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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters VIII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters VIII (18+)

“Bravo!” said Adaku from the sidelines, and clapped her hands together a few times. “What a show! You guys are almost as much fun to watch as you are to fuck!”

Iheoma raised her head up from my shoulder and smiled at me. Then she plunged her mouth to mine, and we kissed deeply and lovingly. I felt her lips, full, soft, and voluptuous, gently caressing and sucking my own. I felt her quick, clever tongue, slender and pink, snaking deep inside my mouth. Then I felt Adaku’s quick clever tongue lapping at my balls!

She was eagerly licking up the love sauces that Iheoma and I had carelessly let escape. Although naturally, I couldn’t see the action, I had no doubt that Adaku was able to lap up every drop. These two never let a secretion go to waste. I wondered if the sheets would even need to be washed when we were finished with our session!

Eventually, we were all lying on the bed on our backs, our arms and legs entangled, hands groping each other at random, laughing and joking and kissing as only horny, loving siblings can. We kissed each other at random, and at random points on our bodies. It was a smooching free for all! I enjoyed kissing my beautiful, sexy, voluptuous neighbors on their breasts, on their tummies, on their thighs, on their buttocks, on their mouths. I enjoyed sucking their beautiful painted toes and fingers.

I enjoyed licking their belly buttons and their earlobes and the backs of their knees. Meanwhile, they kissed me on my abdomen, my chest, my ass crack, my nut sack, and of course my cock, up and down the shaft and around the head. And they kissed each other everywhere; on their long sleek legs; on their slender arms; on their proud rib cages and their graceful necks.

We kissed each other everywhere that three loving horny persons in a double bed can kiss each other, and then, finally, we all fell asleep, still entwined, exhausted.

We woke up several hours later, refreshed and horny all over again. Iheoma and Adaku looked at each other with thoughtful looks on their pretty faces.

“I want to ride him now!” said Adaku. “You looked like you really enjoyed it.

“Well, I want his tongue in my pussy again!” said Iheoma. “I haven’t had his mouth on my clit since last night.”

They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then they both yelled out, “Triangle!” and laughed uproariously and kissed each other enthusiastically, their long hair flying around their beautiful faces and heads.

“Excuse me,” I said, hesitantly, feeling a little left out on the reference. “What exactly is ‘triangle’?” Sometimes these two scared me.

“Oh, you’re going to love it,” explained Iheoma. “We’ll do most of the work. You just need to lie there and do what comes naturally.”

Well, I figured, they were the teachers, and I was the student. Whatever they wanted; I was willing to go along. I hadn’t regretted it yet.

“On your back, youngster,” laughed Adaku, pointing to the middle of the double bed. I stretched out on my back, my cock, once again stiff as a baseball bat, pointing at the ceiling.

Adaku pushed my knees together. I was again in position for the Cowgirl fuck. She straddled me, crouching up on the balls of her dainty feet, her moist, delicious pussy hovering inches above my cock, ready to be impaled. Iheoma swung her leg over my head and lowered her own succulent set of pussy lips down to my face. As my tongue felt the first tangy taste of her juices, I felt Adaku’s slippery snatch descend onto my rigid tool, gradually taking it into the hilt.

The dual sensations of Adaku’s pussy on my cock and Iheoma’s snatch on my mouth pushed me into pure ecstasy and beyond.

When I looked up and saw Iheoma leaning forward, I knew what was going on: those two horny lusty sluts were locking lips over my belly! I could hear the slurping, smacking sounds of their osculating mouths, their gulping gullets, their sweet saliva running down their chins. I couldn’t see it, but my mind’s eye filled in the beautiful, erotic image of their angelic faces, their pouty mouths, their clever pink grade-school eraser tongues all over each other.

And all the time, I tasted the sweet, salty, intimate flavor of Iheoma’s fabulous pussy nectar running down my tongue, and felt the smooth, sleek sheath of Adaku’s talented pussy inhaling my cock, head, shaft, and all, deep within her love canal. My tongue explored all of the nooks and crannies and soft voluptuous folds of Iheoma’s beautiful, loving vagina; my cock invaded and penetrated the depths and breadths of Adaku’s wonderful, snug, gripping womanhood. And my ears constantly reminded me of the beautiful, gasping, slippery, moist strawberry-red mouths playing obscenely in the air just above my body.

We worked into a perfect three-way rhythm; my tongue in Iheoma’s groove, poking and prodding and slurping up the tangy, womanly secretions of her sweet, musky pussy walls; my cock in Adaku’s snatch, sliding up and down, in and out, the slippery skin of my shaft being pulled and pushed as the ultra-sensitive tissues of the rim of my cock head were massaged by her smooth, loving membranes; and their soft, squirming, salivating mouths dancing and playing like a pair of ballerinas in the air.

Our hips all began to undulate, our mouths continued to munch on each other, and our hearts raced and our pulses pounded. We all felt the rising endorphins, the surging hormones, the raging brain waves at the same time. We all felt the urgency, the ecstasy, the agony of irresistible pleasures in tune with one another. Each of us felt our souls begin to tip over the edge, begin to lose our balance, begin to feel the inevitable plunge down the inexorable slope of orgasm at the same time.

Iheoma clenched her thighs around my skull and I knew that she was cumming; instinctually, I jammed my cock further up into Adaku’s pussy and she knew that I was cumming; and Adaku bit down on Iheoma’s tongue and jerked her hips like a fish on a line, and we all knew that she was coming. We all cried out as one; one long, loud, loving, yodeling scream of pleasure! The girls crashed over to the side, boobs bouncing and buns twitching, sprawling on the mattress, and we once again found ourselves in a tangle of limbs, lips, and loins.

We lay there for long moments, panting and catching our breath. I glanced over at the long limbs of my beautiful, sexy, slutty, loving neighbors, so entangled with each other and with myself. Gradually, we pulled ourselves apart and sat up on the bed. We looked at each other, huge smiles on our faces. We panted and grinned at each other.

We didn’t know what came next, and we didn’t care. We were living in the moment, and what a fabulous moment it was. At that point, I knew that I had achieved my goal: I was a sexual dynamo, and would never need to feel gawky or awkward with women again. I loved my neighbors.

I looked at them both in the eyes.

“I want to thank you guys,” I said. “You really came through for me. I was such a fool, and you turned me into a sexual dynamo, just like I wanted! You taught me everything. You are the best.” I meant it, too.

“Everything?” said Adaku, her eyebrows shooting upwards. She shot a quick glance at Iheoma, who giggled. “Oh, we have so much more to show you!” Then she and Iheoma laughed and threw pillows at each other, and grabbed me and threw me to my back on the double mattress again.


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