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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters X (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters X (18+)

Oyinye melted against me, opening her lips to me, her tongue boldly seeking mine. My hands cupped her face, ran down her arms, wrapped around her, relishing the feeling of a woman’s body against mine.

I slid my hands up under her t-shirt and cupped her breasts, my thumbs brushing against her hardened nipples. It’s a good thing I jerked off in the shower otherwise I would be cumming right now I thought as I gently squeezed her tits. Moving her hands to her waist, she pulled off the t-shirt, baring her perfect breasts. I lowered my head, sucking a dark nipple into my mouth, gently nipping it with my teeth.

“Oh yes,” she breathed, tipping her head back. My fingers were on her shorts opening the button and pulling the zipper down. Tugging on the shorts, they fell to her ankles and she kicked them away. Pulling back, Lenny gazed down at her body, only a tiny pant covering her pussy. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband she slowly pulled it down revealing a fully shaved mound.

“Oh God,” I whispered, staring at her. “Oh Oyinye,” I murmured, pulling her back into my embrace, kissing her deeply, his hands caressing and squeezing her ass.

Her own hand dropped down between our bodies and wrapped around my cock, gently stroking me. Breaking the kiss, she fell to her knees before me and licking her lips, she slid my cock into her mouth.

“Oh God, oh yes,” I gasped as she began sucking me. Like a good student, she excelled at giving head and soon her nose was pressed against my stomach and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Relentlessly, her head bobbed back and forth, letting me slide my cock down her throat until I clenched his fingers in her hair. “Stop Oyinye, oh God, stop,” I begged.

Pulling her mouth from me, she gently stroked my cock. “How many times can you cum in a row?” she asked.

“Usually two,” I gasped.

“Well, what’s the problem?” she asked, about to take my cock in her mouth again.

“I… uh…I came in the shower just a few minutes ago,” he admitted.

A wicked smile curved her lips as she rose. “You naughty boy,” she playfully admonished. “Fuck me,” she whispered, “Fuck me good and hard.”

Surprising her, I spun her around and bent her over my kitchen counter, spreading her thighs with my knee. I could see her pussy was wet, but I teased her, stroking the head of my cock at her entrance, parting her pussy lips and pressing just a bit before sliding up between her ass cheeks, teasing her tight ass hole, before returning to her hungry pussy.

“Oh Lenny, give it to me baby, please don’t tease,” she begged.

With a deep groan, I slid my cock into her welcoming heat, her tight pussy gripping me. Pausing for a moment, I had to catch my breath and then continued my penetration. “God damn, you feel good!” I exclaimed when I was all the way in.

Pulling back I began to fuck her slowly, gradually picking up speed until I was plowing into her, fucking her hard.

“Oh yes, Lenny, give it to me baby, give it to me, ram that cock into me!” she cried out, pushing her hips back, meeting my thrusts.

“You like it rough, baby?” I growled, slamming into her.

“Oh yes,” she answered breathlessly, “I love it.”

Raising my hand, I slapped her ass, hitting one cheek and then the other. Encouraged by her lusty cries, I pulled up one of her thighs, resting the bent knee on a bar stool. Reaching between her legs, I pinched one of her pussy lips between his fingers, still fucking her, I pinched hard, twisting the tender flesh as she cried out, her knuckles numb as she gripped the countertop.

“Oh God, Lenny, oh yes, oh yes,” she gasped.

“You like that, don’t you? You dirty girl,” I hissed in her ear, pinching her again.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m a dirty girl, a dirty slut. Fuck me, baby, fuck me,” she moaned as I continued my assault on her pussy.

“Oh God, oh yes, oh fuck yes,” she cried, flinging her hair back, slapping the counter as her orgasm tore through her, her juices soaking my fingers.

Leaving her thigh pulled up high, I again spanked her ass, slapping her hard.

“Oh yes, spank me,” she gasped.

I happily complied, thoroughly slapping her cheeks. “You are a very naughty girl,” I growled, squeezing her sore ass.

Roughly, I pulled her leg from the barstool and spun her to face me. Dropping in front of her, I gripped her around the legs and lifted her onto the counter. With my arms still wrapped around her thighs, I pulled them apart and lowered my head. With a loud gasp, Oyinye lay back, her head dangling off the edge of the counter as I began to eat her.

“Oh God, Lenny, yes, oh yes,” she breathed as I suckled her clit, nibbled at her pussy lips and plunged my tongue into her. I added my fingers, plunging deeply into her hot, wet hole as I drew her clit into my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she cried as my teeth suddenly bit down on her clit, my fingers pinching and twisting her pussy lips, my other fingers plunging deeply into her. “Fuck yes!” she cried, her back arching up off the counter, her hands grinding my face into her pussy as she came hard, her juices smearing my face.

Lifting my head, I watched her, awed by the beauty of her body. Her tits were firm on her chest, the hardened nipples pointing to the ceiling as her back arched. My fingers dug into her thighs and he again lowered my head, not intending to give her a moment’s rest.

“Oh God, oh God,” she whimpered as my teeth and tongue returned to her quivering mound, once again licking, sucking, and biting.

Momentarily lifting his head, I slapped her wet pussy a few times, much to her delight, before resuming my task.

Writhing on the counter, Oyinye couldn’t even think. All she was aware of was the wicked magic I was working between her thighs. Never before had she received such incredible oral sex, she had certainly never cum so hard from the inexperienced lips of the university boys she had been fucking.

“Oh God yes, Lenny, fuck yes,” she growled as her back again arched up off the counter. “oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” she whimpered as her orgasm ripped through her. She cried out again as I slapped her cumming pussy, the wet smacks ringing through the kitchen.

Without warning, I pulled her towards me and rammed my cock back into her. “God, you are so hot and wet,” I grunted, driving into her. Lowering my head, I sucked a hardened nipple into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth as my cock pummeled her softness.

Raising my head, I grabbed her ankles and lifting them up, pulled them together, pushing them back over her face, exposing her ass to me.

Pulling my cock from her pussy, I gazed down at her tight asshole. Slipping a finger in my mouth, I wet it and pressed the tip against her puckered hole. “I want your ass,” I hissed in her ear as my finger pushed inside her.

“Oh God, oh yes, take my ass, you bastard, fuck it,” Oyinye whimpered.

Encouraged by her words, I forced my finger all the way inside her. Sliding my cock back inside her cunt, I continued fucking her pussy and began finger fucking her ass. She was so tight, I really had to work at it. Slipping my finger from her ass, I wet two of them in juices from her pussy before pushing them both inside her and then adding a third. Pumping my hand quickly, I fucked her ass, my cock matching the pace in her pussy.

“Oh God, yes. Fuck, yes!” she cried as another orgasm erupted within her, both her ass and pussy clenching tightly around me.

I pulled out and dragged her off the counter, turning her around and bending her over. Without waiting, and with his dick soaked with her cum I aimed it at her loosened ass. With a loud grunt, I thrust my hips forward, forcing several inches of my dick into her.

Oyinye cried out loudly as he penetrated her. “Oh yes, yes yes!” she almost screamed, flinging her hair back.

Gripping her hips tightly, I continued sliding my cock inside her. Pulling back slightly, I pushed in further. I kept fucking her slowly, pulling back a little and pushing in further until I was into the hilt, my balls pressed against her soaked pussy.

“Do you like that, you bad girl? You like my cock deep inside your ass?” I growled in her ear, grinding against her.

“Oh yes. It feels so damn good,” she grunted, pressing back against me. “Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck my ass good and hard.”

“Say please,” I whispered.

“Please,” she breathed.

Still holding tightly onto her hips, I pulled back until only my head was still inside her and then slammed back inside, causing her to cry out loudly.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it, give it to me hard,” she growled.

I didn’t hold anything back and began plowing my cock into her. pumping my hips, I fucked her tight ass with all my might, getting more and more turned on by how much she was loving it. Again, lifting her leg to the barstool, I gazed down at her spread cheeks, watching my rod sliding in and out of her, awed by the sight of her tight hole stretched around me. Releasing her hips I spanked her ass.

Crying out incoherently and slapping the counter, Oyinye pushed her ass out, meeting my rough thrusts, loving the feeling of hips slapping against her sore cheeks. The thickness of my cock was spreading her ass, plunging deeply inside, driving her crazy. Skirting the edge of frenzy, she urged me on.

“C’mon baby, give it to me. I love the feel of your big cock inside me, ramming deep in my ass. Fuck me, fuck my tight ass,” she gasped.

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