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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus [Finale] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus [Finale] (18+)

He ground his teeth and thrust forward a little, then drew back, thrust forward, then drew back, sinking a little deeper inside her with each thrust. He wanted to give her tight little pussy a chance to adjust itself to his length and girth.

He squeezed her neck firmly and turned her jaw so he could reach her lips with his. He teased her clit. Choked her. Kissed her. Fucked her.

He broke their kiss and put his thick lips next to her delicate ear. She felt his breath on the sensitive skin of her neck, felt his scratchy beard against her ear and trembled, churning her pussy around his hard cock with even greater intensity.

“I’m going to fuck you so good you’re going to beg me to cum in your pussy,” he whispered hoarsely.

She moaned and thrust back against his impaling cock, then tried to turn her head to kiss him again, but he kept his lips next to her ear. That cock of his was driving her up the wall. It was creating friction in ways she never could’ve imagined.

Had his hand not been choking her, she would’ve hissed with lust through her teeth at the thought of that cock.

He thrust forward powerfully and felt himself bottom out inside her. He held still. He didn’t want to cum too soon. She had brought him so close to cumming so many times that it was hard for him to control himself, but he’d cum less than an hour before, and that gave him the ability to keep his orgasm in check… at least for a little while.

Once the urge to cum went away, he held still for a few moments longer, then he pulled back, nearly popping out of her sweet, sweet pussy. He held still a beat, then thrust forward powerfully, bottoming out again.

That’s enough, he thought and hammered his cock into her.

He fucked her hard and fast. He humped her so fast and powerfully that his fat body shook like a bowlful of jelly. Nonye started making a strange high-pitched whine in deep in her throat that steadily picked up the volume as he fucked her.

He stopped suddenly and leaned towards her.

“You’re going to beg me to put a baby in your belly tonight Nonye,” he hissed urgently in her ear.

She heard him clearly despite her whine.

Then he started hammering his cock mercilessly into her clasping pussy, but his words set her off.

The whine stopped, and she screamed.


She thrust back hard, the muscles of her arms and thighs trembling at the task of supporting his heavyweight and at the effort of pushing back against him to get as much of his cock inside her as possible.

He gripped her neck… not too tight… and felt her already tight pussy clamp down and spasm around his cock. The muscles of her pussy rippled and contracted powerfully as she came explosively on his cock.

That was it. No amount of superhuman effort or willpower could keep him from cumming. He slammed into her. The tip of his cock was deeper than any other man’s had ever been and ever would be.

Principal Pelumi took his hand from her neck and from her clit, gripped her hips tightly, sat up straight on his knees, threw his head back and roared powerfully as what felt like a volcanic geyser of cum shot powerfully from his cock. His balls shot up close to his groin and pulsed as jet after jet of his potent sperm blasted inside Nonye’s fertile little pussy.

Had he given himself a chance to think about it, he probably wouldn’t have choked her. It was a dangerous thing to do. He had seen it in a porno once. When he choked her, he shut her oxygen off, increasing the carbon dioxide in her body and causing her to become lightheaded. The thing is, it intensified her pleasure a hundredfold.

All previous orgasms she ever had were nothing compared to this one. Her arms gave out, and she fell limp on the bed with her head, shoulders and chest resting on it. Her arms were above her head, and her fists gripped and twisted the bedspread. The only reason she didn’t fall flat on the bed was that Principal Pelumi was holding her up by her hips and by his tremendous pulsing cock buried deep inside her.

Her heart rate was through the roof, her pupils were dilated, and her pelvic, anal and uterine muscles contracted rhythmically inside her. She was in another world… in another universe. This orgasm… this one orgasm, was the most earth-shattering, screaming-laughing-crying experience of pure ecstasy she had ever experienced. She could see what looked like entire universes flash and spark behind her eyelids.

She moaned and gyrated her hips, churning herself on his thick impaling cock as multiple smaller and weaker, though no less pleasurable, orgasms deep inside her continued to send bolts of pure pleasure coursing through her exhausted body.

Completely spent, Principal Pelumi tumbled sideways on the bed, drawing her with him, still sunk deep inside her. They lay on their sides, breathing raggedly, their chests rising and falling rapidly, trying to suck in enough oxygen to function.

Nonye brought her arms up and covered her head.

“I’ve never experienced anything even remotely like that,” she panted.

She lowered her arms and looked at him with wide blue eyes filled with apprehension.

“We’re going to do that again, right?” she asked… begged.

“Oh hell yeah we are,” he rasped. “But you need to give me some time to recover, okay?”

She nodded and snuggled back into him. His body was soft and fat, but it felt good against her.

Everything about him was good, she thought. I wouldn’t change a thing.


When Tobi walked in the door at around midnight, a hideous stench hit him like a kick in the gut. Face twisted in disgust, he walked in to find Nonye and an ugly fat man in his 50s wearing old sweat-stained clothes chatting pleasantly at the dining room table. They looked relaxed, content and comfortable.

The remains of a nice meal lay before them. It looked like Nonye had cooked for some homeless guy. She was always doing stupid shit like that. Once they were married, he’ll make sure she didn’t waste her time with useless crap or associate with disgusting people like whoever this old guy was, or even work. He will make sure she didn’t work.

“Tobi, I didn’t expect to see you until later,” Nonye said, sounding anything but enthusiastic. She looked tired and relaxed.

She stood and motioned to the homeless guy.

“This is Principal Pelumi, my boss. Principal Pelumi, this is Tobi, my fiancé.”

There was a strange inflection in her voice when she said “my fiancé” that made him turn to ask her about it, but the thought went astray when the filthy old man stood to shake his hand. The man’s hand was fat and sweaty.

Goddamn, the old man was hideous! How many fat jiggly chins does he have? He’s gotta weigh 300 pounds, and he looks greasy and dirty. He was bald as an egg on top, and the gray hair on the sides and back of his head was long and greasy. Tobi was pretty sure the old man was the source of that vile stench. It was hard to believe this guy was the principal of her school.

,Tobi on the other hand, was six foot three, ruggedly handsome, athletic, broad-shouldered and clean. The very picture of male dominance

“Pleasure to meet you Tobi. You have yourself a great gal here,” the old man said in a deep gravelly voice, smiling wide and winking surreptitiously at Nonye who flashed a quick smile and turned to face Tobi.

He was rubbing his hand on his trouser leg, trying to wipe away the dead fish feel of the old man’s hand.

“Nice to meet you too, sir,” he said insincerely. He was dead tired and wished the disgusting old man wasn’t there.

“How was work?” Nonye asked, sounding strangely nervous.

“Oh it was fine,” he said dismissively. “Any of that food left?”

She shook her head.

“I can make you noodles or something, if you like.”

He shook his head.

“That’s okay. I’m off to take a shower then I’m going to bed. Nice to finally meet you Principal Pelumi. Make yourself at home.”

He nodded and walked into the bedroom.


Shutting the door behind him, Tobi stripped to his underwear and rummaged in a dresser for something comfortable to sleep in. When he turned to walk into the bathroom, his bare foot slid on something slimy. He stepped on one of his t-shirts lying discarded on the floor.

He picked it up, intent on dropping it in the clothes hamper and noticed it was smeared with foul-smelling globs and streaks of a slimy white substance. The stuff got all over his hand. Shrugging disgustedly, he dropped it in the basket and went to take a shower. Forgetting about the slimy stuff on his hand, he ran his fingers through his hair.

He wondered why the smell seemed to intensify. Why did it smell so damn foul?

He limped into the bathroom, trying to avoid smearing whatever that stuff was on his foot.


Principal Pelumi and Nonye looked at each other and smiled conspiratorially as Tobi left the room.

Oh, I’ll make myself at home alright, Principal Pelumi thought gleefully. He knew there was more yet to come.

Nonye sat across from him, feeling his cum ooze out of her still-throbbing pussy and soaking her lacy panties. She had no idea how many times he made her cum. She lost count well after ten.

With Tobi, she was lucky if she came at all, and then it’ll be nothing like the mind-blowing orgasms she experienced with Principal Pelumi.

She knew the horny old man had cum twice deep inside her. Her thoughts flitted away in denial at the possible consequences of their actions and shuddered, not in disgust, but in excitement.

She felt dreamily relaxed, comfortable with the knowledge that all was well with the world. She was wearing a soft, comfortable shirt that hugged her body enticingly and a snug pair of shorts that spelled out “juicy” on her perfect ass. She knew he was staring at her full breasts, admiring their perfect shape and the erect nipples denting the soft material fascinatingly. She didn’t mind at all. She welcomed it. He could stare at her to his heart’s content. Knowing he did, it gave her butterflies in her stomach. Tobi hadn’t even noticed what she was wearing.

Sighing regretfully, he stood ponderously and tugged his trousers higher on his bulging stomach. She stood gracefully with him and waited.

“Guess it’s time for me to go,” he said, glancing at the closed bedroom door.

She nodded.

Silently, they walked loose-hipped out the front door and shoulder to shoulder to his car.

“Guess it’s your boy’s turn now.”

In the dark, he didn’t see her face, but he saw her take a graceful step toward him. He opened his arms to her.


“If you don’t watch your mouth, it’ll never be YOUR turn again!”

He paused a beat, then nodded contritely, ignoring his stinging cheek. There was an imprint of her slender hand on his pasty skin. She slapped him a bunch of times tonight… ‘worth it.’

She spun on her heel and turned to go. Her back was ramrod straight, anger written in every line of her body.

He caught her waist as she spun and pulled her to him. Her body off balance, she fell straight into him.

He drew her tight and slipped his hands down to grip a firm cheek in each hand, then kissed her hard.

She tensed and then melted into him. Her sweet feminine body moulded itself to his fat lumpy one as she kissed him back, opening her mouth when she felt his tongue demanding entrance.

It was passionate… and desperate. Neither of them wanted it to end. He could feel her nipples harden against his chest, and she could feel his cock rise to pulse again against her vulva.

They broke away at the same time and stood staring at each other.

Without another word, he got in his car and drove home.


Months later…

“Alright children, settle down and take your seats.”

The classroom quieted down as several dozen 9-year-old children scrambled for their seats.

They watched as their pretty teacher sat waiting for them behind her desk.

“Thank you children. Now, let’s get started.”

A little girl at the front of the class raised her hand and waved it excitedly.

“Yes Sandra?” she asked patiently, standing up from her desk and walking to the chalkboard.

Sandra motioned at her teacher’s enormous belly.

“Mrs. Pelumi, have you picked a name for your baby yet?”

The End

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