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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XIV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XIV (18+)

“Oh, Lenny!” she cried out. “You’re going to make me cum!”

I spent several more loving minutes on her breasts and could tell by her frantic quivering movements that she was coming. She gasped wildly as I fondled and suckled her perfect breasts.

“You are so beautiful, Ginika,” I remarked as she settled back into my lap. “But don’t worry because there is more to come!” I reached down to grab her by the hips and boosted her up and swung her around to the edge of the tub, placing her hot wet pussy right at mouth level. She looked down at me as I kissed my way up along the soft tender skin of her thigh.

“Eat my pussy, Lenny!” she cried out. “Eat my wet pussy!”

I couldn’t resist and buried my face in her tight little twat. She shaved her pussy but left a delicate little patch of soft fur on top. The rest was smooth and hot and ready for my tongue to perform. Why I found it so exciting, I could not tell, but it drove me to lap at her pussy wildly. The outer lips of her pussy were thin making it easy to get my tongue to the inner lips. Her hard little clit was already protruding from its hood. I licked and kissed her hot tight little pussy.

The taste of her sex was like a fresh sweet peach just picked from the tree. I clamped my mouth onto her, my tongue pressing deeply against her, licking madly.

“My boyfriend never eats me like this! Oh, god! Eat my pussy, Lenny! Oh! Oh! I want to come!”

Despite her urgent pleas, I took my time building her up. Noting her response to my every move, I lifted her up the ladder of love, one precious teasing step at a time. She leaned back onto the ledge of the tub, arching her back and thrusting her hips toward my face. One at a time, she brought her legs up and rested her thighs on my shoulders. Then she hooked her ankles together and dug her heels into my back to increase the pressure against my mouth.

Her hot wet pussy was delicious and I nibbled gently on her clit. Suddenly with a gasp, she reached forward and grabbed me by the head. It felt for a moment as if she was going to rip my head right off my neck as she implored me to eat her out. Finally, I stepped up my tongue lashing to the maximum, stuffing two then three fingers up her pussy. I sucked her hooded tight little clit up into my mouth, pressing my tongue into it and wiggling and moaning as I did her. I could feel the tingling spread from her pussy up through her body as a wave of climaxing passion rose up to consume her.

“Oh, my god!” she screamed. “I’m coming!”

With a final thrust against my face, she broke through and collapsed on top of me, draping her spent body over my head and shoulders. I slowly released her and began to gently rub her quivering body as she tried to catch her breath.

“Oh, girl,” I whispered. “I just love your pussy!”

I eased her off the edge of the tub and she slipped back down into the bubbling water.

“Now it’s my turn to do you,” she whispered breathlessly. Her eyes opened widely with a startling look of desire that fanned out over her pretty face. This was no look of innocence, but that of a mature and seasoned longing. “Lenny, I want to suck your cock!”

“My boyfriend says I’m not too good at this so I hope you like it,” she said sounding almost apologetic.

“Almost like eating an ice cream cone,” I cracked. “Just start with a kiss and a few licks. But don’t forget to use your hands.”

I sat up on the edge as she kissed her way down my body until her mouth hovered over my cock. She grabbed and stroked it gently with one hand while fondling my balls with the other. She slipped down between my legs, her breasts pressing against my thighs. Slowly she blew her hot breath against the tip of my cock, her fingers creeping up my chest and making a slow circle of my nipples with each sharp fingernail.

Her warm breath continued down the length of my cock, her sparkling dark eyes continuing to look up at me. Slowly her tongue slithered out and the very tip traced down the taut stretch of skin that separates my balls, making them twitch. Then her tongue curled and washed the underside of my balls, curling enough to draw one to her mouth, her lips enveloping it with the warmth and wetness of her hungry mouth.

She pulled back slightly letting it pop from her mouth only to suck in the other one, After rolling her tongue all around it, she opened her mouth and released it, letting her teasing breath trace a path back up.

Her fingernails raked down my chest toward my hips, finally lowering her head to engulf the head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue began an assault against the slit, searching for a taste of my precum, her fingernails digging into my hips as her tongue circled the head and flickered on the tight patch of skin that connected the head and the shaft on the underside. Raking her fingernails down to my thighs, suddenly and without warning, she buried me in her throat, until the head banged the back.

Then her throat snapped around me, tugging me as she swallowed, each gulp a furious and angry milking of the head. Then, she began to purr deep in her throat causing an intense vibration to rock through the shaft flow all the way down to my balls. Then she began to make love to me with her mouth, her tongue all over me, her lips tugging and teasing as she made her mouth a tight wet pussy. My fingers laced through her hair as she sucked me tightly.

“Oh, my god, girl!” I moaned encouragingly. “Just like that! Suck my cock!”

She began to bob her head up and down matching the movement of her hands and mouth. I resisted the urge to thrust my cock up into her mouth and instead let her take the lead. I brought a hand down to her head and brushed a few strands of wet hair from her face. She began to moan as she sucked me, gently rotating her mouth a little as she bobbed up and down. She brought her head up all the way and let my stiff cock pop out of her mouth but kept stroking it firmly.

“You can’t tell me you aren’t any good at this, Ginika,” I called out.

She gave me a flirty little smile that told me she had been joking with me and then went back down on me, working more eagerly than before. She took a few licks up and down the entire length of the shaft, doing some circle on the head and then licking her way back down to my balls. She sucked each one into her mouth again teasing them with her tongue, all the while stroking my cock with her firm grip.

“Okay,” I said, finally pulling her up from the water. “I want to make love to you now!”

She climbed up onto my lap and her hot wet pussy found my cock ready for action. It took very little effort for me to slip inside her as she slowly took every inch of my hard wet cock inside her. I reeled from the spectacular and breathtaking feeling of moving so slowly up inside her warm wet pussy. With my hands reaching around to hold and guide her ass, she grabbed me by the shoulders and began to bounce up and down. I flicked my tongue out to eagerly lap at her gorgeous breasts as they bobbed in front of me.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out. “But I just don’t want you to love me, I want you to fuck me!”

Her breathing and moans increased in tempo. The movement of her tight little pussy was working on me as well. The sensations she brought were beyond what I had ever known with my ex-wife or any other woman that I could remember. My eyes closed and my head fell backward in ecstasy as every luscious feeling swept over me.

The sound of her moans and our splashing in the bubbling water grew louder and more frequent and I had to look back at this wonderful vision of sexual pleasure, this beautiful girl with the gorgeous breasts and the tight little pussy riding me like a bareback rider on a wild stallion. She finally began to slow down.

“Oh, god! I’ve got to catch my breath!” she exclaimed between heavy breaths.

“Here! Let’s try this,” I suggested pulling her up and off of my long stiff cock and turning her around.

She completed turning around and sat back down on me, the wonderful curves of her backside facing me. Her pussy sucked my cock up entirely inside of her. I reached around to cup her breasts as she rode me. Our movement together began to grow wilder with each stroke.

Soon I found my hips bouncing up off the edge as I began to stand and drive my cock home, her firm ass slapping back against my belly. She began to lean forward and reached out to hold onto the tub across from her. The added leverage helped her push back against me.

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