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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 5)[18+]


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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 5)[18+]

“That’s a lie!” I protested, though we both already knew that.

“There’s no way they won’t believe me, look at me, what guy wouldn’t want me?” Chioma said as she squeezed her tits together.

“You fucking bitch!” I knew she was right.

“Just do it, baby, I’m so wet and horny, it won’t take me long to cum, and I know I can make you cum pretty quick, then we can be on our way like nothing ever happened.” This was starting to seem like my best option.

Chioma could see the hesitation in my face, and that I was giving her demands some thought. She took the opportunity to pounce on my wavering resolve and undid my pants, before I knew what was happening my pants and underwear were around my ankles and she had a firm grip on my rock-hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, you’re so hard for me baby, you know you want it, you know you’re completely in love with me.” Chioma looked completely relaxed and in control while she said this.

This girl was like a toxin, I couldn’t think straight, I had never been pursued so aggressively by a woman, and to be honest it was a huge turn-on. Even though this woman was clearly crazy and potentially dangerous, 98% of me wanted to drive my cock into her and give her the hard fucking she so rightly deserved and wanted.

However, I did not love this woman as she so insisted, I loved Bidemi. I decided I had 3 choices; I could give in, and give this girl exactly what she wanted, but I knew that wouldn’t be the last of it. In fact it would almost certainly make matters worse.

I could kick her out, and a girl this crazy was almost certain to follow through with her threat of ruining the party and my marriage. Finally, I could try to play into her crazy and get her away from me for the time being, giving me some time to think up a plan.

This seemed like an attractive option, but I knew encouraging this girl in any way was a very, very dangerous game to play. I decided on the 3rd option, and knew I needed to tread lightly, and choose my words carefully. I looked into Chioma’s face, her large smile still beaming at me, emitting her extreme sexual confidence.

I put my hand on her cheek and gently touched it, Chioma let out a little moan, and the look on her face turned briefly from pure carnal lust to one of deep love as our eyes held one another. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on her lips, then another long passionate kiss. Chioma wrapped her arms around my neck, and held on tight, clearly reveling in the loving passion of the kiss. I broke the kiss and looked her in the eye,

“You’re right baby, I’m totally in love with you. I have been from the moment I first saw you. I mean, what man wouldn’t be?” Chioma’s eyes lit up as I spoke, “But, I don’t wanna fuck you like this for our first time. I want to have more time, to fully enjoy it, so it can be perfect for both of us.”

“But, I wanna fuck you right now, while your wife is right down the hall. It makes me so hot thinking about it baby. That stupid bitch right down the hall, completely unaware her husband is with the woman of his dreams.” Chioma for the first time had lost her position of dominance, and I knew I needed to jump at the chance to take control of the situation.

Even though I was only playing along, I still can’t deny I was hard as a rock and very turned on, my raging erection was probably helping to sell my story to Chioma.

“I promise, we’ll find a way to do it with her nearby for our first time so that you can feel just as naughty, and we’ll have lots of time, so I can make you cum really hard too baby, and show you just how much I love you.” I was worried I was going too far.

“You love me more than Bidemi?” Chioma asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes baby, way more than Bidemi!” I felt guilty for lying to this girl, but I was desperate to get out.

“I don’t want you fucking her anymore, I want your cock all to myself, I own it now.” Chioma tilted her head, almost as though she was testing me.

“Yes baby, you own it, it’s all yours now,” I said never looking away from her gorgeous eyes.

Chioma squealed with delight and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me frantically. She must have given me 20 small kisses before she locked her soft lips onto mine, and slid her tongue into my mouth.

We kissed for about 30 seconds, then we needed to get straightened up. I pulled up my trouser and cleaned any traces of Chioma’s pink lip gloss from my face. I exited the bathroom first and stood outside waiting for her. The timing worked out well as about 30 seconds after I left the bathroom Bidemi and her friends turned the corner, heading for the stairs.

Bidemi asked what I was doing, and I explained that on our way downstairs Chioma wanted to use the washroom and freshen up before I introduced her to some of the single guys. Bidemi said not to worry about it, that she would wait, and introduce Chioma to some guys. I was relieved and happy to get out of there.

I happily excused myself and went to our master bathroom. I made sure I locked the door and immediately began stroking my cock. It was hard as a rock, and I was happy Bidemi hadn’t noticed in the lobby. It didn’t take me long to cum, and as I did, the only thing on my mind was driving my cock into Chioma while Bidemi was right down the hall.

Damn that crazy bitch, she was right, it was a huge turn-on. I returned to the party downstairs to find Bidemi had introduced Chioma to my friend Okon.

I managed to avoid Chioma for the rest of the party, but occasionally I would catch her looking my way, and on more than one occasion when we locked eyes she would wink at me.

Chioma left the party that night with Okon, and a small part of me had hoped that this would mean she had moved on from her infatuation with me, but I wasn’t about to bank on it. I knew I needed to come up with a plan, the only thing I could think of was coming clean to Bidemi, and telling her the whole story.

One way or another I was gonna have to own up for my actions.

As we went to bed that night, Bidemi was feeling frisky. I was still fairly spent from relieving myself earlier, and told Bidemi I wasn’t in the mood, she seemed slightly upset but understood. I almost laughed to myself thinking in a way I was following through with Chioma’s orders not to have sex with Bidemi anymore.

I didn’t get a good sleep, I kept trying to think of a way to raise the subject with Bidemi, but just couldn’t seem to find one. I finally got to sleep, and my dreams that night were haunted by Chioma. Her gorgeous face, and her beautiful eyes. All the words she had said to me. I awoke with a raging hard-on.

The End

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