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Crazy Lenny: Eniola’s Naughty Trip (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Eniola’s Naughty Trip (18+)

Eniola felt sexy.

She looked sexy too, and she knew it. She clenched her legs tightly together, trying to generate some friction in her increasingly dampening crotch. She grew excited over the prospect of getting a chance to play with her new favourite toy.

Eniola had just returned to her desk after a meeting with her boss, a meeting that put her on a path that would change her life.

Eniola wore tight Nedu straight-legged trousers. They showed off her nicely rounded ass and emphasized her long legs. She had a pink-coloured blouse which didn’t do much to conceal her perfect c-cup breasts.

The colour of the top worked well with the hair cut in a page boy style framing her big eyes, button nose and pouty full lips.

She was ready, ready for cock.

That was the thought that flashed through her mind, and its sharp, harsh consonant sound seemed to fit the way she felt. There wasn’t any other way to put it anyway. It had been almost two weeks since she had discovered the treasure which had been hidden in plain view these last eight months.

It was hard to believe a dull man like Chima could be endowed with such a masterful organ but there was no denying the log-like bulge which had firmly brushed against her beautiful round ass.

Chima was a 20-something-year-old guy working in accounting in the publishing house where Eniola worked. She had spoken to him only a few times over the last several months, and their interaction had been anything but memorable.

Chima wasn’t bad looking mind you, it was just that nothing about him stood out (except for that bulge in his trouser Eniola had felt last week).

Chima wasn’t especially tall (about 5′ 7″). He had a round clean-shaven face with a broad flat nose and a square jaw. Chima’s eyes were always hidden behind the heavy frames of the eyeglasses he wore. Chima wasn’t fat, just slender without any hint on the body beneath the baggy jeans and white dress shirts, which appeared to be his work uniform.

As noted, their interactions had been uneventful until two weeks ago:

Eniola had found herself in the copier room on the floor at her work. She had been desperately trying to copy and collate the 30 copies of her presentation for the meeting she was holding in the next fifteen minutes.

Murphy’s Law meant the copier jammed. After Eniola cleared the jam, the copier ran out of paper. Each little obstacle raised Eniola’s anxiety level, getting her all the more frustrated.

Chima found Eniola bent over, trying to hurriedly load paper into the empty paper tray. He had come in to make a few copies of receipts for the expense reports he was in the middle of processing. Chima hated his job, but it was mindless and anything but taxing, which allowed Chima to partake of his true interests with vigour.

The sight greeting Chima when he entered the copier room that day was riveting, to say the least, Eniola’s gorgeous round ass presented itself invitingly to him. It was obvious Eniola was wearing a thong as her tight skirt revealed no panty lines.

Chima was lost in thought as Eniola abruptly slammed the tray back into place, began to move back from the machine and stumbled as her heel caught on the carpet. Eniola fell backwards, bent at the waist, flailing.

Chima dropped his receipts as his strong hands instinctively shot out to steady the falling woman by grasping her at the waist. Chima wasn’t able to steady Eniola before Eniola’s lovely ass had nestled up against Chima’s fat, hard cock.

Eniola was startled. In her rush, she hadn’t heard Chima walk into the room behind her. Now, here she was with what felt like a formidable specimen of a dick growing larger and throbbing pleasingly against her round firm ass.

Eniola instinctively wiggled her butt, trying to position the behemoth along the crack of her ass. She turned around, surprised to be looking deep into Chima’s bespectacled eyes.

“Ohhh, Chima I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there!”

Eniola stood up and twisted from Chima’s grasp turning to face him in the process.

“Not a problem, you didn’t see me,” he offered. “You need any help?”

As Chima spoke, Eniola couldn’t help it as her eyes wandered down Chima’s frame, curious to visually confirm what she had only felt. Eniola reacted to the question slowly, haltingly, as she absorbed this new, previously unknown detail about her co-worker.

“Ummm… thank you Chima, no… no, I have to get to my meeting. I think I’ve fixed the copier but…” The words caught in her throat. “I’m late for my meeting, sorry for bumping into you!”

Chima, nonplussed, responded simply, “Sure thing. Whatever you need.”

Eniola finished making her copies, the copier collating and stapling everything making life easier but to say Eniola’s mind was on her presentation would be far from the truth. The short momentary contact had sent Eniola into a flight of fantasy.

Things with Eniola’s live-in boyfriend had fallen into a rut.

Gone was the initial burst of frenzied passion marking the first year or two of their relationship. They had been together for over five years, and while it was a comfortable relationship and they got along well, it seemed they had become more roommates than lovers.

Eniola was both disappointed and frustrated. Everything about her love life seemed too predictable and boring. Her boyfriend (Hassan) wasn’t bad looking.

In fact, Hassan might be considered attractive, being tall and lean, but he just wasn’t anything special, and while he managed to make her cum when they did have infrequent sex, it was almost as if Hassan was following a script once they were in bed.

Of late, Eniola had been succumbing to a bit of a wandering eye. She hadn’t acted on anything. Eniola certainly wasn’t that kind of girl, but Eniola did notice herself looking at the men she worked with, the men Eniola came across during her daily routine and appraising them, wondering what they would be like between the sheets.

All too often, Eniola would find herself daydreaming about a person when she would have to catch herself and regain her focus.

Now, as she hurried to her meeting, Eniola found herself having quite vivid daydreams about the large fleshy mass she had just discovered, and she felt herself start to get a bit wet at the thought. Chima was such a nerd, and he really was beneath her notice but God! If what Eniola felt was real, she would have to give him a second look.

Her boyfriend was certainly not under-endowed, but Hassan wasn’t even close to the specimen Chima seemed to be carrying around in his pants.

Eniola gave her presentation that day, but her thoughts never wandered far from her encounter in the copier room, and every time her mind did go there, Eniola couldn’t help herself as her nipples stiffened and her pussy moistened.

A new cock, a strange cock, a different cock and lastly, a bigger cock, the possibilities were staggering.

Eniola wasn’t close to any of the other women in the office, so it wasn’t possible to confirm or even discuss her discovery, not that Eniola would’ve wanted to clue in anyone else to the prize she had found.

When Eniola returned home the evening of the day she fell against Chima, Eniola literally attacked Hassan. The moment she walked in the door that night, as soon as she crossed the threshold, Eniola called out to see if Hassan had gotten home before her.

“Hassan? Hassan are you home?”

“In here,” Eniola’s boyfriend replied.

Eniola could hear the TV in their living room, and before she even walked down the corridor, she began by removing her skirt and blouse. Eniola took off her socks and then shucked down her panties and removed the matching bra.

Eniola loved to wear sexy underthings, and the lacy garments were flattering but, at the moment, would only be in the way. Eniola’s pussy had built up quite the lather throughout the day the more she thought about Chima.

As Eniola walked down the hall naked, she wondered to herself what Chima would think if he could see her. Eniola was proud of her body. Eniola’s breasts were on the large side but had not yet succumbed to the pull of gravity, so, as Eniola strode determined into the other room, there was only a slight jiggle.

Eniola’s belly was flat and just above Eniola’s pussy, which itself was both beautifully pouty with fleshy lips that accentuated the cleft between her legs. There was a delicious small puff of hair.

While Eniola was a quiet girl, she was also a very beautiful woman too.

Eniola walked into the living room and stood in front of Hassan, who had been watching TV. Eniola placed herself directly in front of the television with her legs wide apart, her hands balled into fists which she placed on the points of her hips.

“Take off your clothes now.”

Hassan, who at first had been trying to look around Eniola, now looked up into her eyes and saw a strange look of purpose.

“What bought this on?” Hassan asked as he began to unbutton his shirt.

“Shut up, just take your clothes off. NOW… FASTER!”

Hassan increased the urgency with which he disrobed.

Eniola took one of her hands and absentmindedly ran her fingers over the moistening lips of her pussy as she waited for her partner to disrobe.

Hassan almost fell over trying to get his trousers off, and Eniola took her free hand and pushed him back down on the couch. Hassan’s trousers were caught round one of his ankles but he sat transfixed as Eniola moved forward and threw one knee and then the other on either side of Hassan and reached down between them to guide his stiffening cock towards her cunt.

She ran the head of Hassan’s dick along the outside of her lips, moistening it as she did. Then with a bit of a grunt, Eniola moved her pelvis forward, pressed the head against her and sunk down, forcing Hassan into her.

“Ahhhhh…” Eniola sighed.

Eniola paused for a moment, letting herself adjust to Hassan, and then Eniola started frenetically moving up and down on Hassan’s shaft. There was an almost violent undertone to her movements, and Hassan bought his hands up to Eniola’s waist to try and control her tempo, but Eniola would have none of that.

Eniola just forced herself down harder against her boyfriend, their bodies making loud, wet, smacking sounds each time they came together.

Eniola’s eyes were tightly closed, her brow furrowed as she processed the feelings stemming from her groin.

“Nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh, nnnggghhhh… faster!”

Hassan was stunned; in all their time together, he had never known Eniola to be so ferocious. While it aroused him, deep down inside, there was something that nagged at him over this odd difference in his girlfriend’s behaviour.


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