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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters V (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters V (18+)

Saturday morning……..

I awoke slowly, euphoria washing over my mind and body. Why did I feel so good? As I came closer and closer to full consciousness, I realized the source of my pleasure: my dick was being sucked and manipulated by a talented, hardworking mouth! I opened my eyes and looked down. My beautiful, voluptuous, older neighbor, Iheoma, was kneeling on the bed next to me, and she had her luscious lips wrapped around the shaft of my dick. 

She was slurping and sucking, moving her head up and down over and over. She had one hand cradling my balls, and the other jacking the lower half of my shaft, her bright fingernails contrasting with the black color of my erect dick.

Memories came flooding back to me; we were in my bedroom, where my two beautiful, sexy neighbor sisters were breaking me into the ways of love. Technically, I was still a virgin at this point, as we hadn’t yet fucked, but last night, I had enjoyed several wonderful blowjobs and handjobs, along with assorted kissing, fondling, and hugging, not to mention several rounds of very juicy pussy eating.

“Good morning, Lenny,” came a voice at my ear. I turned my head. My other neighbor, Adaku, was kneeling beside my head. I looked up at her smiling face and her large, pendulous, naked breasts, just above her flat, smooth stomach and her shaved pussy. She reached out her hand and stroked my face with her manicured fingers.

“Did you have a good sleep?” she asked. I nodded. “Are you ready for more?” she asked. I nodded and grinned. “Well, first you need a good breakfast,” she declared. “After all, it’s the most important meal of the day!” With that, she swung one knee over my head, and was soon straddling my face! She had her hands on the headboard of the bed, and her beautiful, luscious, hairless pussy lips dangling just above my mouth.

I took the hint. I grabbed her shapely butts in my hands and manipulated her pussy to my mouth. My tongue probed between her fat lips, sliding up and down their length, flicking back and forth between them, and probing deeply into her soft, sensuous, womanly folds. Her musky scent filled my nostrils and her juices ran down into my mouth. Although I’d only been initiated into the joys of pussy munching yesterday, I was already a huge fan and devotee. I lapped greedily at her soft, pink, supple lips; I flicked my tongue over her little nub of a clit; I swallowed her flowing nectar. I love my neighbor. And I love her pussy!

And of course, I also love her sister, who was still sucking noisily at my straining dick. It was difficult to focus on the pleasure of Adaku’s pussy in my mouth and Iheoma’s mouth on my dick at the same time, but fortunately, the dilemma was short-lived. As I felt the orgasm building in my groin, my jaws involuntarily clamped down on Adaku’s sensitive little nub of a clit. She came, thunderously, at the same time that my dick launched its first pearly rope of sperm of the day, directly into Iheoma’s gobbling mouth. Brit clamped her lips tightly to my shaft to avoid wasting any of my creamy nectar. Adaku’s pussy sauce ran down my face.

We shuddered and shook with our orgasms, but eventually disentangled ourselves. Iheoma immediately locked lips with Adaku, sharing my load of cum with her. They share everything. Then she kissed me good morning, taking the opportunity to lick the remains of Adaku’s love juices from my face. We all had breakfast in bed that morning!

I got up to take a piss, and Iheoma and Adaku headed to the kitchen to make a pot of tea and to microwave the leftover food from last night. We munched and sipped and chatted, sitting cross-legged and naked on my bed and planning out the day’s lessons.

“You did really well yesterday, Lenny,” Iheoma was saying. “I think you are a natural when it comes to sex.”

“Yep, you sure licked my pussy good this morning,” Adaku added. “I can’t wait to feel your dick in it.”

“Well, I appreciate you guys disvirgining with such good instructions,” I told them. I looked at them both. From their hair, flashing eyes, pendulous breasts, and killer figures, they were just about the most beautiful things I could imagine. And they were my neighbors and my lovers. I was a lucky boy, and I knew it. “I’m looking forward to the final lesson.”

“Final? Oh, there are lots more lessons coming!” said Adaku.

“Absolutely!” said Iheoma. “Fucking is just the beginning. And there are so many ways to fuck, too. You’ll want to learn them all, of course.”

“Oh, of course,” I said, a little surprised. I expected one last demonstration, sticking my dick into each of them, and then my education as a sexual dynamo would be complete. But apparently, they thought that I still had a lot to learn.

“We best get started,” said Adaku, putting aside the empty plate, the food now gone. “Where should we start, Sis?”

“I think he should start with some meat-and-potatoes fucking, Sis,” said Iheoma. “Since neither of us has a dick, we can’t demonstrate like we did yesterday. We’ll just have to coach you.” She looked me in the eyes. “Are you sure you’re ready for this? After this, you won’t be a virgin anymore; there’s no going back.”

“I was born ready!” I declared, full of bravado. They both rolled their eyes and groaned.

“Okay, let’s start with the good old man-on-top position. Tried and true; not very imaginative, but it still works well.”

“You can’t beat the classics!” added Adaku.

Iheoma got on her back in the middle of the bed. She propped her head up on a pillow, and spread her legs, her knees up. “This is it, Lenny; come and fuck me.”

I knee-walked up between her spread legs, my dick once again hard and jutting out in front of me. I fingered her pussy; it was plenty wet. She stroked me a few times with her soft palm, just to make sure I was fully erect. She pointed the head of my dick at the target: her glistening, wet, semi-open pussy.

“Put it in, Lenny. Just press it in and see how it feels.” Her voice was calm, but her eyes were moist and shining. I realized that she hadn’t had a dick in her pussy since she last saw her boyfriend back on campus, and she was really looking forward to this, almost as much as I was.

I pressed the flaring head of my dick against her swollen pussy lips. I held the shaft in my hands and slid it up and down a few times along the length of her lips. The soft, wet, slick feeling was incredible. I felt as if electrical jolts were running up and down my shaft. My heart was pounding. I pressed my hips forward.

Her lips parted, and my dick head, purple and flaring, began to disappear into her velvety cave of love. As soon as the rim of the head disappeared, I gasped from the sensation. It was as if my entire body was inside her! I had no idea how the pleasure of a few inches of flesh could infuse one’s entire being! It was totally incredible.

Iheoma was clenching her teeth and reaching her hands out to me, urging me in further. She wasn’t in pain or anything; she was just horny as hell! She needed my dick in her, deeper and harder. I pressed on. Inch after inch of my shaft disappeared into her moist, glistening, soft pussy; the pleasure infused my body with ever greater intensity.

My brain pretty much turned off at this point, and I became little more than a fucking machine, my semi-conscious mind enjoying the sensations from afar. My hips began to swing, sliding my dick in and out of her tunnel of love over and over, like a piston in the cylinder of a high-performance sports car. I felt Iheoma’s hips arch, better aligning our genitals for maximum contact. I swung and pumped. I fell forward onto my hands, my face inches above hers. I wanted her mouth; I kissed it.

The world ceased to exist except for my swinging hips and pounding dick, her juicy pussy, and our wet, biting mouths. Our tongues fucked each other’s’ mouths as our genitals fucked each other’s’ crotches. Our rhythm increased in both speed and urgency; we pounded together, harder and faster. Sweat broke out on our brows. We grunted and panted. Her legs flew up over my shoulders; my hips slammed against her buttocks. I fell down to my elbows, my chest mashing her boobs against her ribcage. Our mouths continued to grasp each other in a deathlock.

Part of my brain, far away on another planet, wondered if I had the stamina to keep this up. But my body didn’t care; it was beyond control and was pumping and swinging with a mind of its own. The incredibly pleasurable sliding, slipping, pumping action of my dick in her loving, grasping pussy was the entire universe. Nothing else mattered. Time stood still except for the thrusting, rhythmic, pumping.

Eventually, I felt a fire growing in my body; it was somewhere deep inside, but I didn’t know just where. It was vaguely like the orgasms I feel when I whack off, but infinitely stronger, deeper, hotter. It grew and expanded and engulfed my body. My flesh was on fire; my dick was a lightsaber; my vision was a swirl of a thousand dancing fireflies.

Then my groin exploded! I was sure that my dick had blown off, and shattered into a million pieces!

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