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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin VI (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin VI (18+)

He placed her gently on the floor in front of him and then sat back in the chair. “Turn around,” he told her, and Lilian looked over her shoulder at him as she turned slowly and gave him her back.

Chidi inhaled sharply, his face level with the tiny dancer’s gorgeous ass. Lilian felt his big hands run from her lower back down to the round upturned cheeks of her bottom, and she shivered from pleasure. Chidi kneaded and squeezed the soft flesh like two small watermelon, then he leaned forward and kissed one rounded cheek, biting into the skin. Lilian moaned.

“God, I love this little ass,” Chidi groaned, caressing the skin again. He spanked one of her cheeks lightly. It felt so good, that he slapped it again, harder, making a really satisfying smack sound.

“Owwwwie…” Lilian whined and touched where he had spanked her. She smirked, looking over her shoulder at him. “Why did you do that?” Chidi smiled sheepishly.

“I’m sorry, baby, I got carried away. Come here…” Chidi pulled Lilian onto his lap and cuddled her into his muscular arms. “I couldn’t help it, your ass asked me to do it.” Lilian giggled and poked him. He reached down and stroked her sore bottom, rubbing away the sting. “Is that better?”

“Mmmmmm hmmm…” Lilian nodded and snuggled into his warm chest. “I haven’t been spanked since I was eight years old! But then, I probably deserved it.”

“Were you being bad?” Chidi asked.

“I’m sure I was being a total brat,” Lilian giggles, “I guess I was misbehaving and talking back to my Mom at Church because all I remember is her marching me outside, bending me over her knee, pulling down my skirts and spanking me right there in the church parking lot.” Lilian shrugged. “It was sooo embarrassing.”

“Why am I suddenly looking forward to the time when you talk back to me?” Chidi grinned wickedly, giving her bottom a few light taps as he pulled her into him and kissed her. “I’m gonna pull you over my lap, and this cute little bottom’s gonna be in pain before I’m done.”

“Is that a promise?” Lilian flirted, running her fingers through his chest hair.

“Don’t tempt me, young lady,” Chidi warned, grabbing her tiny hand, “Not if you want to sit down…” Lilian wiggled away from him. She knew she was playing with fire and that she probably shouldn’t provoke him, but she had to admit, after the initial shock, she kind of liked it when Chidi smacked her ass…

“I like to see you try,” Lilian said, sticking her tongue out at him.

“That’s it,” Chidi said, standing up, “Get over here.” Lilian walked to him gingerly, and he grabbed her arm. “Bend over and touch your toes. Now.” Chidi whispered in her ear.

Slowly, the girl bent over and touched her hands to the ground, bracing herself in anticipation. Chidi walked around her and gazed lustily at her adorable upturned ass, her pussy lips peeking through from behind. He rubbed his hand over her soft cheeks, and then he lifted his hand, raising it above her round butt.

He lowered his hand to her bare bottom with a resounding smack! And Lilian bit her lip and winced in pain. Chidi studied her wobbly cheek, then he smacked the other cheek hard.

He yanked her up by her arm and pulled her over his knee. Balancing her on his lap, Chidi started raining down loud smacks on her upturned ass. Lilian fought back tears as he spanked her naughty bottom again and again. Finally, after a few minutes, when he was satisfied with the sound spanking he had given her, he rubbed her reddened asscheeks, soothing her sore behind.

Stroking her bottom turned into running his hands all up and down her prone form, and soon Lilian was whimpering, moving against his hands, greedy for his touch.

He grabbed Lilian by the waist and lifted her with ease onto the bed, and directed her to kneel on all fours. He pressed his hand into the small of her back, forcing her to arch her back and raise her ass, and he whispered, “Stay just like that.”

Chidi climbed up on the bed behind her, his aching cock now rock hard in arousal. He lowered his face to her ass and started licking her asshole and pussy from behind. Lilian started purring, savouring the feeling of his tongue tickling her little pussy lips and tight rosebud. Chidi grabbed for the lube bottle and started greasing up his swollen cock as he continued to eat Lilian’s squirming ass and pussy.

“Oh God, fuck me, Chidi…” Lilian begged, “Fuck my pussy…”

“Yes, baby,” Chidi panted, “here it comes…” He aimed his slippery dick at her tight hole and started rubbing it up and down between her wet lips until the head gained a small entry. Once the head was in, Chidi pushed into Lilian’s pussy from behind, the petite dancer grunting from the sheer force of his monster dick splitting her open once again. Chidi’s thick cock bottomed out inside her, the fat head butting against her cervix with an inch or two left to spare.

Chidi palmed her ass cheeks and began fucking the teen doggy style, enjoying watching his greasy cock slide in and out of Lilian’s tight pussy. With every stroke, the girl’s swollen nether lips clung to his pistoning shaft.

He gripped her hips harder and started pulling her bottom on and off his slippery dick. Lilian could feel the pressure growing inside her clenching pussy and luxuriated in the intense pleasure of being Chidi’s little fucktoy, no longer a virgin but getting fucked like a whore on her hands and knees.

“Uh uh uhhhh,” Lilian grunted as he pushed into her again and again. Chidi started spanking her little upturned ass as he humped her, making her bubble butt bounce. His heavy balls started swinging, slapping at her clit and sending little ripples of pleasure through her entire lower body.

Chidi looked down between her bum cheeks as he rode her, at his cock sliding in and out of her creamy little pussy. He took his large hands and spread her cheeks wider so he could see her tiny asshole winking at him as he fucked into his petite princess. He licked his finger and started teasing her little butthole, and this sent her over the edge.

“Gaaaaahhhhhh!” Lilian bucked and came, her tight pussy spasming around his swollen cock. Chidi held on tight for the ride, but as he felt the walls of Lilian’s cunt hugging and gripping his cock, he felt his balls boiling over.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” Chidi groaned, and, not wanting to nut in her teenage pussy, he pulled out of her now gaping hole with a slurp. As soon as his cock hit the open air, he shot what felt like a gallon of cum all over the tiny dancer’s upraised ass, bathing her soft cheeks and asshole with his thick cum. “Fuck,” he moaned, appraising his handiwork.

Chidi grabbed the washcloth and cleaned his spent baby’s sticky asscrack, wiping the sperm from her soft bottom. As the wet cloth brushed over her asshole, Lilian shivered. Next time that little asshole is mine, he thought. But for now, he felt like the luckiest man alive.

Lilian snuggled into his warm chest, and he kissed the top of her head, holding her small body close. He smiled and chuckled to himself as he drifted off to sleep, the little dancer wrapped in his arms…

“Lilian, my dear,” he said, “I think I owe your father that promotion…”

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