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[Crazy Lenny] Misadventure of Zainab (Chapter 1) [18+]


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[Crazy Lenny] Misadventure of Zainab (Chapter 1) [18+]

Zainab George just dropped her two, seven-year-old twins off at school. It was a “late start” day and they didn’t need to be in class until ten. After this, the housewife had a list of chores and errands to complete that would pretty much finish her day until school was out and she needed to pick up the kids. She had a routine schedule that she followed religiously to accomplish all she needed to do while saving some time for herself during each day.

As she made her way to the supermarket, she realized that her life had become one, long, dull routine. She loved her family; her twins, Hassan and Haruna, her husband, Ali, and her dog, Patchy. She was generally happy.

Zainab was grateful that her husband earned enough so that she could be a stay-at-home mom, raising her children and managing household affairs without having to balance a career at the same time.

Still, she was rarely excited about anything. Going out with friends was something she looked forward to, but these outings typically involved lunch. Her husband has never been much of a romantic. Even while dating, he was mild-mannered and overly respectful. They didn’t have sex until they were engaged, and then only because she had insisted on it.

At thirty-four years old, she also discovered that she had developed very strong sexual needs that Ali didn’t seem interested in satisfying.

To this last point, she had resorted to masturbation, usually after Ali had gone to bed, or when she had time, after dropping her kids off at school. Other than this, Ali was either too tired or not in the mood to have sex with her as often as she desired, which would be about once per day, she estimated.

At one time, she and her husband were having regular sex. Before the kids were born. Five, or six times per week without much trouble at all. Usually once per day, sometimes twice on Saturday and Sunday. But that ended after the birth of the twins. He seemed to lose interest in her after the kids were born.

The lack of sex in their marriage wasn’t due to her sex drive waning, it was his sex drive that became non-existent. He just didn’t approach her like he once did, and when she tried to approach him, she was more often rejected than not. Once per month seemed to be the latest pattern.

She was lucky when she could get twice per month. Her sexual frustration was something she thought about every day.

Even when they had sex, and they were at their sexual peak, it was boring. Nothing special. Missionary position. Sometimes she would get on top, but no oral, certainly no anal, or anything out of the ordinary.

Zainab kept her figure trim by running on the treadmill at home. She was a remarkably beautiful woman. Five feet seven inches tall and perky “C” cup breasts. Her breasts looked larger than they were due to her large puffy nipples. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive and because of their shape, she was easily stimulated by simply touching them.

She had a body that could easily model nude for a men’s magazine. Despite this, she wore only conservative clothes. She wore clothes that she could easily attend a church meeting in, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Even though she was from the North, she was a decent, upstanding citizen and a proud, church-going Christian.

She normally didn’t like a lot of attention and kept her body covered up to avoid any unwanted sexual advances that she may otherwise receive. She had learned this back in her childhood days in Kaduna, and it stayed with her throughout her adult life.

Although she woke up horny, today was unfortunately not a day where she could masturbate after dropping the kids off. She had to get to the supermarket for dog food and some vegetables for dinner, then she needed to pick up a part for the washing machine and meet with the Sunday school teacher at her church about snacks for the children on Sundays. It was a busy day.

Her jeep pulled into the supermarket parking lot. She grabbed a cart like she had a thousand times before. She stopped by the flowers but decided not to buy any this time…

Then it happened.

Her phone vibrated and chimed. She had a text. She never got texts. Wheeling her shopping cart to the side of the first aisle, she opened it.

At first, it looked like a mistake, like she heard a friend call it, a “mistext.” A wrong number. A wrong text.

This one was a strange image that she did not immediately recognize.

She thought that this was some random shot that one of her friends or family had sent to her that would have a corrected picture to follow. She put the phone back in her purse and waited for a better text photo.

It came through, chiming again. There it was. A young man with short dreadlocks wearing a badge on his shirt standing over the phone being held in his hand and looking at it from the top for a selfie.

There was something odd about it.

She looked more closely at the first text from the same number; a picture that looked like a big cucumber- the slightly curved kind, but this was pointing down.

It then hit her like a punch in the stomach. She lost her breath.

She looked around her in her aisle, no one was near. Her heart rate increased. She began to perspire on her forehead and upper lip. Her head swam.

The two pictures were of a big penis. She nearly dropped her phone when she finally recognized what it was, and then almost dropped it again when she looked at the pictures a second time.

She scrolled through each picture back-and-forth examining the detail. The first was an overhead view taken from above the large appendage. The second was an under-side view. The second picture also showed, in detail, that the name badge he was wearing read “Uche” and was from a boutique called
“Eko Chic.”
Her phone shook in her nervous, trembling hands. She should delete the picture. Her fingers moved on their own, pinching and zooming. The penis looked enormous, but she had trouble sensing the scale of the thing. Only when she zoomed back out was she able to put the size of it into perspective.

The thing was monstrous. She didn’t even realize that a penis could get to be that size. How could that ever fit inside a wom-?

Zainab took a deep breath, halting her train of thought. What was happening?

Zainab knew that these texts could not be for her. Her kids were too young to know anyone like this, and she didn’t know any young man. Her close friends would never dream of doing anything like this in a million years, even as a prank, and she never gave out her phone number. She tried to recall a single time when she gave her phone number to a stranger but couldn’t.

This had to be a wrong number.

Zainab anxiously texted back


She nervously placed the phone back in her purse and continued shopping. There was no reply for several minutes. Then, as she made her way down the various aisles at the grocery store, another text came through.


Zainab was instantly relieved and even smiled at having solved the mystery so soon after the mishap. She took a deep breath and was calmed by the revelation. The fact that it was all just an accident made it seem ok; like she could now delete it and move on.

She clicked the button to edit, then delete the texts, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to look one more time…and so she did. And then again, and again. The pictures were not anything she was used to seeing. They were raw and pornographic. They were obscene. The big thing she looked at was alien to her, yet so intriguing she could barely break away from the image to look around her to make sure no one was watching.

Finally, after a few minutes, she began to delete the new contact with the pictures when she pulled her hand away from the screen and stood frozen in the store staring at her phone.

She scrolled back to the first picture and examined it. The huge penis just hung there suspended by the hand holding it in place. It loomed down and outward from its owner’s body. It shined from the light of what looked like a storeroom or large closet of some kind. Its head was large, reminding her of a fat arrowhead. The shaft was smooth with very few marks or veins.

The second picture showed the large vein that runs underneath, the sides swelling outward, and the massive testicles suspended in the scrotum hanging close to the body.


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