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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Helping Neighbour Chioma [Finale](18+) [Legend Series]
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Crazy Lenny: Helping Neighbour Chioma [Finale](18+) [Legend Series]

The last game of the night has paired Lenny and Kemi in a room for sex as long as it takes for both to be satisfied, and they’re both enjoying it.

I was amazed at how sensitive she was as she clawed against me and the couch, not knowing what to do. Her pussy clamped down around my dick, her spasms of pleasure feeling wonderful throughout my erect length. Kemi’s juices leaked from her soaked my dick and balls.

I took pity on her when her moans grew fainter and I let go of her, and she rapidly pulled her tight pussy off my dick and slumped on the couch next to me, lying back, her legs twitching from her climax, her eyes unfocused and her mouth open and breathing fast and shallow.

Kemi looked really sexy as she lay there, recovering from her multiple orgasms, the naked lady slumped on the chair, her legs apart, her juices glistening around her exposed pussy and vulva stretched open from our fucking.

My dick was twitching in response to her state and I absentmindedly stroked it while Kemi lay there, her chest rising and falling with increasingly deeper breaths while she toyed with her nipples.

I leaned over and kissed Kemi on her sweet red lips and she responded, kissing me back deeply.

“Are you satisfied Kemi?”

“Oh yes, Lenny. Very satisfied.”

“The card said we had to fuck until we are both satisfied,” and I gestured to my hard wet dick,

“Just me to go now Kemi.”

I thought Kemi might be reluctant to carry on fucking but the game and its aftermath had sparked something in her and she didn’t want to stop fucking, her fingers still rubbing her dark pink nipples.

“How do you want me?” she said, looking into my eyes.

“On your hands and knees,” I ordered her and she unsteadily slid off the couch and onto the rug again.

She knelt on the thick rug and supported her body with her hands and I had a wonderful view of her slim 18-year-old body presenting itself for my pleasure.

I moved around behind her and looked down at her sexy body waiting for me to take her again.

Kneeling between her long legs I placed my swollen head at the entrance to her wet pussy. Grasping her soft hips I held her still while pushing my hard length into her willing body. At this angle, I could impale her fully and didn’t stop pushing until I was up against her firm ass.

She let out a quiet murmur of pleasure when I entered her, and continued to make small sounds when I started pumping my dick in and out of her. I started at a slow pace, enjoying her velvet pussy grasping my hardness on every deep stroke.

I held her hips still so that I could dictate the pace and the depth of my thrusts.

She was feeling tired from all her earlier orgasms and her arms gave way and her head fell to the floor. The sensation of this angle was great and turned me on even more, but I could tell her was struggling to stay on her knees, and I was having to take more of her weight with my grip on her hips.

I pulled back and out of her and she looked back at me slightly bemused, but I just picked her up and carried her to the arm of the chair and bent her over it. Now her ass was high and her shoulders could rest on the couch so she didn’t have to support her own weight.

Aiming my hard dick, I pushed into her again, her pussy still surprisingly tight despite all our coupling. Now it was my turn to have my fun and I grasped her hips tight and started rapidly pumping my dick into her young body.

The sounds from our fucking filled the room and the strong aroma of sex was becoming overpowering. I fucked her hard, my dick sliding deeper and deeper with every powerful thrust into her willing pussy. I watched my hard length plunge into her again and again covered in her juices. Her cries filled my ears with increasing volume as she enjoyed me taking her.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me hard, yes, oh yes.”

I could feel my balls tighten ready to blast my load into her welcoming pussy, but suddenly Kemi reached another climax.

“Oh, fuck yes, I’m cumming again, oh, oh, oh.” She was all but screaming as she writhed in pleasure again.

Grabbing her hips tightly I held her still to make sure she didn’t put me off my own climax. With a loud groan of my own, I pushed deep into her pulsating pussy and released my cum into her.

“Yes, I’m cumming in you, cumming in you Kemi,” I gasped, my dick pulsing with pleasure as spurt after spurt of cum pumped into her. I was surprised at how long I continued to cum, my balls tightening, and sending wave after wave of my seed into her.

All through my orgasm, she shivered in pleasure, her body trembling from head to toe.

Eventually, I stopped cumming and I pulled my sensitive dick from her tight pussy, the angle of her body over the arm of the chair stopping any of my cum from dripping out of her. Instead, I received a wonderful view of her stretched pussy filled with my sticky cum.

Her exertions had finally overcome her and she was unconscious, unable to cope with the number and intensity of her orgasms. I moved her carefully so she was laid out on the chair and covered her with her coat after balling up her panties and pushing them between her legs to soak up any of our juices that leaked out of her well-fucked pussy.

My own energy was waning after the wonderful sex and I sank back on the chair cleaning my softening length with some tissues.

After a few minutes of recovery, I became aware of Chioma standing in the doorway, wearing a gown with her arms on her hips.

“Have you finished having your fun with Kemi?”

I realized I must look a sorry sight awkwardly sitting naked with a now deflated dick. I also felt guilty that I had received my pleasure but had ignored Chioma, despite her early encouragement for me to seduce Kemi.

“Sorry Chioma, but she did lose. Can I help you now?” I offered but my heart wasn’t really in it.

“That’s OK Lenny I’m too tired now, and I expect you are too given the sounds you and Kemi were making. I think she got the same pleasure I get from you. But I think you should go now.”

I nodded at her dismissal and picked up my clothes and hurriedly put on enough of them to cover my nakedness for the short walk home.

I hesitated when I went past Chioma and was pleased when she kissed me although only a brief touch of our lips.

“Come back in the morning to help finish cleaning up.”

Arriving home I had a quick shower and flopped onto the bed, exhausted but extremely satisfied with the night.

I was still slightly guilty that I had fucked Chioma’s friend in Chioma’s own house but I fell asleep whilst remembering the tightness of Kemi’s young pussy around my hard dick.


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