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Crazy Lenny: Eniola’s Naughty Trip II (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Eniola’s Naughty Trip II (18+)

Eniola kept slamming against her boyfriend, her movements becoming more frenzied and desperate.


Hassan, for his part, was caught up in the wave of Eniola’s passion. She washed over him, leaving him powerless as she moved forward, crushing him back against the couch and drenching him in her sweat.

“Nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh… yes… yes… nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh, YES! YES! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

Eniola’s whole body shuddered; every muscle tensed as the force of her orgasm consumed her, she held herself rigid, wanting to prolong the moment, drawing muscles tighter than she thought possible. Hassan felt her tighten around his cock, flushing him with her juices, Eniola’s insides becoming white hot.

And like that, it was over.

Eniola slumped forward and then caught herself. Eniola braced herself with her hands pushing against Hassan’s shoulders and slowly moving her pussy on him as Eniola came down from her climax. Hassan suddenly had an orgasm of his own, weakly dripping out of his dick. He could feel himself cumming inside of Eniola.

“What the fuck was that about?” Hassan asked.

Eniola ignored his question, her eyes still tightly closed. The entire time Eniola had been riding her boyfriend, Eniola had been thinking about one thing, and one thing only, and that was what lay within Chima’s pants. Now more than ever, she was determined to get her hands on Chima’s cock.

“Really! What’s going on? I’ve never known you to be so…aggresive!”

Eniola opened her eyes and looked down at Hassan, who she could see was studying her face closely as if he could find clues to a mystery therein.

“Does it matter? Isn’t this enough? You should be happy I come home and attack you after the day I’ve had!” Eniola imagined that the best defence was a strong offence.

“No… no… I’m glad. It’s not often lately you even seem interested in sex.”

“RIGHT! So why are you looking a gift horse in the mouth? Work has been horrible, maybe I needed something, some kind of release, did you ever think of the kind of pressure I’ve been under lately.”

Hassan knew when to back off. His job was in IT, and he spent little time interacting with anyone other than his direct boss. Hassan liked what he did for that very reason, but Eniola’s job was something of a mystery to him, and the one thing he did know was that Eniola spent most of her day in meetings or dealing with people. He wouldn’t trade places with her on the basis of that alone.

“I know you work hard honey.”

Hassan didn’t broach the subject again with Eniola and the rest of the night went much like many of their nights went, with a light dinner and then some TV before bed and another day’s grind.

It was just a day or two later when Eniola’s boss Yinka asked Eniola to come into her office.

Yinka had been with the company for some time and had come to rely on Eniola in many ways, delegating to her many of the tasks she found distasteful or a nuisance, even if it was above Eniola’s job responsibilities.

“Eniola, I’m sending you down to Abuja. Sam Nedu has been making a lot of noise about going to another publisher. His agent says we are not giving him accurate sales counts and that it’s costing him money. I’m also sending someone from finance down with you too with a full set of the numbers and who can explain everything in detail to Sam’s lawyer if it is necessary.”

Sam Nedu was the writer of a very popular drama thriller series that had caught fire, and there was talk even of adapting the series to film. The books were so popular people waited outside the store to buy them on the day of release, so to be asked to smooth the issue over was no small assignment, and Eniola knew this.

Eniola was pleased Yinka trusted her enough to task Eniola with such a big responsibility, but Eniola also knew the author had a soft spot for her. When Sam had come to the publisher’s offices, it was very apparent he had been taken with the quiet young woman even though Sam was Eniola’s grandfather’s age.

Yinka knew a lot was riding on this and hoped the combination of looks and brains in her subordinate would be enough to smooth over any problems with the publisher’s cash cow.

Eniola thought for a moment about the trip and wondered who would be accompanying her. She imagined it would be the head of finance since Sam Nedu was such an important author for their imprint. Tayo Ogunlere, the head of finance, was in his mid-forties and had been with the company for a long time. Eniola liked, Tayo and they often chatted when passing in the halls and even had lunch a few times.

Mind you, Eniola was not in any way interested in Tayo as he was considerably overweight and balding, qualities Eniola did not find at all attractive, but Tayo was good company, so Eniola was thinking it would be a fun trip even with the pressure of dealing with the situation.

Also, Eniola would be happy to be away from Hassan for a few days. Chima had been occupying her thoughts increasingly, and even though she had been taking out her increased arousal on Hassan she couldn’t help but feel her live-in boyfriend was a pale substitute.

Eniola had been caught up in her thoughts about the trip and her home life; she was snapped from her daydreaming by Yinka, “Eniola? Eniola? I said we are going to send Chima with you down to Abuja. I wanted to send Tayo but there is a corporate-wide finance meeting so he can’t go and Tayo has assured me Chima will be able to answer any questions put to him by Sam’s lawyer.”

“Remember though,” Yinka continued, “I expect you to take the lead on this. Make it clear to Chima, he is subordinate to you and that during the meeting he will volunteer information only at your direction. I don’t want some junior in finance fouling up our relationship with our most valuable author. I know Sam likes you too so don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage.”

Eniola had to suppress a smile, but if she hadn’t been in Yinka’s office, Eniola would have been leaping in the air. Not only would she be in close proximity to Chima, but they would be far away in accommodations paid for by their employer, and he would also be required to follow her orders. It was as if the universe had arranged to give her a present… a HUGE present at that.

Another week passed before the trip to Abuja. Eniola could barely contain herself before the trip, and most days would find her lost in daydreams in her office, thinking about Chima and grinding her thighs together in anticipation of having Chima driving into her roughly in some nondescript hotel room.

Or, maybe if Eniola was especially diabolical, she would somehow be able to get Chima to take her on the sands of some beach at night.

Either way, Eniola was consumed with anticipation. It was ironic, Eniola was such a quiet girl and had little experience with men before coming to Lago,s and it was only shortly after Eniola’s arrival in Lagos that Eniola had hooked up with Hassan, but here Eniola was planning to attack some bookish nerd from finance.

In the time since the copier room incident, Chima hadn’t given much thought to Eniola. The truth of the matter was to Chima, his job at the publisher was by no means the focal point of his life. No, Chima had another life entirely outside of work, separate from work that, if any of his colleagues knew about, they would be quite surprised.

Chima spent many weekends working behind a bar in one of the many downtown hotspots. He cast away his glasses and wore form-fitting clothes as he work steadily at a bar with scores of overpriced drinks. Chima liked working behind the bar, and the truth was that on a good night, his tips could even exceed his salary at the publishing house.

Chima had tended bar as a means to get through university and when he arrived in Lagos he had trouble getting a steady day job at first and found it much easier to get a bartending gig. Over the past few years, he had moved from place to place until he had gotten his current gig. And Chima loved it because any weekend he could wind up serving some drunken celebrity.

Plus, there was the fringe benefit of being able to chat up his patrons and Chima (once he got rid of his glasses) was smooth enough to take more than one woman home and violate her. Usually, afterwards, he discarded them, even though it was rare for a woman not to want a repeat performance with Chima.

Chima simply had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time and not wanting the fun to end. Additionally, Chima had been getting something of a reputation as a ladies’ man. So, the trip would turn out to be a surprise for both travellers for very different reasons.

The days leading up to the trip passed by quickly for Eniola, and her anticipation grew exponentially.

On the day before the trip, Eniola was sure to pack all of her sexiest undergarments as well as some very flattering skirts and tops. The fact that they were heading down to Abuja during the summer gave Eniola all the excuse she would need to wear the most revealing of clothing.

Still, here, the rub was while she could wear things that showed off her beautiful body to its best, the clothes at the same time would have to have the appearance of being professional in keeping with her station and the stated purpose of the trip and also demure in keeping with the image she projected at the office.

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