I told you… I’m in charge.”

She paused.

“I’ve decided I need to clean your cock a little better.”

She sat on her heels between his legs, took his limp cock in a gentle hand and started to jack and squeeze it. She didn’t seem to care that it was still sticky with their cum. She leaned down to suck on the ugly cock, noticing it was soft rather than hard. Their combined fluids had softened the skin. Her other hand reached down and started rolling his big balls around in his nutsack.

Principal Pelumi was a randy old man. It didn’t matter that he was in his late 60s or that only a few minutes before, he had blown a load inside her that would have filled a 55-gallon drum. His body instantly responded to both visual and physical stimulation. His enormous balls were used to producing lots of cum. He usually jerked off three to four times a day.

She got him rock hard in seconds. Ever since he first met her, she turned him on. Now here she was kneeling naked between his legs, pumping his cock and fondling his big balls. What could possibly be better than this?

He found out a second later when she leaned forward and licked his cock from base to tip, like a big lollypop. She licked their drying cum off his cock with thoroughness and enthusiasm.

She looked at him, grabbed his thighs and tried to pull him closer to the edge of the bed. He helped her by scooching his flabby butt down until his knees got to the edge. Glancing at his face she noticed his rapt expression as she knelt on the floor and leaned forward until his rampant cock nestled, hard and throbbing, between her large perfect breasts. He sat up instantly, wanting to get a better view of the action.

She squeezed her breasts together, mashing his long thick cock between them, and started moving up and down. He reached forward and put his hands over hers, adding pressure and friction. His viscous precum had started to flow as soon as he hardened but she wanted more lubrication. She stopped moving, leaned her head forward and let a string of spit fall from her mouth onto the purple tip of his cock.

He squeezed her breasts tighter around him and thrust powerfully, rocking her curvy body. It was too soon for him to cum, but goddamn this was fun. Then she leaned forward again and took his cock in her mouth. Her full lips stretched into a red O ring around his cock. She thrust her head down, taking as much of his cock as she could. She took maybe two thirds of it before she choked and had to come back up for air.

His cock was now nicely covered with her spit and his precum, she rocked back to her heels and squeezed his massive erection between her breasts again. He reached back, snagged a couple of pillows and put them behind his head and upper shoulders. He wanted to watch from a more comfortable position.

My god she’s so damn beautiful, he thought in wonder. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She was sweating profusely. She had a perfect brown complexion, but right now, her face, neck, and chest, where his thick rod was buried between her amazing breasts, were red.

Her face was a mask of concentration as she used everything in her power to worship his big dick.

Nonye was flushed both by the effort and by the vast excitement she felt at pleasuring this hideous man.

It was so WRONG, but it felt so RIGHT. She looked at his face. ‘Oh my God, it’s so RIGHT!’

She continued to squeeze his cock between her breasts, occasionally fucking him with her mouth, making loud choking GLUG, GLUG, GLUG sounds as she took him deep as deep in her throat as she could. Deep enough where her throat distended and his stinky gray pubic hairs tickled her nose. Her jaw felt like it was about to dislocate, but she kept going.

She slid her mouth up the length of him and held his thick mushroom cockhead in her slobbering mouth. She ran her tongue round and round the taught skin, occasionally scrubbing the sensitive underside of the bulbous purple head.

The smell, the taste, the wrongness of it all it was too much. She began to bob her head rapidly, taking only about three inches or so, and slowed down and changed her rhythm when she felt his body tense and get ready to cum. She did it again and again, bringing him to the edge of orgasm, only to stop, slow down or change what she was doing. She did it over and over again. He was about to grip her hair in his fat paw and face-fuck her as hard as he could, but he had a better idea.

“Okay, that’s enough of that,” he said, standing up, hearing his huge cock burst out of her mouth with a loud pop and drew her up with him.


She slapped him… hard.

“I told you that I’m in charge!”

He stood there, cheek stinging… again, wondering if what he was about to do would mess everything up.

He caught her wrist as her right hand sped in for another slap. Then he caught her left wrist.

He didn’t say a word. He just held her arms and waited, fat jowls quivering. He was wide open. She could easily knee him in the balls if she wanted to, and they both knew it.

After waiting long enough to show him she was still in charge, she let her arms relax, and she nodded.

She was giving him permission.

He spun and tossed her on the cum and sweat-soaked bed and jumped on after her. He grabbed her waist, flipped her on her belly, pulled her hips and shoulders up until she was on her hands and knees and then knelt behind her gripping his enormous cock and aiming the head at her soaked slit. He spread his precum on her already wet pussy, positioned himself at her entrance and thrust forward with steady pressure.

Nonye squealed with pleasure when she felt him at her entrance and rocked her body back against him.

Just as before, though it didn’t take as long, his cockhead surged inside her with a loud pop. She moaned loudly, arched her back, tensed her shoulders and turned to meet his eyes. The look on her face was like a goad to his already highly aroused body.

He had only ever seen that look on a woman’s face in a porn video.

She had a look of pleading desperation on her beautiful face. It was as if she were begging him, begging him to take her, begging him to make her his. Her burning eyes seemed to glow with the intensity of her lust for him.

He saw her mouth move as she mumbled something he couldn’t hear and leaned forward, resting his flabby gut on her lovely thick ass, slipped a hand beneath her to rub and pinch her swollen clit and reached around and gripped her neck.

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