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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin IV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Lilian, The Virgin IV (18+)

Chidi effortlessly lifted the dancer’s small body into his arms and carried her to the king-sized bed. He laid her down at the end of the bed and then lay down beside her, his tongue still swirling in her mouth. Her skin was like silk, and her lips tasted like cinnamon lip gloss.

Chidi’s rock-hard erection pressed into her hip through his clothing. He held one of her dainty feet in his hand and then pulled off the sock, kissing her sweet toes until she giggled. He gave the other foot the same attention.

He looked down into her sweet face and brushed a silky strand of hair off of her forehead. He traced his finger down her wet lips, past her neck, between her budding breasts, down her flat stomach and over the cotton fabric of her panties. The mons of her sex rose in a gentle swell, and his finger traced over it until it reached the split of her pussy lips.

“Such a sweet little peach,” he said as he ran his finger over her pussy, the cotton fabric pushing into the groove between the soft bulging lips. He tickled at her sex through her panties until he could feel the wetness seeping through the cotton crotch, and smell the sweet, tangy scent of her arousal.

“I want to taste you, Lilian,” Chidi groaned, “Has any boy ever eaten your pussy?”

“No…” Lilian said breathlessly, “Never.”

Chidi reached down and slid his fingers under the waistband of her underpants, and he felt Lilian brace herself and stiffen in anticipation.

“Relax, honey, I’m going to make you feel so good,” he said tenderly, and he slowly peeled the cotton panties down her slim hips, dropping them on the floor. He spread her legs and angled his body between them, giving him the perfect vantage point to feast on her sweet sex.

Chidi looked down at the most perfect little peach of a pussy he had ever laid eyes on, and he felt his mouth water in anticipation. The tender pouting lips of her small pussy were smooth and bald, with only a light patch of golden hair right above the deep split.

Chidi used his thumbs to open the swollen labia and saw the wet delicate pink folds that ran from the small pink pearl of her clitoris. Clear liquid seeped from the tiny vaginal opening and dripped down, moistening the crack of her ass and the tight pink rosebud between her cheeks.

Lilian sighed as Chidi lowered his head to her crotch and tenderly kissed her creamy inner thighs, and then planted a kiss on each of her hairless lips. He started lapping at her pussy, gently flicking her clitoris with his tongue, savouring the sweet, tangy taste of her juices.

Lilian began moaning, stars bursting behind her eyes in pleasure. She had never had any man make her feel this way before, and she never wanted him to stop eating her pretty pussy.

It would have been a challenge even if he had a normal-sized cock, but Chidi knew that Lilian would need a lot of preparation if he was ever going to fit his giant cock inside her virgin pussy. As he continued to suck on her tiny pearl, Chidi eased his pinkie into the tight entrance of her sex, and Lilian whimpered in response.

“Does that hurt you, baby?” Chidi asked, watching her face with concern.

“No,” Lilian responded, “it feels so good…” Chidi pulled his littlest finger from her wet hole, licked his index finger and slid it inside. Lilian panted as she adjusted to the intrusion. Chidi gently sawed his digit in and out of her tight pussy and suckled on her clitoris, sending her into orbit.

The tiny teen gasped and bucked against his mouth and finger as her body shook with the powerful orgasm. Chidi slid his finger out slowly and looked into her eyes. He brushed the sweaty strands of hair out of her face as she came down, cheeks flushed and gasping for breath. “Wow…” Lilian sighed. She had never felt anything so wonderful.

“I want you to fuck me, Chidi: take my virginity, make me a woman,” she said to him, looking up at his handsome face.

“Are you sure?” Chidi asked. His heart was pounding in his chest, his cock longing to bust out from the restraints of his trouser.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life,” Lilian sighed.

“We’re gonna have to go slow, honey, I don’t want to hurt you,” Chidi said, pulling his shirt off. Lilian sat up and watched him unbuckle his trousers and slide his trousers and underwear down in one smooth go. Lilian’s eyes widened as Chidi’s thick long erection sprang free. She looked up at, Chidi and he could sense the fear in her eyes.

“You’re so big…” she said, “Will you be able to fit?”

“Let’s just go one step at a time, okay? I just want to make you feel good, Lilian.” Chidi leaned down and kissed her sweet cinnamon-flavoured lips. As he kissed her, he eased his finger inside her again and tried to open her up a little in preparation for his thick cock.

Her tight opening was slick with her sweet cum making it easier for his thick digit to slide in and out like a small dick. He pulled the finger out and rubbed it over her tender pink nub while he leaned his face down and drooled some spit onto her pussy.

Then he lined up both his index and middle fingers at the opening of her vagina. “Take a deep breath, Lilian,” he instructed her. He watched her tiny tits rise as she breathed in. “Now breathe out,” he said. As Lilian slowly exhaled, Chidi slid his fingers into her tight sheath. Lilian winced.

“That hurts a bit,” she said, wrinkling her nose in discomfort. “It’s so intense…”

“Breathe through it, baby, it will go away soon,” Chidi said, holding his fingers inside her and stroking her taut tummy with the other hand. Lilian panted as she adjusted to the intense stretching of her tiny hole. Chidi looked down at her tender pussy lips wrapped tightly around his intruding fingers.

His cock throbbed, longing to be inside her. After a few moments, he spread his fingers apart slightly, stretching her open more. Lilian groaned.

“Bring your knees up to your chest, Lilian,” Chidi told her, and the teen raised her pointed feet, bending her slender legs into her chest. Her labia spread open a little, and he could see the pink knot of her asshole appear between her soft buttcheeks. Keeping his fingers inside her, Chidi lowered his mouth to the tiny dancer’s butthole and began lapping at the crinkled pink opening.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned. He was licking her asshole! It felt so good and yet so dirty… Chidi felt Lilian’s pussy loosen its vice grip on his fingers, allowing him to see them in and out of the squirming girl’s tight hole while he continued to rim her tasty little ass. Lilian had never been so aroused in her life.

Her little clit throbbed as she enjoyed the sensation of her father’s handsome boss lapping at her backdoor, his fingers fucking her virgin pussy.

“Play with yourself, Lilian,” Chidi gasped, and the teenager rested her small feet on his shoulders and reached her delicate fingers down to the tiny bud of her sex and began rubbing in tiny circles. “That’s right, rub that sweet little pussy for me…” he groaned. Sweet clear nectar dripped out of her pretty pussy, saturating his fingers, and Chidi could feel her tight butthole flowering open and contracting around his tongue. Lilian felt so alive; she never dreamed this kind of pleasure was possible.

“Ah ah ah aaaahhhhhh,” Lilian panted and moaned as she came for a second time, her sensitive pussy throbbing and juicing like mad. Chidi pulled his drenched fingers from her tight twat and pressed his hand over her whole sex, anchoring her while she sailed through the end of her orgasm.

Her flushed pink cheeks and pointed nipples made her even more beautiful, he thought if that was possible.

“That’s right, that’s a girl…” he cooed, kissing and licking her nipples, “You are so pretty when you cum, baby.”

When she had calmed down, Chidi stood and walked over to the nightstand and pulled a big bottle of lubricant out of the drawer. Lilian studied his hard athletic form as he walked, his defined arms and strong shoulders, his tight muscular butt, his glistening six-pack abs, and his long thick erection swinging between his legs below that. He was the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on, and she felt safe with him. He treated her like a sexy woman and an adult, not like a little kid. She couldn’t wait for the moment when he would finally make her a woman.

As Chidi came to the end of the bed, Lilian sat up and looked at his swollen manhood. She had only seen one up close once or twice before, but this one was by far the biggest. She studied the thick long shaft, the head glistening with pre-cum, and the heavy furred balls hanging beneath it.

She had only given one blow job before, but she did it more out of curiosity than desire. But now, the desire to take that giant cock into the warm recesses of her mouth overwhelmed her. She looked up at Chidi and wrapped her tiny hand around the thick shaft. “Can I lick it?” she asked, eyes shining.

Chidi couldn’t deny his princess anything. He groaned and brushed Lilian’s hair out of the way as the teenager snaked her tongue along the swollen head of his cock. Her fist barely fit around the shaft where she gripped it. She started lapping at the precum leaking from his hole, like a kitten lapping at a bowl of milk.

Slowly, she tried to wrap her delicately curved lips around the head and take it into her mouth. It was a tight fit, and Lilian opened her mouth wider to accommodate his girth. Holy hell, Chidi thought, my cock could be as big as her head!

He’d never felt anything so exquisite as Lilian starting noisily sucking him, fellating the head of his cock with her small wet mouth.

Finally, when Chidi could take no more, he slid his cock out her open mouth, and Lilian pouted adorably. He needed to regain composure. He took the bottle of lubricant and poured a large puddle into his palm, and slathered his thick cock with lube.

Lilian watched him slowly Chidi his shiny cock, mesmerized.

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