December 6, 2023
Crazy Lenny: Exploits of Madam Barakat & Okoye [Finale] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Exploits of Madam Barakat & Okoye [Finale] (18+)

She began moaning softly as he continued.  

She bit her lip, not wanting to give anyone within earshot anything to talk about as Okoye worked his magic on her. Her head was spinning as she groaned against her pursed lips. She rubbed her nipples, pinched, and pulled on them as he began nibbling on her clit. 

Finally, the orgasm came and she drenched his face with her cum. He stood up, a long thick rope of the clear vaginal fluid hanging from his chin. He wiped it off and had her turn so she was laying long-ways on the desktop. She felt his hard cock against her pussy as he prepared to enter her.

“Be gentle,” she smiled as the head pressed against her, “You’re carrying a rod, not a pencil.”

Okoye smiled and then slid in. His length and girth filled her up, and she gasped as he penetrated her, inch by inch. Something between a moan and whimper escaped her lips as he went in all the way. She couldn’t believe she was able to take him all the way in. 

She felt as though her pussy were being stretched to its limit as he began to hump her. Now she knew why the women he brought home screamed so much. There was a little pain, but the pleasure was beyond anything she had ever known.

Okoye actually lifted her up off the desk with his arms, cock still inside her and pressed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and he held her up, supported by the cool drywall. Okoye rammed his rod deep into and out of her as she bit into his shoulder, trying not to scream. 

They kissed wildly and frantically as they approached orgasm. Okoye blew his load first as Barakat came again. She couldn’t help but scream a throaty moan as her body quivered from the jolt.

Okoye eased her down and took her to the chair. Barakat flopped into it, out of breath, and for the moment, fully satisfied. Her vagina and thighs were already sore from taking such a huge cock in, and she knew she would probably be limping the next couple of days. 

She looked at Okoye, marveling at his body, his cock, his face, and his experience.

“You’ve had some practice at this, haven’t you?” she huffed.

“Since I was fifteen,” he smiled and winked.

“Nice,” she laughed, rolling her eyes. “I feel like I just robbed the cradle.”

“You didn’t, Barakat,” he said as he kissed her, 

“You can’t rob from the willing.”

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