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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus VII (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus VII (18+)

Get a grip!” Nonye shouted and turned quickly to exit the bathroom. She immediately changed into some dry panties. She picked out a conservative outfit today – because of what happened yesterday – consisting of trousers and a long-sleeved buttoned-up blouse. And off she went to work.


“Again, I want to apologize for my behavior darling, and here is a bonus check for you. A well-deserved bonus,” Principal Pelumi said, handing the beautiful woman a check. Nonye had just gotten to work and confronted the Principal.

“If you pull that again, I will go to the police,” she said sternly, taking the check from him. She sat down at her desk and put her earphones on without looking at him. Oddly, she wasn’t unnerved by him; she felt comfortable. What the hell has come over me, she thought.

The Principal retreated back to his desk and sat down in his creaky chair. He immediately reached down and started to massage his prick under his desk as he looked at Nonye. She was dressed conservatively today, but the vision of her breasts contained in her skimpy bra from yesterday was entrenched in his mind.

As he stroked his cock to attention, he licked his lips and silently groaned. Oh, the feel of those big breasts… even if it was only a quick grope. And then grabbing her thin waist and sticking his cock into her pant-covered ass after he emptied his load… the Principal’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he relived the experience in his mind.

To top it off – she didn’t quit her job, and she forgave him! He was so scared that he had seen the last of her.

As Nonye sat at her desk and worked on her laptop, she felt her slob of a boss leering at her, but instead of cringing, she actually felt excited, almost as if she wanted him to stare at her. She wanted to torture him with her flawless looks, knowing he could never have her. The power she had in her dream last night felt so amazing. Nonye suddenly felt that familiar wetness in her panties and she suddenly became hot.

“Oh god, what’s happening to me?” she thought. She was losing the battle of sanity to her hormones. It’s like she all of a sudden unlocked a part of her she never knew existed.

Luckily for Nonye, the Principal was interrupted by a phone call, and he had to leave. Nonye retreated to the restroom to splash water on her face. Her mind then switched to her husband and how she planned to seduce him tonight… she needed sex badly. She reasoned that’s why she was having naughty dreams and thoughts. Certainly, it wasn’t because she felt any bit of attraction to her boss.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. The Principal kept quiet for the most part, knowing he shouldn’t push his luck with Nonye yet. One more incident and she would for sure be gone. He continued to leer at her pretty face… those sexy cheeks and luscious lips. Unfortunately, he couldn’t leer at her body because of the conservative outfit, but her face was just as much of a turn-on. She could be on the cover of a magazine, with those eyes and glamorous hair. He wondered if her cunt had the same pretty hair too.

It was finally time to leave and Nonye said goodbye to the Principal. It was a bit odd for her because she actually felt a little disappointed leaving. She reminded herself how crazy that was – she hated her job and her asshole boss. Maybe she was disappointed because she wasn’t getting the attention at home that she got at work. The Principal admired her every minute of the day… maybe she was becoming addicted to that somehow.

“Uggh, I just need to get home and get the house ready for Tobi. I need some good sex tonight. That will be the remedy for my disturbing thoughts and raging hormones,” she thought as she grabbed her purse and headed out, closing the door behind her.

Nonye walked towards her car, clicking her heels on the pavement. She put on her designer sunglasses and reached for her keys to the BMW. She stopped in her tracks.

“Oh damnit,” she thought. “The bonus check.”

Nonye turned back around and headed back to the Principal’s office to grab the check she forgot that was sitting on her desk. She wanted to deposit that thing ASAP, as who knows what might happen to that check if she left it sitting around. Hopefully, she could quietly sneak in there to grab it and avoid talking to the Principal.

She tried not to make noise with her heels as she approached the door. She quietly turned the knob and nudged the door. She reached inside towards her desk to grab the check when she heard a noise.

“Uuuughhh… aarggghhh… oohhh Nonye… ooohh sweetie… Let me see those breasts… take it off… ohhh god take it off… I’ve been dreaming every night of seeing those breasts… arrgghh…”

Nonye’s jaw dropped, and she froze in place as she looked over at the Principal, who was leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed. His hand was rubbing his fat cock up and down. He continued to groan obscenities and call Nonye’s name, unaware of the beauty standing at his door watching.

Nonye was mesmerized. She stood and watched him stroke his meaty cock. The head was enlarged as it oozed pre cum. Nonye immediately became aroused, and her nipples hardened. Once again, her panties were becoming wet.

She trembled as she held on to the door. My god… he was going to town on his big fat cock thinking about her and her big boobs. The realization that she had driven him to this point was making her hot. She was reminded of her erotic dream last night, where she was sucking on his cock and teasing him with her naked breasts.

All of a sudden, the Principal moaned, “Oh fuck Nonye… here I cum!” He sprayed cum two feet into the air as his mushroom-headed cock exploded. “Ohhh… Nonye… ugghhh,” he continued as he spurt load after load up into the air. The cum landed on his clothes and on the desk. Nonye couldn’t take her eyes off his prick as he rubbed his cum out.

As soon as he began to slow down and the explosion was over, she quickly grabbed the check and ducked out of the office, quietly closing the door behind her.

She hurriedly left the building and sat in her car. She couldn’t believe what she saw… and not only that, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She contemplated shoving her hand down into her pants right then to pleasure herself, but she thought better of it and drove away.

The Principal basked in his seat with his hand still on his cock and cum all over the place. Ever since the incident yesterday, he was jacking off all the time, and each time felt as good as the last. He was so euphoric that Nonye was still his employee, and he dreamed of more instances of seeing her hot body.

He was so close to pulling her little bra off her breasts yesterday that he had to fantasize about it actually happening as he pumped his cock time after time, including now in his office. Little did he know Nonye was standing at the doorway watching the entire show willingly.


Nonye was able to keep her mind off her boss as she cleaned the house, cooked dinner, and changed into a fabulous red dress. She was determined to get things back on track with Tobi. It’s crazy he’s been sleeping on the couch… he needs to stop being such a baby. Maybe some mind-blowing sex would be the cure.

As Nonye left the bathroom after applying makeup, she noticed her phone beeping. She saw it was her fiancé that sent a text message, so she opened the message with concern.

“Hey babe, I’m just calling to tell you I have to work the night shift, so I won’t be home until five in the morning. I’ll see you in the morning. Love you.”

Nonye threw her phone down and took her earrings out in frustration. This move to Ojibotu really tested their relationship, but she kept telling herself it is only temporary. Still, she had needs, and her hormones had been on fire lately. She needed Tobi to put that fire out tonight. She really wished she had a dildo right now.

Despite not having a dildo, Nonye planned on treating herself to a nice masturbation session, but she ended up spending two hours on the phone with her best friend, and by the time she hung up, her eyes were nearly closed. She rolled over and quickly fell asleep.


“Mmmm… do you like what you see?” The lady sexily said, pulling the straps of her sports bra down her shoulders. “I bet you want this bra, so you can wank that dirty cock off with it.”

“Oh give it to me, sweetheart! Give me your panties too! Oh yes, yes, yes… show me those breasts!” The Principal said as he swiftly stroked his fat cock. He was sitting at his chair behind the desk, watching Nonye as she stood in front of him in just a sports bra and panties.

As soon as Nonye pulled the top down and exposed her big breasts, the Principal shrieked, and his cock exploded like a fire hydrant.


Nonye suddenly sprang up to her feet. She looked around and then immediately looked down towards her chest, expecting to see her bare breasts. Instead, she was wearing the T-shirt she went to sleep in. She looked up in front of her but didn’t see the Principal sitting at his desk while his cock erupted.

Nonye realized she was dreaming, so she plopped back down into the bed. She looked over at the clock and noticed it was 2:52 AM. “Damn!” she thought, wishing it was 5 AM so that she could fuck Tobi’s brains out. Her bed was soaking wet after another erotic dream about her pig boss. Oh, but the dream was so hot. Nonye immediately reached down and started to masturbate… moaning and groaning… shaking and shivering. It didn’t take long for her to cum on her fingers, nearly in tears as she screamed in pleasure. The only thing on her mind as she fondled her pussy was her dirty boss wanking his cock as he looked at her naked body and begged her to succumb to him.


Nonye woke to her alarm and noticed her fiancĂ©e was sound asleep next to her. She hadn’t heard him get home. “He must be exhausted,” she thought as her alarm didn’t even wake him. Deep down, she hoped he would be up because she needed sex, rationalizing it as a way to get her crazy thoughts about the Principal out of her mind.

Nonye rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. She couldn’t keep her hands from rubbing her big nipples and teasing her clit while under the hot water. For two straight nights, she had mind-blowing orgasms from her dreams.

She couldn’t understand why – the fat pig of a man repulsed her, but yet, in her dreams, she wanted him to want her body… she wanted him to stroke his meat, looking at something he could never in his wildest dreams get. The power was intoxicating to her.

Even though she wanted to remain in the shower to masturbate, she got out and began to get dressed for work. As she thumbed through her wardrobe, she suddenly had chills as she passed a sexy outfit of hers consisting of a short, tight blue skirt and a yellow coloured blouse. Subconsciously she pulled it out and put it on. The skirt was high up on the waist, showing off her spectacular curvy hips and hourglass shape. Complete with high heels. She was a sight to behold.

Just before leaving the house, she paused and looked in the mirror. “Oh Nonye, what are you doing wearing a mini skirt? You know that pig is going to be drooling, and you hate him,” she thought. But her body betrayed her as she felt a thrill shoot through her bones, and with one last glance, she headed out the door.

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