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May 8, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XIII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XIII (18+)

She turned her head from side to side a few times as if her neck were stiff. She slipped her hand up from the swirling water to rub it lightly.

“Any matter?” I asked.

“Just a little stiff,” she replied.

“Well here,” I said shifting around to reach up to touch her neck and shoulders. “Mr. Good hands to the rescue.”

“Hmm, Mr. Good Neighbor. Mr. Good hands,” she said, glancing at me for a moment. She smiled and then leaned back into my touch and my fingers began to work at the tightness at the base of her neck. Her soft, smooth, and supple flesh began to melt as I worked my magic.

“There is something very sensual and intimate about this,” I said, feeling the tenseness slowly work its way out of her. “You have lovely skin tone, Ginika. I could get used to this very easily.” I worked my hands up her neck and out along her shoulders and heard her begin to purr.

“Mm, that feels wonderful,” she sighed. “I’m the one who could get used to this.”

“How’s this?” I asked as I worked my hands further down the stiff muscles of her spine. “Such a tense little thing. I hope it’s not because we’re sitting here together.”

“Mm, ooh, Lenny,” she sighed in relief. “No, this tub is one of the reasons I wanted to come over. I don’t have anything like this at my hostel. And your hands are working wonders.”

“Well, I did learn from an expert,” I added, working down from her shoulders.

“Your ex-girlfriend?” she asked, tilting her head to the side and sneaking a look back at me.

“No,” I laughed. “Someone long before she came along. An old friend who had traveled a lot in Asia.”

The muscles of her back were relaxing, and I moved my hands expertly down her back, loosening along her spine and out to the side. The feel of her smooth supple skin was nearly as intoxicating as the scent of her damp hair twisted up and pinned right in front of me.

“I love the scent of your hair,” I remarked casually. “It’s so sweet.”

For a moment she didn’t respond but then leaned forward away from my touch.

“That feels really good,” she said, giving me a look I couldn’t quite figure out. “Maybe we should stop right there.”

The night air and the drinking and the hot water were beginning to work their magic on me, as I leaned back into my own spot. We sat apart for several minutes, listening to the music playing off in the distance and the sound of the burbling water. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I could smell the young flowers her mother had planted near the bath, mingling with her own scent that was equal in all measure to that of the flowers.

Then it felt as if she was moving closer to me, as the light brushing of her fingertips fell on my thigh. It was a light touch at first, but then her hand settled, her palm and fingers coming to rest. I reached down as if to brush her hand away, but my hand came to a rest on top of hers.

“Can I ask you something, Good Neighbor Lenny?” she asked, her eyes remaining closed. “Do you like me?”

Somewhat surprised by her question, I looked over at her, reclining in the bubbling water, her face composed with a slight womanly smile. “Well, of course. You’re a lovely young woman.”

“But Lenny, I don’t want to be lovely,” she said, her eyes opening. She rose up slightly in the water, her hand slipping away from me. “Lovely is what you call someone who is plain when you don’t want to insult them. You know like your boss’s wife or one of your mother’s lady friends.”

“Well, I meant that only in the best way, Ginika,” I said trying vainly to clarify. “Look, you’re a very attractive young woman.”

“Well for one thing, I prefer being called a girl. Woman sounds too old for me,” she said, her eyes, so dark and aglow, looking up at me. “But even then, I want to be more than an attractive young girl. I want to be beautiful and sexy and desirable.”

“But you are,” I began. “You are all of those things. You have a terrific smile and a beautiful body and a good sense of humor. But I’m sure that your boyfriend has told you all of that.”

She looked away from me. “Nah, he doesn’t say much about that. Sometimes I think he dates me just for the sex.”

“And I’m sure it’s some great sex,” I said without thinking.

“Maybe for him,” she said settling back again. “He doesn’t seem too interested in what it does for me.”

“That’s a shame,” I said. “But sometimes you have to teach young men how to make love to you. I know I wasn’t born a good lover. It took a good teacher and a lot of practice.”

“Maybe that’s what I need,” she remarked, her eyes opening and looking up at me. “A good teacher.”

Her hand found mine beneath the surface and grasped it.

“Are you sure? I mean you’re a sweet young girl.”

She guided my hand beneath the water to her body, letting my fingers drift over her soft breasts and then plunged it down toward her pussy. As my fingers slipped down to cup her sex, she reached her hands up to my face.

“Can’t you see? Don’t you feel it? It’s a beautiful night out and no one was there for me tonight until we met up. I’m so hot, Lenny. I am so turned on. I need a man, a good man.” She brought her lips toward mine and kissed me fully on the lips. “Would you make love to me, Lenny?” she asked in a soft whisper.

Her body began to press closer to me, our hot wet flesh melding together. She felt so light I picked her up and set her on my lap, the cheeks of her tight little ass nestling down on my growing cock. As she rubbed her twat on me I kissed her harder and with a growing passion. This beautiful girl, fully grown yet almost half my age, was pulling me closer to her, pressing her slender wet hot body against me. Our tongues met and our passion exploded. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on my now hard cock, rocking her hips wildly. My hands reached up and touched her soft round breasts, making her gasp. They were perfect handfuls as I toyed with her nipples, tweaking them between thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, god, Lenny! I am so turned on!” she cried out. “Make love to me, Lenny!”

She rose up from the swirling water onto her knees bringing her breasts up to my mouth. I kissed each one with delight, teasing the nipples to stiff erection with my tongue. 

“You have such beautiful breasts, Ginika,” I said, as she gasped again as I ran my thumbs over her nipples. “And so sensitive.”

“Do you really like them?” she asked humming with pleasure.

“They are perfect!” I said, gazing at them with a tender hungry feeling growing inside me. I looked up to see her smiling at me. I kissed each one tenderly at first, then with more force, sucking the nipples inside my mouth and tickling the firm tips with the end of my tongue. I squeezed her tender flesh together and drew a series of figure eights with my tongue. The skin of her breasts was so smooth and tasted so sweet, I couldn’t take my mouth away.

As I continued to kiss and lick and suck on them, she began to buck and moan, her hips rocking back and forth on my cock that was now stretching out long and firm along my belly. I couldn’t resist nibbling on her stiff little nipples, my teeth at first grazing her sweet flesh then gripping them and pulling on them.

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