September 28, 2023
Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus II (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus II (18+)

To say the earth shook the moment Nonye walked into the Principal’s office would be an understatement, at least if you asked the Principal himself. He was paralysed. The lady smiled as she entered, showing her sparkling white teeth, and closed the door behind her.

She was wearing an expensive blue suit, which consisted of a tight skirt cut several inches above the knee, a blazer opened enough to show the flawless skin on her chest, and a v-cut blouse that showed a hint of cleavage. Her heels only made her perfect legs seem longer and more succulent.

Her long hair was perfectly groomed, and her diamond engagement ring lit up the room.

“Principal Badmus, hi, I’m Nonye George,” she said in a sweet yet confident voice as she approached him with her hand extended. Pelumi stood up and took her little hand in his.

Nonye was surprised at how foul this man looked and smelled, but she reminded herself this was Ojibotu. What did she expect? He fits in perfectly with the dirty appearance of the school.

“Well, hello there,” he said with a stupefied grin as he gently shook her hand. His eyes couldn’t help travelling up and down her body, including a pause at the cleavage ever so slightly peeking out from the blouse and blazer.

Nonye noticed his eyes inspecting her hot body, and it immediately grossed her out, but she figured that was to be expected on a job interview, which is why people get dressed up in the first place.

Besides, she had grown used to men ogling at her many years ago, older fat men certainly not excluded.

There was an uncomfortable silence as he continued to hold her hand and look at her breasts. Pelumi simply couldn’t find words to say, which was uncommon for the man. Not only was he tongue-tied, but saliva was starting to form at the corner of his mouth.

He had never seen such a beautiful creature in person before.

He continued to look at her body. She knew she had to break the ice.

“Here is my cv. I couldn’t find your website or else I would have emailed it to you,” she said as she pulled her hand away from his grip. She had to wipe her hand on her skirt from the filthy, greasy texture of his hand. If she only knew what his hand had just been doing.

She reached into her notebook and pulled out a clean, crisp copy of her resume. This seemed to jar the horny man out of his daze.

“Yes, yes, of course. Our website is… ummm… under construction,” he lied, knowing there was no such thing. Someone had created a website several years ago, but it was never kept up with, so it was now nothing but a waste of a webpage in cyberspace.

“Please, pull up a chair while I look at this,” he said. He remained standing as he pretended to look at the piece of paper. What he really was doing was keeping his eyes glued on the sexy woman. She turned and bent slightly to pull a chair over to the desk.

Pelumi’s cock began to inflate again as he watched her amazing ass in her tight skirt. After she pulled the chair over, she sat down, crossing her legs, while the perverted Principal watched her every movement.

Pelumi finally sat down in his creaky chair and put down the cv. He really didn’t care what the piece of paper said; it could have been a warrant for her arrest, but he was still going to hire her.

“So a university degree, eh?” he asked. She was a bit surprised he would ask that. Did they hire people without a degree?

“Yes sir, I graduated with a 2nd class upper degree in Education. I was a 4.0 student and the president of my department. I also…”

“So tell me, why are you looking for a job in Ojibotu?” He said, cutting her off. Despite being nearly entirely focused on her sexy body, he couldn’t help but ask the obvious, common sense question.

“My fiancĂ© got a job here in Ojibotu. We are in the process of moving here,” she answered swiftly.

“So you are married?” he said, looking up from her legs to notice the ring on her finger.

“Engaged, yes. We will be getting married in November.”

Pelumi let out a cough and then cleared some mucus from his throat. Nonye began to feel sick to her stomach. This man was simply repulsive.

“Well sweetie, I’m not going to lie, we need help. When can you start?” He said, leaning forward from his chair to get a closer look at the fidgeting woman. She was caught off guard by him calling her sweetie. How inappropriate.

“Er… well… as early as next week, but…”

“OK, I have a special position I’m trying to fill, and I think you would be the perfect fit,” he began, cutting her off again. He had just come across an idea, making his cock even harder. With the stimulus money the government gave him, he had some money to work with.

Yes, he had planned to give himself a nice bonus with it, but he would gladly trade it for a chance to work extra close with the lovely young bride-to-be.

“I need a secretary,” he continued. “We have the girls up front, but they do general work for the school, whereas I need someone to help me do my job.”

“Principal Badmus, with all due respect, my degree is in education, so I thought this interview was for a teaching position,” she said.

She figured teaching would pay a higher salary, and the experience would boost her resume. Not to mention, she really wanted to work with kids to prepare her for her future family.

“Hmm, we do have a teaching position open for JSS3, but we have a lot of other candidates applying for that job, so I can consider you for it,” he said nonchalantly, disappointed she didn’t show interest in his special position.

“Can I have more infor…” she began to inquire about the teaching position before he interrupted her.

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” he said, scratching his fat chin. “The starting salary for my secretary is 50,000 Naira, with plenty of growth and bonus opportunity.”

Nonye’s jaw dropped. 50,000 starting salary? In this town where the cost of living is dirt cheap? She couldn’t believe it to be true.

“How much is the starting salary for the teaching position?” she asked, clearly perkier than before.

“25,000,” he replied with a smile, knowing it was no match for the other offer. “But anyways, if you’re more interested in the teaching position, I’ll be glad to consider you, but I must tell you there is a lot of competition.”

He stood up and reached out his hand to shake it as if the interview was over. Nonye gave a blank stare ahead in thought as Pelumi stood with his hand out.

“Wait, Principal Badmus,” she said, looking up at him. She didn’t want to be a secretary, especially for this pig of a man, but this would only be for one year, and the salary would do wonders for her future husband and her, considering he would be making close to nothing starting out with his dad.

And she knew there weren’t any jobs within miles of this crap hole of a town.

“I’ll take the secretary job.” She continued looking him in the eyes until she felt a strange nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach as if she knew she was making a mistake she would regret, but before she could change her mind, Pelumi reached down and grabbed her hand to shake.

“Welcome aboard, Ms. Nonye,” he said with a huge grin as they shook hands. She was a little stunned… it was happening so fast, but she just nervously grinned back at him and pulled her hand away.

“Thank you, I’m eager to get started,” she said with a nervous grin.


It had been a week since her interview. In the meantime, the young couple moved into their new house. Her husband had started work right away and was working crazy hours, leaving Nonye home alone for most of the day.

She kept busy unpacking and fixing up the house, but by the end of the week, she had become bored out of her mind. Even though it was work, and her boss was a pig from all indications, she was looking forward to a change of scenery.

She was grateful that she found a job so quickly and easily, as opposed to sitting around the house all day. She couldn’t believe Tobi didn’t want her to work.

It was true Tobi didn’t like the idea of his future wife having to work, but he was willing to accept it if it made her happy. However, when he learned she would be making N50,000, he became very uncomfortable since he was only making peanuts.

He was a prideful man, so it cut deep into his ego, and Nonye noticed a change in him. She wished she hadn’t told him what the real salary was going to be. There was this uncomfortable vibe between them whenever the topic of work came up.

As Nonye put the finishing touches on her makeup this Monday morning, she thought of an idea to make her husband a nice dinner tonight. She would be getting home a lot earlier than him, so she wanted to do something special in hopes of putting him in a better mood.

Ever since she told him what her salary was, they barely had any intimacy. “He needs to grow up,” she thought to herself after thinking about how he turned her down for sex last night. Maybe a nice dinner would improve his mood.

Nonye was dressed to kill, as usual, since it was her first day of work. She had a bunch of nice, expensive suits and work outfits from when she worked an internship at the university. Today she decided on a tight yet conservative-length black skirt and cream-coloured button-up blouse.

She put on black high heels and put her hair in a ponytail. Her tanned flawless legs were bare. She also liked to wear thin, non-padded bras, so her breasts always bounced with every step, and her nipples usually poked through her blouses if stimulated.

Her panties of choice were always thongs because she liked to wear tight pants and skirts and didn’t want her panty lines showing.

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