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Crazy Lenny: Lenny & Ozioma’s mad adventure at the adult cinema [Finale] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Lenny & Ozioma’s mad adventure at the adult cinema [Finale] (18+)

Watching my wife swallow the other man’s cock must have been too much for him, because he stiffened, moaned and threw his head back as he pumped the condom full of semen buried deep inside Ozioma. This caused her to release the fat cock of the other man and moan in pleasure.

I could tell by the way she began to shake that she had orgasmed, as this guy was cumming inside her hot pussy. 

The guy reached down to grab the base of the condom and slid his cock out of Ozioma. I got a little nervous as I saw a considerable amount of fluid drip from her slit on to the bench floor, but it must have just been her cum juice, because the condom looked to be intact.

Again she took it from him, and spilled it right on her tit, as the fat cocked guy knelt down to lick it off, while furiously pumping his thick rod. For some reason, I really wanted to watch her take that fat cock into her pussy, and I felt that just seeing it, I would cum again myself.

When the cum was pretty much all cleaned up from her tit, she pushed him up and again began to wrap her mouth around his wide cock, pumping it back and forth in her mouth.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked him, looking right at him.

He responded by shaking his head and pointing to the back wall of the little theater, where, previously escaping my notice, there was a paper towel dispenser and condom machine. He must have seen in my eyes I wanted him to fuck my wife because I willingly went back there and paid the machine for a condom so I could let this other man fuck my wife.

I walked back and silently handed it to him, then he pushed Ozioma’s face off of his cock and handed it to her. She tore the package open with her teeth, then slid the rubber over his head and began to roll the condom down the base of his cock. Ozioma stood up and turned around once it was over, but I stopped her.

“Sit down with your legs spread honey,” I said to her, “I want to see you take that fat thing.”

“It is thick isn’t it honey. I can’t wait.” She looked at me for the first since she first began to interact with the other men.

“Do you think you can take it all?”

“It might hurt some, but I want to find out!”

“I want to watch you get fucked by that, baby.”

“Does that turn you on baby?” She asked, now sitting on the edge of the bench, reached to grab ahold of my now stiff member.

“Yeah,” I replied to her then looked at the other man. “Fuck her man.”

With that he knelt down in front of my wife, as I got on my knees on the bench right next to Ozioma, resting my right hand on her right shoulder, my cock rubbing against her left arm. He began to rub his cock up and down on her slit, spreading her thick inner lips and teasing her swollen pink clit.

“You like my fat cock honey?” He asked her.

“Oh yeah, stuff that thing inside my pussy.” She said, looking wildly into his eyes.

He grabbed the base of his fat prick, stiffening it up and began to slowly force it into her.

“You got a tight pussy there.” He moaned as the head penetrated into her opening.

“Oh God!” she whimpered as thrust forward, releasing his grip on the base and fully stuffing his rod all the way into my wife’s pussy. I shifted myself on the bench, and pulled her left knee back and down so I could get a full view of her new lover’s cock working its way in and out of her wet hot pussy. I could see her juices gathering in a froth around his fat dick as it squeegeed its way in and out of my wife’s pussy.

I had begun stroking my cock with my left hand while keeping my right around my wife’s shoulders while watching him slowly stuff his cock in and out. Ozioma was loving every minute of the stretching she was taking by his cock and this was turning me on.

She noticed my level of excitement rise as I had begun to knead the shaft of my cock instead of stroking it. “Don’t cum yet honey, I want it inside of me again.” She said looking up at me.

“Why don’t you fill her up and let me fuck your sloppy seconds.” The man fucking her said as he pulled out, stood up, and stepped back allowing room for me. I slid off the bench and between Ozioma’s legs, positioned my throbbing dick at her now gaping vagina hole and thrust into her waiting cunt. Her pussy was hot, wet, and loose from the stretching she had just received – she felt almost like a completely different woman and I came instantly pumping 3 or 4 times as I dumped my load of seed inside of her.

The other man pushed me aside when he saw I had finished, reached down with both hands to my wife’s pussy lips and spread them with his thumbs, revealing my load of cum pooled inside my wife’s pussy hole.

She was quivering with excitement and I could clearly see her vaginal muscles begin to contract, forcing a bit of the cum out of her hole. He wiped this up with the head of his cock, which I noticed was no longer clad in a condom, and as I was about to stop him he thrust his thick shaft back inside her.

I have to admit, it turned me on to know he was fucking her As he pumped, I could hear his thrusts forcing out my cum with a squish, and it didn’t take long before Ozioma began to convulse in the strongest orgasm I have ever seen her have.

I could see her stomach rolling with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss as she moaned, rather loudly, in pure ecstasy and this must have set him off because he stiffened, threw back his head and grunted thrusting deep inside her as he came, filling my wife with his seed!

His head popped up and her eyes shot open when she realized he had just fucked her bareback and dumped a load of cum inside her pussy.

“Oh my God, that felt so good, I can’t believe you did that.” She looked right at him.

He just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, “I couldn’t help myself.” As he pulled his cock out of my wife, what must have been 2 solid ounces of hot white cum spilled out of her gaping pussy hole and on to the floor with a splash. He pulled up his trousers and made his way out of the theater without a word.

Ozioma was shaking with post-orgasmic tremors rubbing and fingering her pussy, then sucking the spunk back off of them. I could see she was trembling wildly so I went and got some paper towels from the dispenser and helped her wipe off her crotch and inner thighs before helping her get her clothes back on and getting dressed.

Before we had quite gotten dressed, another 2 men had entered the theater one after another, but Ozioma and I all but ignored them and as we were leaving I heard one of them say something like he guessed they were too late.

We haven’t been back yet, or done anything quite so wild – I think Ozioma sort of scared herself with her wild side and when we talked about it later, she apologized to me for acting the way she did, but I told her I loved it.

To be honest, that encounter has revved up my excitement toward my wife knowing what a slut she can be and has made me hornier, more often and I think a better lover. I still think about that man’s fat cock dumping seed inside of her when we make love and it gets me off. Maybe I’ll talk her into going back someday. 

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