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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin V (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin V (18+)

“Lie back, Lilian,” Chidi told her, and she lay back on the bed. Chidi pulled her bottom to the edge of the bed and then placed her delicate ankles over his shoulders as he crouched down, bringing his thick dick level with the opening of her tiny pussy.

His slippery dick fell onto her tummy with a wet plop, and Chidi groaned, noticing that even with his balls nestled against her pussy lips, the head of his meaty dick came all the way up past the girl’s belly button. It was going to be a tight fit.

“Spread your legs a little, baby,” he said, and Lilian brought her knees a little wider for him. He grabbed his horsecock and started rubbing the thick, slippery head up and down between her labia from her clit down to her tiny hole, teasing her sex, trying to make his impending intrusion easier on her.

Then, when she felt slick enough, he pushed the fat tip of his dick further between her lips and right up against her wet opening, then pushed some more. Slowly, he began to ease the plum-sized head inside her, steadily gaining entry until the whole head was wedged inside her vagina.

Lilian sucked in a quick breath. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she panted, feeling his giant cock about to split her poor pussy open. “Are you okay, Lilian?” Chidi studied her face, wondering if this would be too much for her.

Through gritted teeth, Lilian whispered, “Make me a woman, Chidi, do it.”

“You have to breathe, baby,” he said. Lilian took in a shaky breath. When she exhaled, Chidi thrust forward, pushing past the tight resistance with his thick charger and tearing through her hymen in one go. Hot tears stung her cheeks, but she had never been so happy. It hurt like hell, but it also felt amazing to finally be a woman, to have her virginity taken by this man, she thought.

Chidi gritted his teeth and tried to keep from moving too quickly. He wanted Lilian to adjust to the feeling of his big dick inside her. Her newly devirginized pussy felt like a tight throbbing inferno around his cock.

Slowly he started moving his hips in figure eight, and Lilian moaned in response. He pressed his pubic bone against the girl’s love button, and as he continued to grind and rock inside his pint-sized princess, he felt her tight teenage cunt opening up for him.

He slid his cock out halfway, his shaft lightly streaked with lube and her blood, and then pressed home again, Lilian grunting from the sheer size of his invading member. “Am I hurting you, honey?” Chidi paused his movements and looked down at the naked nymph below him, her eyes pressed shut.

“No, it’s wonderful…” Lilian sighed. She opened her eyes and stared up into his handsome face. “It still hurts a little, but I love the feeling of having your big cock inside me, stretching me open… Does it feel good to you?”

Chidi almost laughed out loud. Are you kidding me?? he thought. “Lilian, my sweet girl, this feels better than anything I have ever felt in my life.”

Her pretty lips curled into a satisfied smile, and she pulled him down to kiss her. He kissed her sweet lips and ran his large hands over her small breasts. He loved the feel of her sleek, lithe dancer’s body and her tiny breasts, both handfuls topped with a pointy nipple.

Chidi pushed himself up on his hands and looked down at the angel below him, her eyes glazed over with lust, her knees up by her ears, her tiny feet resting on his muscular shoulders. “Fuck me, Chidi,” she breathed, “Please fuck me now.” Slowly, Chidi started sliding his cock in and out of Lilian’s tight quim in earnest, her clear lubrication making an easier passage for his pistoning cock.

“Ooooh ooooh oooohhhh…” the teenager howled as Chidi continued to fuck her tight pussy, his muscular butt flexing rhythmically as he pushed into her rapidly widening hole again and again.

Remembering how amazing it felt to rub herself while being filled full at the same time, Lilian snaked her small hand in between her slender thighs and diddled her swollen clit while Chidi’s monster cock pistoned in and out.

For the third time that night, Lilian bucked and shivered in orgasm, her teeth chattering as her cunny throbbed and squeezed Chidi’s swollen cock. “Aaahhhhhhhhh…” she cried and gripped his arms with her small fingers.

This pushed Chidi over the edge: he pulled his wet cock from her spasming pussy and spurted his thick load all over the squirming girl’s tummy. “Unnnngghhh,” Chidi groaned; it felt like his churning balls turned inside out as he came. White pearly cum pooled in her belly button and dripped onto her tiny bush as he splattered her body with his huge load.

“That was so cool…” Lilian sighed, still light-headed from her powerful orgasm.

“Stay right there, honey,” Chidi told her, and he went into the bathroom, turned on the sink and rinsed the combination of Lilian’s blood and his cum from his dick.

He wet one of the washcloths with warm water and brought it out to Lilian who was still spent on the bed, her legs splayed open, her slender mid-section coated in his cum. He bathed her deflowered sex with the wet cloth, cleaning away any residue of their lovemaking from her tender pussy, and then wiped his cum from her trembling tummy.

“Did I bleed on you?” Lilian asked, concerned when she saw the evidence of her broken hymen on the washcloth.

“It’s okay, baby,” Chidi whispered, “It’s perfectly normal to bleed the first time you become a woman. How do you feel? Does it hurt much?”

“I feel amazing,” Lilian said, “it only hurts a little… can we do it again?”

Chidi laughed. “Give me a few moments and I’m sure I can arrange that…” he said, smiling. God, where did this perfect little nympho come from? He wondered, thanking his lucky stars. He kissed her cheekbones and the bridge of her upturned nose. Lilian giggled in response.

Chidi got an idea. He got up, walked back over to his armchair and sat down. Lilian sat up, watching him curiously. “Come here, Lilian,” he said, beckoning her with his finger.

The naked dancer walked over to him gracefully, clasping her arms behind her back nervously. What was he up to? She looked at him expectantly.

“I think what I really like, while I’m recharging, is a show,” he said, smiling wickedly.

“A show?” Lilian asked, furrowing her brow in confusion.

“Yes, I loved the little show you put on for me in your living room last night. I would like to see more of your moves.”

Lilian smiled in recognition. Does he want a show? I can definitely do that, she thought. “Okay,” she said, gauging how much space she had to manoeuvre, “How’s this?”

Lilian raised her arms and then planted them on the carpet, kicking her legs up and over her head gracefully in a cartwheel. As her right leg came back down on the other side of her hands, she slid it forward through her planted hands, landing on the floor in a perfect split. “Tada!” Lilian said triumphantly, raising her arms over her head with a flourish.

Chidi studied her flexible back as it arched, her slender legs open wide, her hips pressing her little bush into the carpet. She was exquisite. “Another,” he begged.

Lilian smiled and pivoted her hips, arranging herself into a perfect straddle split. Chidi saw her bare pussy lips spread open as they pressed into the carpet again, and he felt his cock stirring slightly.

She leaned forward on her forearms, pressing her tummy down, arching her back and raising her ass while pushing her hips through the split, so her legs swung around behind her.

Then in one graceful movement, Lilian kicked her legs up over her head and balanced on her forearms. Chidi savoured the view of her round rump as she straightened one leg behind her and bent the other, pointing her dainty feet.

Chidi could feel his breathing tighten a bit as she slowly lowered her pointed feet to the floor in front of her face, one by one. She pushed up onto the palms of her hands; her lithe body arched into a perfect backbend. The creamy skin of her flat tummy was stretched taut as her spine arched up to the ceiling, her delicate ribs showing slightly, her tiny breasts flattened against her chest.

Her hair brushed the carpet. Lilian knew she was giving Chidi the perfect view of her exposed pussy as she opened her knees and pressed the balls of her dainty feet into the floor.

“Stay just like that,” Chidi whispered, and he knelt down in front of her spread legs and studied the bare pussy lips between them. He ran his fingers over the patch of downy hair on top of her pubis, then leaned forward and began licking the dancer’s pussy as she balanced in this awkward position.

Lilian shivered and sighed as Chidi sucked and slurped at her tiny sex. Lilian’s lithe dancer’s body was such a turn-on to him, and he felt his cock stiffen into what must have been his fourth erection of the day. Chidi took each of her calves in his hands and lifted them off the floor, pushing Lilian back into a handstand.

“Open your legs for me, like you did last night,” he told her, and Lilian obeyed, stretching her straight, slender legs into a perfect straddle split in the air.

Her whole crotch was now open to his hungry gaze. The smooth labia separated slightly, revealing the mouthwatering pink flesh inside and her swollen button peeking out from its hood. Chidi held the tiny girl upside down, supporting her hips with his strong hands while he buried his face in her sweet bald pussy like a starving man.

Lilian’s arms shook as she tried to support herself through the teasing pleasure of Chidi’s tongue. Just as she thought she was going to pass out, Chidi stood and lifted Lilian’s body, bringing her upper body up to meet his and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her wet pussy pressed against his matted pubic hair, his now-erect cock resting between her spread buttcheeks.

Chidi kissed her lips as he carried her to the chair.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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